2012 TC Memorial Novice

Tournament Information

Date: 10/20/2012
Tournament Location: Carrollton, OH


Tournament Results

Team Sweepstakes
1. Perry - 73
2. North Canton Hoover - 52
3. Wooster - 45
4. Canton McKinley - 40
5. Canton Central Catholic - 28

2-Person Policy Debate
1. Jaret Hughes and Kristel Doong (Perry)
2. Alexis Hendershot and Shannon Howley (Perry)
3. Jenna Glasure and Jenna McNutt (Carrollton)
4. Alex Mohney and Mitchell Yerian (Perry)

Dramatic Interpretation
1. Sierra Schimanskey (Louisville)
2. Rachael Morgan (Washington High School)
2. Anthony Mitchell (Washington High School)
3. Cashmere McClendon (Washington High School)
4. Emily Leininger (Canton McKinley)
5. Erin Milligan (North Canton Hoover)
6. Erica Vannostran (Louisville)

Duo Interpretation
1. Emma Belford and Karli Riordan (Perry)
2. Johnella Cross and Mattea Angelo (Canton McKinley)
3. Cameron Prorok and CJ Evans (Canton Central Catholic)
4. Gabby Irwin and Mercedes Claypool (Carrollton)
5. Faith Roush and Hailey Rosenberger (Carrollton)
6 . LaShonda Hill and Loving Wilson (Canton McKinley)

Humorous Interpretation
1. Christian Noble (North Canton Hoover)
2. Laura Vlacovsky (Canton Central Catholic)
3. Julie Wittensoldner (Perry)
4. Anna Huntsman (Perry)
5. Hailey Butcher (Perry)
6. Danny Rojek (North Canton Hoover)

Impromptu Speaking
1. Monica Fairchild (Canton McKinley)
2. Mariah Spence (North Canton Hoover)
3. Ben Christ (North Canton Hoover)
4. Angelica Hauck (Canton McKinley)
5. Abby Swope (Canton Central Catholic)
6. Quaid Kloha (Fairless)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Kate Lane (Perry)
2. Sabrina Abrego (Perry)
3. Shreya Gurumurthy (Wooster)

Lincoln Douglas Debate
1. Patrick Carmel (Wooster)
2. Shiyuan Wang (Wooster)
3. Anthony Ross (Louisville)
4. Jonathan Quinn (North Canton Hoover)
5. Erin Kessler (Perry)
6. Ashwin Krishna (North Canton Hoover)

Oratorical Interpretation
1. Caroline Sheperd (North Canton Hoover)
2. Maria Vonortas (GlenOak)
3. Sabrina Hernandez (North Canton Hoover)
4. Nicole LaDow (Perry)
5. Gabe Lipkins (Canton McKinley)
6. Tatiana Bowman (Canton McKinley)

Original Oratory
1. Marissa Cooney (Perry)
2. Tess Schmucker (GlenOak)
3. Jeff Crouse (Canton McKinley)
4. Acacia Kauffman (Wooster)
5. Samantha Brunn (Wooster)
6. Kortney VanHorn (Canton McKinley)

Prose/Poetry Reading
1. Chelsey Ferris (Perry)
2. Savannah Goodnight (Canton Central Catholic)
3. Tessa Polen (Perry)
4. Hannah Morber (Canton Central Catholic)
5. Emily Hayden (North Canton Hoover)
6. Juliano Feliciano (Canton McKinley)

Public Forum Debate
1. Eric Belcik and Kenny Kalikasingh (Wooster)
2. Noah Sutter and Tommy Stopak (North Canton Hoover)
3. Kathryn Poe and Savanah Biss (North Canton Hoover)
4. Brianna Schmidt and Pierre Paul (Wooster)
5. Logan Ganim and William Needleman (Marburn Academy)
6. Charles Frantum and Gage Vonwyl (Carrollton)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Katey Krepp (Perry)
2. Jessica Natoli (Washington High School)
3. Anthony Massa (North Canton Hoover)
4. Mary Grace Gorman (Wooster)
5. Malachi Baily (Washington High School)
6. Chandler Tritch (Washington High School)

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