2012 Dallas UDA HS #2, MS #1

Tournament Information

Date: 10/27/2012
Tournament Location: Dallas, TX


Tournament Results

Team Sweeps
1. Dallas UDL Administration - 210
2. JBS Law Magnet - 106
3. Woodrow Wilson - 88
4. WT White - 75
4. Garza - 75

JV Policy Debate
1. Gustavo Alonzo and Kenya Loya (Skyline)
2. Aspyn Johnson and Victor Ragsdale (Booker T Washington)
3. Nestor Garcia and Samuel Shaw (Thomas Jefferson)
4. Gabriel Sanchez and Rafael Sanchez (JBS Law Magnet)
5. Carlos Vazquez and Monica Fuentes (Samuell)
6. Grant Gardner and Sophie C Corless (WT White)

Middle School Debate
1. Dillon Mossman and Sadie Townsel (Travis)
2. Rolando Aguirre and Treyvon Watts-Hale (Barack Obama Male Leadership)
3. Claire Cluck and Tyimanii Sixx (Marsh)
4. Melody Walkington and Ted Baker (Travis)
5. Daniel Bandy and Eric Mendoza (Marsh)
6. Abigail Martinez and Angel Ornelas (Travis)

Novice Policy Debate
1. Gabriel Jankousky and Kadrian Olver (Woodrow Wilson)
2. Leah Rodriguez and Monique Flores (Garza)
3. Delon Johnson and Taylor Grant-Gates (Booker T Washington)
4. Jose Ramirez and Raviola Wenno (North Dallas)
5. Kendall McCumber and Konstadinos Labos (Woodrow Wilson)
6. Felonie Doss and Travone Burns (Garza)

Varsity Policy Debate
1. Erick Alonso and Victor Martinez (Sunset)
2. Bianca A Salazar and Karmenly Alegria (WT White)
3. Barrett Blaker and Javier Gonzalez (Woodrow Wilson)
4. Josh Barnhouse and Paulie Garrison (Woodrow Wilson)
5. Ian Rush and John Strother (WT White)
6. Sage Stevens and Sarah Strother (WT White)

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