2012 Plymouth Novice Speech Festival

Tournament Information

Date: 11/03/2012
Tournament Location: Plymouth, IN


Tournament Results

1. George Stults (Plymouth)
2. Caitlin Schwartz (Culver Academies)
3. Tyler Sorg (Culver Academies)
4. Emily McKenzie (Plymouth)
5. Elizabeth Gallardo (Plymouth)
6. John Hunter (Plymouth)

1. Destini Pimental (Culver Academies)
2. Melanie Cooper (Plymouth)
3. Maddy Deisch (Plymouth)
4. Jessica Greenman (Culver Academies)
5. Cameron Carter (Plymouth)

Dramatic Interpretation
1. Gabby Garver (Plymouth)
2. Courtney Edge (Plymouth)
3. Kierra Willis (Plymouth)
4. Amber Gonzalez (Plymouth)

Duo Interpretation (Scripted)
1. Breanna Morrow and Danielle Erickson (Plymouth)
2. Jillian Smith and Justin Puglisi (Plymouth)
3. Haley Mills and Sara Smith (Plymouth)
4. Bre Martin and Lucas Vervynckt (Plymouth)
5. Giovanni Garcia and Yailin Rodriguez (Plymouth)
6. Alex Hart and Nathan Stroup (Lakeland)

1. Curtis Smith (Plymouth)
2. Brandon Mohammed (Plymouth)
3. David Brown (Culver Academies)
4. Alek Baker (Columbia City High School)
5. Delan Schrock (Bethany Christian)

Humorous Interpretation
1. Patrick Samila (Culver Academies)
2. Kaylie Barden (Plymouth)
3. Lauren Deisch (Plymouth)
4. Ricky Cooper (Plymouth)
5. Austin Dixon (Plymouth)
6. Matt Feece (Plymouth)

Impromptu Speaking
1. Hallie Rauch (Culver Academies)
2. Frank Zhang (Culver Academies)
3. Brayan Cerrillo (Elkhart Central)
4. Will Houser (Plymouth)
5. Aaron Hall (Plymouth)

Oratorical Declamation
1. Meghan Egierski (Plymouth)
2. Maya Panicker (Culver Academies)
3. Morgan Hartman (Culver Academies)
4. Dylan Eberly (Elkhart Central)
5. Heather Weber (Plymouth)

Original Oratory
1. Cory Absher (Lakeland)

Original Performance
1. Eric Burch and Brooke Wagner (Plymouth)
2. Tiera Taylor (Elkhart Central)

Poetry Reading
1. Olivia Wendel (Plymouth)
2. Elizabeth Polstra (Plymouth)
3. Grace Cupka (Plymouth)
4. Kiara Meadors (Plymouth)
5. Hope Barrow (Plymouth)

Prose Reading
1. Clayton Lenig (Plymouth)
2. Elise Patrick (Plymouth)
3. Katrina Willis (Culver Academies)
4. Emily Morris (Plymouth)
5. Meranda Ma (Culver Academies)
6. Ethan Carter (Culver Academies)

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