2013 IHSA Speech State Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 02/15/2013
Tournament Location: Peoria, IL


Tournament Results

Team Sweepstakes
1. Normal University - 29
2. Downers Grove South - 26
3. Marian - 20
4. Downers Grove North - 18
5. Thornton - 14
6. Wheaton Warrenville South - 13
6. Sandburg - 13
8. Glenbrook South - 12
8. Wheaton North - 12
10. Prospect - 11

Dramatic Duet Acting
1. Alexus Newson (Jr.) and Morgan Brown (Jr.) - Saturday Night/Sunday Morning (Southland College Prep)
2. David Gallo (Sr.) and Jena Sugay (Sr.) - Cradle and All (Hinsdale Central)
3. Brad Weeder (Sr.) and Katie Coy (Sr.)- That's All Folks (Wheaton North)
4. Lindsie Bliss (Jr.) and Tyler Doidge (Jr.) - Sweet Nothing in My Ear (Shepard)
5. Kyle Fitzgerald (Sr.) and Michelle Caperelli (Sr.) - Tribes (Marian)
6. DJ Duncan (Sr.) and Jillian Miller (Jr.) - The Mountaintop (Harrisburg)

Dramatic Interpretation
1. Ivy Fishman (Sr.) - Pride and Joy (Prospect)
2. Cody Essien (Sr.) - The Rules of the House (Belleville West)
3. Amanda Mawrence (Sr.) - Mockingbird (Glenbrook North)
4. Destin Patton-Warner (Thornton)
5. Jane Drews (Sr.) - The Thief of Tears (Downers Grove South)
6. Kymeisha Perot (Sr.) -Breath Boom (Buffalo Grove)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Tyler Ross (Sr.) (Normal Community West)
2. Alex Buckley (Sr.) (Downers Grove North)
3. Tyler Miksanek (Jr.) (Wheaton Warrenville South)
4. Conor McDonough (Sr.) (Glenbard West)
5. Zackary A. Landers (Sr.) (Coal City)
6. Vinesh Kannan (So.) (Illinois Math and Science Academy)

Humorous Duet Acting
1. Patrick Kelly (Sr.) and Rahul Jacob (Sr.) - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) (Revised ) (Sandburg)
2. Jacob O'Marrah (Sr.) and Josh Hosek (Sr.) - A Couple of Blaguards (Morris)
3. Kyle Fitzgerald (Sr.) and Regina Hoyles (Jr.) - Ah,eurydice! (Marian)
4. David Mateyka (Sr.) and Giselle Gaztambide (Sr.) - Find Me A Primitive Man (Oswego H.S.)
5. Katie Weeks (Jr.) and Tommy Ottolin (Jr.) - Mary Just Broke Up with This Guy (Wheaton Warrenville South)
6. Daniel Sanchez (Sr.) and David Patton (Sr.) - Louis and Dave (Fenton)

Humorous Interpretation
1. Natasha Prosek (Jr.) - Regina Flector Wins the Science Fair (Downers Grove South)
2. Daniel Heiberger (Sr.) - How to Kiss a Girl (Wheaton Warrenville South)
3. Nicole Smith (Jr.) - The Devil in Sherman March (Downers Grove North)
4. Alison Ogunmokun (Sr.) - The Book of Mormon (Normal University)
5. Emily Salomone (Jr.) - How Mirka Got Her Sword (Oak Lawn)
6. Rahul Jacob (Sr.) - Hot, Hot Roti for Dada-ji (Sandburg)
F. Gillian Giudice (Sr.) - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Glenbrook South)

Impromptu Speaking
1. Alex Buckley (Sr.) (Downers Grove North)
2. Elizabeth Davies (Sr.) (Fremd)
3. Jay Simmons (Sr.) (Normal University)
4. Jack Disselhorst (Sr.) (Prairie Ridge)
5. Michael White (Jr.) (Bartlett)
6. Mike Peretz (Jr.) (Shepard)

Informative Speaking
1. Donyae Lewis (Jr.) - Eye See It Differently (Homewood-Flossmoor)
2. Elizabeth Woo (Sr.) - Shut Up and Listen (Glenbrook South)
3. Audrey Keen (Sr.) - This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain on Neuroplasticity. Questions? (Normal University)
4. Saurav Patnaik (Jr.) - The World's Largest Classroom (Neuqua Valley)
5. Renata Wettermann (Sr.) - DIY Bio: A new perspective on the Nerd Herd (Fremd)
6. Jasmine Jackson (Sr.) - Erase It ! (Marian)
F. Jacob O'Marrah (Sr.) - Do You See What I See? (Morris)

Oratorical Declamation
1. Destin Patton - Warner (Thornton)
2. Ivy Fishman (Sr.) - Bag of Legs (Prospect)
3. E. J. Newble (Sr.) - Fall Forward (Normal University)
4. Dhara Puvar (Sr.) - Speak Softly ... and Carry a Good Book (Downers Grove South)
5. Kyliah Thompson (Jr.) - Nurturing Creativity (Marian)
6. Amy Daniels (Jr.) - Why We Tell Stories (Charleston)

Original Comedy
1. Dan Leahy (Sr.) - Brother Knows Best (Downers Grove South)
2. Luke Engel (Sr.) - Alphabet Roulette (Wheaton North)
3. Brian Goldfarb (Sr.) - ''Holy OC Batman!'' (Huntley)
4. Maxwell Tourt (Sr.) - The Wizard of the Internet (Warren Township)
5. Daniel Sanchez (Sr.) - Danacules: The Barrel-Chested (Fenton)
6. Aram Rayzian (Sr.) - Is This Thing On? (Plainfield North)

Original Oratory
1. Elizabeth Woo (Sr.) - Made in the World (Glenbrook South)
2. DaQuawn Bruce (Sr.) - How Many Bricks? (Thornton)
3. Dhara Puvar (Sr.) - Consider the Source (Downers Grove South)
4. Kate Karl (Sr.) - I'm Great - Where's My Cookie? (Downers Grove North)
5. Payal Mallik (Jr.) - Oh My God Karen, You Can't Just Ask People Why They're White (Palatine H.S.)
6. Renata Wettermann (Sr.) - More than Pastronauts (Fremd)

Performance in the Round
1. The Starcatcher (Moline)
2. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 (Downers Grove South)
3. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (Glenbard West)
4. Yellowman (Thornridge)
5. Peter and the Star Catcher (Sandburg)
6. The Complete History of America Abridged (York)

Poetry Reading
1. Pia Lyander (Sr.) - The Art of Fine Speech (Marian)
2. Jason Warrior (Sr.) - A Program on Recapturing Black Music (Richards (Oak Lawn))
3. Megan Magee (So.) - Rise and Shine (Hononegah)
4. Lauren Lisauskas (Sr.) - God Went to Beauty School (Metea Valley)
5. Grace McGuan (Jr.) - What Are You Trying to Say? (Wheaton Warrenville South)
6. Mariah Copeland (Jr.) - To Be Fearless (Downers Grove South)

Prose Reading
1. Ben Edwards (Sr.) - Sam the Cat (Normal University)
2. Eric Zhang (Sr.) - What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish? (Metea Valley)
3. Dan Leahy (Sr.) - Scared Straight (Downers Grove South)
4. DJ Duncan (Sr.) - Fox 8 (Harrisburg)
5. Laura Nelson (Jr.) - The Fault In Our Stars (Hinsdale Central)
6. Ryan Luzzo (Jr.) - Will Grayson Will Grayson (Lemont)

Radio Speaking
1. Cora Georgiou (Sr.) (Sandburg)
2. Andrew Napora (Sr.) (Hersey)
3. Jonathan Morsovillo (Sr.) (Reavis)
4. Joe Brommel (Jr.) (Cary-Grove)
5. Jay Simmons (Sr.) (Normal University)
6. Trevor Widger (Sr.) (Canton)

Special Occasion Speaking
1. Alison Ogunmokun (Sr.) - The Peg Leg Redemption (Normal University)
2. Cooper Packard (Jr.) - Jerry Mandering 4 President (Marian)
3. Maggie Scudder (Sr.) - Friends With Benefits (Carbondale)
4. Lily Zacharias (Sr.) - He Said, She Said (Wheaton North)
5. Conor McDonough (Sr.) - Conor McDonough and the Infinite Sadness (Glenbard West)
6. Shaila Sundram (Sr.) - Into the Wild…And Out of My Mind (Hinsdale Central)
F. Emily Salomone (Jr.) - Trust Me (?) (Oak Lawn)

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