2012 DGN Mixer Invitational

Tournament Information

Date: 11/03/2012
Tournament Location: Downers Grove, IL


Tournament Results

Team Sweeps
1. Glenbard West - 424
2. Downers Grove South - 423
3. Sandburg - 402
4. Shepard - 401
5. Hinsdale Central - 395

Dramatic Duet Acting
1. Brad Weeder and Katie Coy (Wheaton North)
2. Jack Barker and Will Geiselhart (Glenbard West)
3. Brooke Romero and Jacob Quirk (Huntley)
4. Eric Helm and Joey Hansel (York)
5. Christine Hawn and Spencer Wawak (Hinsdale Central)
6. Adam Newton and Stephanie Coupland (Downers Grove South)

Dramatic Interpretation
1. Anneilis Kennedy Cunningham (Sandburg)
2. Bobby Turnbough (Lockport)
3. Tashawna Rials (Thornton)
4. Will Crawford (Glenbard West)
5. Jasmine Mazique (Homewood-Flossmoor)
6. Josue Munoz (West Chicago H.S.)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Justin Ali (Wheaton North)
2. Isaiah Sciford (Homewood-Flossmoor)
3. Conor McDonough (Glenbard West)
4. George Sanders (Glenbard West)
5. Tyler Ross (Normal Community West)
6. Supal Mehta (Downers Grove South)

Humorous Duet Acting
1. Delena Obermaier and Joey Hansel (York)
2. LaNeah Hawkins and Thomas Tang (Thornton)
3. Gabrielle Roberts and Laura Nelson (Hinsdale Central)
4. Jack LeBaron and Mike Maloney (Downers Grove South)
5. Mack Quaid and Nate Young (Glenbard West)
6. Alex Werner and Stephanie Coupland (Downers Grove South)

Humorous Interpretation
1. Desmond Washington (Thornton)
2. Brian Goldfarb (Huntley)
3. Jessica Keuth (Glenbard South)
4. Jake Highley (Huntley)
5. Alexander Lapinski (Willowbrook)
6. Meaulnes Kenwood (Glenbard West)

Impromptu Speaking
1. Supal Mehta (Downers Grove South)
2. Dean Olson (Glenbard West)
3. Meg Maloney (Glenbard West)
4. Anthony Moaton (Oak Park-River Forest)
5. Mike Peretz (Shepard)
6. Ammar Kalimullah (Downers Grove South)

Informative Speaking
1. Lindsie Bliss (Shepard)
2. Lily Zacharias (Wheaton North)
3. Amanda Marino (Sandburg)
4. Desmond Washington (Thornton)
5. Katie Portman (Downers Grove North)
6. Mohammad Saad (Glenbard West)

Oratorical Declamation
1. Lindsie Bliss (Shepard)
2. Abram Fernandez (West Chicago H.S.)
3. Abby Gleason (Huntley)
4. Yianni Kinnas (Hinsdale Central)
5. Miranda Harris (Normal Community West)
6. Rachel Collins (Hinsdale Central)

Original Comedy
1. Luke Engel (Wheaton North)
2. Brian Goldfarb (Huntley)
3. Dan Leahy (Downers Grove South)
4. Destin Patton - Warner (Thornton)
5. Joey Molloy (Shepard)
6. Tyler Maxie (Homewood-Flossmoor)

Original Oratory
1. Cora Georgiou (Sandburg)
2. Dhara Puvar (Downers Grove South)
3. George Sanders (Glenbard West)
4. Katelyn Casey (Neuqua Valley)
5. Hannah Jarman (Shepard)
6. Bridget Curry (Shepard)

Poetry Reading
1. Darwin Perry (Thornton)
2. Allie Cin (Wheaton Warrenville South)
3. Unique Warfield (Shepard)
4. Payal Mallik (Palatine H.S.)
5. Katie Coy (Wheaton North)
6. Malachi Hurndon (Thornton)

Prose Reading
1. Daniel Stompor (West Chicago H.S.)
2. Enrique Montoya (Shepard)
3. Roxanne Balakas (Sandburg)
4. Destin Patton - Warner (Thornton)
5. Paige Pickerl (Wheaton North)
6. Mariana Reyes (Shepard)

Radio Speaking
1. Adam Mills (Naperville North)
2. Kortney Weisenfluh (Lockport)
3. Cora Georgiou (Sandburg)
4. Katie Portman (Downers Grove North)
5. Mike Pastore (Shepard)
6. Saeeda Zaman (Downers Grove South)

Special Occasion Speaking
1. Malachi Hurndon (Thornton)
2. Anna Talamo (York)
3. Ashley Knipp (Huntley)
4. Conor McDonough (Glenbard West)
5. Lily Zacharias (Wheaton North)
6. Renee Hannan (Maine South)

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