Tournament Information

Date: 05/11/2012
Team-School In Charge: James Logan High School
Tournament Location: James Logan High School - Union City, California 94587-3321


Primary Contact: info@nietoc.com
Events Offered:
Dramatic Interpretation
Humorous Interpretation
Original Oratory
Other Events Offered:
Duet Acting
Expository Speaking

Tournament Results

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Deon Cummings - Rules of the House (Truman)

2. Treya Brown - Mahalia (Hattiesburg High School)

3. Alexa Curran - Crafty (Mesquite High School)

4. Darion Harris - Coming of the Hurricane (Grand Prairie High School)

5. William Wildman - Long Live James Dean (Laurel Christian High School)

6. Symone Holmes - The Seventh Child (Denver East)

Duet Acting

1. Deborah Witherspoon and Sarah Dahdouh - The Help (James Logan)

2. Dustin Pittsinger and Juan Martinez - The Boys Next Door (Grand Prairie High School)

3. Seis Steves and Sydney Watt - The Twilight of the Golds (Saint Mary\\\'s Hall)

4. DeWayne Taylor and Emma Gruhl - Not Now Sweet Desdemona (Lincoln Southwest)

5. Ben Schwartz and Rebecca McGehee - Through the Shadowlands (Denver East)

6. Andrew Hansen and Michael Hansen - Time Out (Guyer High School)

Duo Interpretation

1. Brandon Deadwiler and Deborah Witherspoon (James Logan)

2. Elizabeth Shows and Paris McClendon (Hattiesburg High School)

3. Michael Cohen and Tara Williams (Truman)

4. Ben Schwartz and Rebecca McGehee (Denver East)

5. Emma Van Vactor-Lee and Nate Olson (Duluth Denfeld)

6. Joshua Michael and Joshua Shao (Mission San Jose High School)

Expository Speaking

1. Brianna I. Torres (Redlands High School)

2. Alex Pieloch (Lincoln Southwest)

3. Sohabe Mojaddidy (James Logan)

4. Decker O'Donnell (Seattle Academy)

5. Katie Pickering (Laurel Christian High School)

6. Marcy Guzman (Mount Miguel)

Humorous Interpretation

1. Earleen Brown - Sugar Plum Ballerinas (James Logan)

2. Michael Cohen - How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Truman)

3. Brandon Deadwiler - Cotton Patch Gospel (James Logan)

4. Mitchell Ferguson - Evil Dead: The Musical (Creekview High School)

5. Ahon Sarkar - Heck (Leland)

6. Chandler Tomlinson - How I Got That Story (SKY Academy)

Original Oratory

1. Suzette Turner - Sealed with a Handshake  (Denver East)

2. Paris McClendon - One Day At A Time (Hattiesburg High School)

3. Jonathan Santos - 'Tude for Thought (James Logan)

4. John Dalton Speak - Priceless (Marshfield)

5. Briana Exum - An Unlikely Antidote (Denver East)

6. Ravneet Kapoor - Dignity is no Longer Dignified (James Logan)


1. Francine Tamakloe - Various Poems on Crazy Stupid Love (Southside High School)

2. Kurt Imhoff - Picture Perfect    Loyola (Blakefield High School)

3. Sammy Jordan - War - A Collection (Salina High Central)

4. Christian Kimbell - In Search of Midnight (Cypress Creek)

5. Caro Achar-  Will Work for Peace (Cypress Creek)

6. Suzy Weller - Reflection - A collection (Salina High Central)


1. Tyler Lawrence - A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (Battle Ground Academy)

2. Erin Morgan - Beautiful Unbroken (Laurel Christian High School)

3. Sammy Jordan - Your Loudmouth Lesbian Friend (Salina High Central)

4. Suzy Weller - Baby Powder (Salina High Central)

5. Garrett Hammonds - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Royse City High School)

6. Kurt Imhoff - My Life as a Furry Red Monster (Loyola Blakefield High School)


1. Keegan Tucker (Jefferson County)

2. Wilson Fields (Hillcrest High School)

3. DeJoneria Harlin (Mount Miguel)

4. Mary Osbourne (Millard West)

5. Cameron Martin (Mount Miguel)

6. Brent Potter (Raymond Central)


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