2013 LFG/NJFL Nationals Speech & Debate Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 06/18/2013
Tournament Location: Birmingham


Tournament Results

School of Excellence Award
Brentwood Academy, TN
Coach: Joanna Franzke
Olive Children Foundation, CA
Coach: Stephan Brooks/Steven Leal
Rowan County MS, KY
Coach: Jordan Atkinson/Kellie Crump
St. Mary’s Hall, TX
Coach: Joseph Muller
West Hills MS, MI
Coach: Rachel Warnecke

HuaXia Chinese School, TX
Coach: Stan Magee
Kudos College/Leadership, CA
Coach: Scott Wheeler/Eric Strauss
Olive Children Foundation, CA
Coach: Stephan Brooks/Steven Leal
Southlake Jr. Debate Club, TX
Coach: Jacob Hopson
The Harker
School, CA
Coach: Karina Momary
West Des Moines Valley, IA
Coach: David McGinnis

Kudos College/Leadership, CA
Coach: Scott Wheeler/Eric Strauss
Olive Children Foundation, CA
Coach: Stephan Brooks/Steven Leal
The Harker School, CA
Coach: Karina Momary

Circle of Main Event Champions\
Congressional Debate :Alexander Lam (The Harker School, )
Declamation: Jimmy McDermott (Mt. Prospect Independents, IL)
Dramatic Interpretation: Molly McDermott (Mt. Prospect Independents, IL)
Duo Interpretation: Tevon Thomas & Manuela Reyes (Bronx Prep Charter School, NY)
Extemporaneous Speaking :Anshul Shah (Olive Preparatory, CA)
Humorous Interpretation: Arin Champati (West Hills Middle School, MI)
Impromptu Speaking: Lekha Sunder (Sidney Lanier Middle School, TX)
Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Trent Gilbert (West Des Moines Valley, IA)
Original Oratory: Brandon Black (Brentwood Academy, TN)
Poetry Interpretation: Trevor LaBree (Ockerman Middle School, KY)
Policy Debate: Jerry Wang & Kirk Wu (Kudos College of Youth Leadership, CA)
Prose Interpretation: Brandon Black (Brentwood Academy, TN)
Public Forum Debate: Aditya Dhar & Alexander Lam (The Harker School, CA)
Storytelling: Miles Eichenhorn (West Hills Middle School, MI)

Duo Interpretation
1. (Bronx Prep Charter School) Tevon Thomas & Manuela Reyes
2. (Brentwood Academy) Chris Clark & Bryce Jarvis
3. (Brentwood Academy) Brandon Black & Katherine Nesbitt
4. (Brentwood Academy) Gavin Schoenwald & Riley Clemmons
5. (Saint Mary's Hall) Tati Mirabent & Claire Ramos
6. (West Hills Middle School) Emma Warnecke & Jeremy Craig

Impromptu Speaking
1. (Sidney Lanier Middle School) Lekha Sunder
2. (Emerson Middle School) Hannah Grace Smith
3. (Saint Mary's Hall) Nicci Mattey
4. (The Pike School) Emelie Eldracher
5. (Rowan County Middle School) Amelia Carlisle
6. (Rowan County Middle School) Harper Anderson

1. (Mt. Prospect Independents) Jimmy McDermott
2. (Sacred Heart High School, Kingston, MA) Kory Turner
3. (Wirt-Emerson Vis./Perf. Arts) Corey Davis
4. (West Hills Middle School) Emma Warnecke
5. (Young Genius Academy) Edlene Miguel
6. (Ockerman Middle) Ivy Gillon

Humorous Interpretation
1. (West Hills Middle School) Arin Champati
2. (Sacred Heart High School, Kingston, MA) Kory Turner
3. (Wisconsin Connections Academy) Bailee Harper
4. (Saint Mary's Hall) Ben Parrish
5. (Saint Mary's Hall) Philip Clement
6. (Saint Mary's Hall) Gabriella Garcia

Poetry Interpretation
1. (Ockerman Middle) Trevor LaBree
2. (Olive Preparatory) Angela Wang
3. (Olive Preparatory) Jennifer Wei
4. (West Hills Middle School) Jenny Fealk
5. (West Hills Middle School) Arin Champati
6. (Wilshire Academy) Jennifer Yang

Extemporaneous Speaking
1. (Olive Preparatory) Anshul Shah
2. (Sidney Lanier Middle School) Lekha Sunder
3. (Ridgecrest Intermediate School) Raam Tambe
4. (Olive Preparatory) Anirudh Gottiparthy
5. (Olive Preparatory) Michelle Huang
6. (Union High School) Evan Jones

Dramatic Interpretation
1. (Mt. Prospect Independents) Molly McDermott
2. Rowan County Middle School) Nathan Terrell
3. (Saipan (The Coconuts)) Yujin Lee
4. (Saint Mary's Hall) J.T. Garcia
5. (Wisconsin Connections Academy) Bailee Harper
6. Ockerman Middle) Carson Latham

Original Oratory
1. (Brentwood Academy) Brandon Black
2. (Wisconsin Connections Academy) Bailee Harper
3. (E. A. Olle Middle School) Faiza Qazi
4. (Kudos College of Youth Leadership) Stanley Yu
5. (The Harker School) Carissa Chen
6. (Kudos College of Youth Leadership) Melinda Guo

Prose Interpretation
1. (Brentwood Academy) Brandon Black
2. (West Hills Middle School) Dalia Schwarzbaum
3. (Lakewood Middle School) Steele Schoeberl
4. (Brentwood Academy) Sarah Bryant
5. (Woodland Middle School) Macie Atwood
6. (Olive Preparatory) Sahil Kapoor

1. (West Hills Middle School) Miles Eichenhorn
2. (Rowan County Middle School) Jordan Whittaker
3. (Brentwood Academy) Tre Stewart
4. (West Hills Middle School) Debra Moraitis
5. (Wirt-Emerson Vis./Perf. Arts) Jordan Arnette
6. (West Hills Middle School) Jeremy Craig

Policy Debate
Jerry Wang & Kirk Wu (Neg) defeated Diana Kim & Bradley Sheen

1. Adam Pahlavan (116 -- Agape Leaders Prep)
2. Nishad Neelakhandan (137 -- McDonogh)
3. Evan Jones (133 -- Union)
4. Ryan James (137 -- McDonogh)
5. Jerry Wang (136 -- Kudos College of Youth)
6. Hannah Ku (104 -- Calhoun)
7. Julia Hunter (130 -- Sonoma Marin Debate Soc)
8. Kirk Wu (136 -- Kudos College of Youth)
9. Janice Yang (121 -- Asian Debate League)
10. Johann Yang (116 -- Agape Leaders Prep)

Lincoln Douglas Debate
Trent Gilbert (Aff) defeated Raam Tambe

1. Ethan Wang (219 -- HuaXia Chinese)
2. Raam Tambe (257 -- Ridgecrest Intermediate)
3. Devin Metzger (234 -- Knox Jr. High)
4. Trent Gilbert (275 -- West Des Moines Valley)
5. Liza Turchinsky (213 -- Harker)
6. Varun Venkatesh (283 -- Young Genius Academy)
7. Serena Lu (215 -- Harker)
8. Grace Huang (267 -- St. John's)
9. Vishal Gupta (231 -- Kinkaid)
10. Vivian Liu (221 -- HuaXia Chinese)

Public Forum Debate
Aditya Dhar & Alexander Lam (Aff) defeated Sam Bonham & Emma Lin

1. Olivia Cardenas (321 -- Sidney Lanier)
2. Madeline Muhlherr (319 -- Sidney Lanier)
3. Aditya Dhar (367 -- Harker)
4. Aislinn Bratt (385 -- Capitol Debate - Mid-Atl)
5. Lyle Derden (323 -- Sidney Lanier)
6. Candilla Park (304 -- Wilshire Academy)
7. Vincent Vasquez (324 -- Saint Mary's Hall)
8. Amber Johri (383 -- Capitol Debate - West)
9. Erin Sheena (321 -- Sidney Lanier)
10. Rahul Bhatia (378 -- Captiol Debate-Northeast)

Lincoln-Douglas Consolation
(Lake Highland Prep) Krupali Patel (Neg) defeated (Harker) Liza Turchinsky

Public Forum Consolation
(Olive Speakers) Anshul Shah & Anirudh Goltiparthy (Con) defeated (Sidney Lanier) Travis Craig & Lyle Derden

Informative Speaking (consolation)
1. TIE Annika Davenport & Ho Joon Kim
2. TIE Alec Arrechi & Neil Reddi
3. TIE Joseph Marcante & Jake Zanazzi
4. TIE Mumtaz Abdulhussein & Daniel Ko

Tuesday 18 June – registration, 6 to 9 p.m., Sheraton Birmingham
Wednesday 19 June – preliminary competition, Jackson-Olin High School
Thursday 20 June – preliminary and elimination competition, Jackson-Olin High School
Friday 21 June – final elimination rounds (all day) and awards (evening), Sheraton Birmingham and Birmingham
Jefferson Convention Center

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Resolved: Oppressive government is more desirable than no government.

Policy Debate
Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its transportation infrastructure investment in the United States.

Public Forum Debate
Resolved: The benefits of American drone strikes against foreign targets outweigh the harms.

Extemporaneous Speaking:

Round 1: American Health: Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act
Round 2: Asian Powers: China, India, Japan, and the Koreas
Round 3: Science, Technology, and the Environment
Quarterfinal Round: The Middle East
Semifinal Round: President Obama’s Second Term
Final Round: The U.S. Budget

Impromptu Prompt Types:

Round 1: Quotations
Round 2: African Proverbs
Round 3: Physical Activities and Exercise
Quarterfinals: Weather and Seasons
Semifinals: Quotations
Finals: Quotations from Civil Rights Figures

Storytelling Theme:
The 2013 National Tournament Storytelling theme is “Americana.”

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