2012 Lincoln Junior High Speech Invitational

Tournament Information

Date: 11/03/2012
Tournament Location: Plymouth, IN


Tournament Results

Team Sweeps
1. St. Paul Catholic School - 175
2. Stanley Clark School - 160
3. Canterbury - 122
4. Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth) - 120
5. Wirt-Emerson VPA (HS) - 86

1. Mary Horn (St. Paul Catholic School)
2. Erin Hunter (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))
3. Sean Russell (Stanley Clark School)
4. Camden Lytle (Canterbury)
5. Emily Clark (Stanley Clark School)
6. Tyra Vivians (Wirt-Emerson VPA (HS))

1. Ryan MacDonald (St. Paul Catholic School)
2. Garrett Garven (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))
3. Trent McKenzie (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))
4. Brenden Gerig (St. Paul Catholic School)
5. Grace Morris (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))
6. Ben Elliott (Canterbury)

Dramatic Interpretation
1. Zoe Crim (St. Paul Catholic School)
2. Corey Davis (Wirt-Emerson VPA (HS))
3. Kelsey Hennel (Stanley Clark School)
4. Emma Schultz (Stanley Clark School)
5. Zac Sewell (St. Paul Catholic School)
6. Kira Practico (Stanley Clark School)

Duo Interpretation (Memorized)
1. Luke Nicksic and Ryan Hrosik (St. Paul Catholic School)
1. Grace Cobble and Jake Sherman (St. Paul Catholic School)
1. Grace Beutter and Katia Nanni (Stanley Clark School)
1. Jalecia Baymon and Roderick Crawford (Wirt-Emerson VPA (HS))

Duo Interpretation (Scripted)
1. Allie Satoski and Freddy Meccia (St. Paul Catholic School)
2. Mez Ijomanta and Ricky Lou (Canterbury)
3. Charlie Healy and George Azar (St. Paul Catholic School)
4. Ashley Harrell and Carson Pifer (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))
5. Mary Stazinski and Peyton Mahlmann (St. Paul Catholic School)
6. Aubrey Aust and Sana Ghazali (Canterbury)

Humorous Interpretation
1. Katie Sherman (St. Paul Catholic School)
2. George Azar (St. Paul Catholic School)
3. Lilli Cooper (Stanley Clark School)
4. Lily Kennedy (Stanley Clark School)
5. Callie Burch (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))
6. David Safur (Stanley Clark School)

Impromptu Speaking
1. Lily Quint (St. Paul Catholic School)
2. Leah Smith (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))
3. Rishubh Jain (Canterbury)
4. Ellie Switzer (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))
5. Mez Ijomanta (Canterbury)
6. Forrest Baumgartner (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))

Oratorical Declamation
1. Jake Sherman (St. Paul Catholic School)
2. Meagan Luck (Stanley Clark School)
3. Nikita Kumar (Stanley Clark School)
4. Caroline Bonczyk (St. Paul Catholic School)
5. Rosemary Adams (St. Paul Catholic School)
6. Lily Quint (St. Paul Catholic School)

Original Oratory
1. Colleen Schena (Stanley Clark School)
2. Sanjana Kulkarni (Stanley Clark School)
3. Ashley Harrell (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))
4. Emily Cochern (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))
5. Essence Baity (Wirt-Emerson VPA (HS))

Poetry Reading
1. Corey Davis (Wirt-Emerson VPA (HS))
2. Maggie Nate (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))
3. Hannah Feder (Stanley Clark School)
4. Shivani Patel (Stanley Clark School)
5. Grace Cobble (St. Paul Catholic School)
6. Liam Ward (Canterbury)

Prose Reading
1. Sana Ghazali (Canterbury)
1. Alecia Wichlinski (St. Paul Catholic School)
2. Roderick Crawford (Wirt-Emerson VPA (HS))
3. Matthew Cavanaugh (St. Paul Catholic School)
4. Carson Pifer (Lincoln Junior High (Plymouth))
5. Emma Case (Canterbury)
5. Sarah Page (St. Paul Catholic School)
6. Anna Garatoni (Stanley Clark School)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Arnie Lal (Canterbury)
2. Lauren Moberley (St. Paul Catholic School)
3. Rishubh Jain (Canterbury)
4. Manny Smith (Stanley Clark School)
5. Mason Lee (Stanley Clark School)
6. Tiffany Daniel (Wirt-Emerson VPA (HS))

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