2011 Warren Varsity Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 01/29/2011
Tournament Location: Gurnee, IL


Tournament Results


1.    Wheaton Warrenville South   
2.    Downers Grove South   
3.    Glenbard West

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Andreas Tsironis and Emma Rubenstein    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Ellie Wyant and Jeff Pridgen    (Glenbard West)
3.    Brittany Coriaci and Kylie Mohrmann    (Warren Township)
4.    Erin M. Walsh and Malorie Masek    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Emma Satzger and Sara Twadell    (Warren Township)
6.    Danielle Barto and David Solberg    (Wheaton Warrenville South)

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Emma Gotter    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Claire Fey    (Glenbard West)
3.    Ebony Rhodes    (Glenbard West)
4.    Emma Satzger    (Warren Township)
5.    Arika Jeter    (Munster High School)
6.    Alison Reba    (Munster High School)
F.    Zinna Senbetta    (Wheaton Warrenville South)

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Sam Niiro    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Milap Mehta    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Patrick Kelly    (Glenbard West)
4.    Andrew Kelly    (Oak Park-River Forest)
5.    Supal Mehta    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Cody Strolia    (Downers Grove South)

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Billy Chengary and Michele McCarthy    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Andy Gylling and Jeff Pridgen    (Glenbard West)
3.    Mary DeWitt and Natalie Hilvert    (Bartlett)
4.    Alissa Wicklein and Suban Suhail    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Esther Espeland and Noah Eisfelder    (Evanston)
6.    David Solberg and Shawn Anaya    (Wheaton Warrenville South)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Jodi Snyder    (Glenbrook North)
2.    Andreas Tsironis    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
3.    Gillian Giudice    (Glenbrook South)
4.    Audrey Roen    (Oak Park-River Forest)
5.    Grace Carey    (Glenbard West)
6.    Dan Leahy    (Downers Grove South)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Andrew Kelly    (Oak Park-River Forest)
2.    Sam Niiro    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
3.    Oliver Lykken    (Glenbard West)
4.    Supal Mehta    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Scott Olson    (Warren Township)
6.    Nick Tannenbaum    (Downers Grove South)
F.    Dean Olson    (Glenbard West)

Informative Speaking
1.    Claire Fey    (Glenbard West)
2.    Stephanie Flowers    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Ken Notter    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
4.    Hamsini Rao    (Glenbard West)
5.    Becca Peterson    (Bartlett)
6.    Laura Van Oss    (Wheaton Warrenville South)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Kaylee Moeslein    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Jenna Rapisarda    (Evanston)
3.    Colleen Derosa    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Noah Thacker    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
5.    Ethan Ramsay    (Oak Park-River Forest)
6.    Shawn Anaya    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
F.    Emma Gotter    (Wheaton Warrenville South)

Original Comedy

1.    John Junk    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Daniel Heiberger    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
3.    John Franco    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
4.    Suban Suhail    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Josh Brown    (West Chicago H.S.)
6.    Alissa Wicklein    (Downers Grove South)

Original Oratory

1.    Alli Gattari    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Mary DeWitt    (Bartlett)
3.    Riley Cook    (Glenbard West)
4.    Patrick Kelly    (Glenbard West)
5.    Jigar Patel    (Glenbard West)
6.    Claire Drews    (Downers Grove South)

Poetry Reading
1.    Emma Rubenstein    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Thalia Fernandez    (West Chicago H.S.)
3.    Erin M. Walsh    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Noah Thacker    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
5.    Zoe Heinz    (Warren Township)
6.    Riley Cook    (Glenbard West)
F.    Alison Reba    (Munster High School)

Prose Reading
1.    Nick Anderson    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Ken Notter    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
3.    Michele McCarthy    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Dan Leahy    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Lucy Msall    (Oak Park-River Forest)
6.    Ethan Ramsay    (Oak Park-River Forest)

Radio Speaking
1.    Danielle Zarbin    (Oak Park-River Forest)
2.    Miles Fox    (Glenbard West)
3.    Ethan Jesse    (Warren Township)
4.    Colleen Savell    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
5.    Lily Zhu    (Warren Township)
5.    Dan Brackmann    (Wheaton Warrenville South)

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Lillie Kase    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Maeve McDonough    (Glenbard West)
3.    Amanda Mawrence    (Glenbrook North)
4.    Betsy Philipose    (Glenbard West)
5.    Peter Benassi    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
6.    Katie Szajkovics    (Warren Township)
F.    Dani Mulhearn    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
F.    Adam Newton    (Downers Grove South)
F.    Emma Murry   (Downers Grove South)


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