2012 BAUDL Season Opener Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 10/20/2012
Tournament Location: Berkeley, CA


Tournament Results

Team Sweeps
1. Skyline - 30
2. Fremont - 20
3. June Jordan School for Equity - 15
4. Cal Prep - 13
5. Lionel Wilson College Prep - 12
5. Envision Academy - 12

JV Policy Debate
1. DaQuan Wright and Maria Ramos (Fremont)
2. Ciera Harris and Marcus Mack (Emery)
3. Jade Belvin and Neil Wessling (Skyline)
4. Judges Cantara and Megan Luong (June Jordan School for Equity)
5. Donavan Walker and Theresa Bagby-Underwood (Skyline)
6. Raymone Lewis (CCPA) and William Mitchell (Cal Prep)

Novice Policy Debate
1. Azariah Shephard and Miguel Sanchez (Lionel Wilson College Prep)
2. Shaker Ghanem and Walter Sarubilo (Skyline)
3. Gibran H and Summer Aquino (Envision Academy)
4. Briana Balenzuela and Dennis Guardado (Balboa)
5. Malia Nava and Wendy Nava (Envision Academy)
6. Gretu Daggs and Rashad Owens (Downtown)

Varsity Policy Debate
1. Jason Auro and William Hampton-Bruce (Cal Prep)
2. Chris Marquez and Leonard Irving-Thomas (Skyline)
3. Anna Xu and Gabe Gangoso (Skyline)
4. Diego Garcia and Nick Ross (Fremont)
5. Allie Hammond and Hector Contreras (Skyline)
6. Shah Turner and Zakiya Moore (Skyline)

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