2011 UW-Whitewater Speech Bowl

Tournament Information

Date: 02/26/2011
Tournament Location: Whitewater, WI


Tournament Results

Demonstration Speaking
1.    Andy Awve    (Wauwatosa West High School)
2.    Bobbi Ross    (Sun Prairie)
3.    Katie Poland    (Madison West High School)
4.    Molly Kadlec    (Franklin High School)
5.    Ryan Dietz    (Mukwonago HS)
6.    Shelly Gissing    (Delavan-Darien)

Duo Interpretation
1.    Claudia Seidenberg and Sarah Benforado    (Madison West High School)
2.    Lauren Phelps and Margo Stanger    (Madison West High School)
3.    Antoinette Howard and Megan Kowalski    (Ronald Reagan High School)

1.    Emily Kramer    (Mukwonago HS)
1.    Andy Russell    (Mukwonago HS)
2.    Libby Scholz    (Madison West High School)
3.    Jason Baron    (Mukwonago HS)
4.    Kelly Ward    (Waukesha South High School)

1.    Chase Studinski    (Sun Prairie)
2.    Megan Wendt    (Sun Prairie)
3.    Susannah First    (Madison West High School)
4.    Hannah Kinzer    (New Berlin Eisenhower)
5.    Raquel Timothy    (Sun Prairie)
6.    Helena Gerritsen    (Luther Preparatory School)

Four Minute Speaking
1.    Chase Studinski    (Sun Prairie)
2.    Katie Rickert    (Wauwatosa West High School)
3.    Brian Paine    (Franklin High School)
4.    Tessa Loeffler    (Sun Prairie)
5.    Travin Jacobson    (Sun Prairie)
6.    India De Maio    (Madison West High School)

Group Interpretation

1.    Bevan Sukowaty and Nicole Trew    (New Berlin Eisenhower)
2.    Kailyn Longueville and Samantha Gilbert    (Mukwonago HS)
3.    Disha Uppal, Elizabeth Summers and Miranda Barker    (Ronald Reagan High School)
4.    Grace O'Neil and Hannah Bergmann    (Waukesha South High School)
5.    Dani Otto and Lindsey Batten    (East Troy High School)

Moments in History

1.    Nita McDaniel    (Madison West High School)
1.    Erika Wood    (Madison West High School)
1.    Megan Wendt    (Sun Prairie B)
2.    Annabelle Arney    (Madison West B)
3.    Sam Lindemann    (Luther Preparatory School)
3.    Kendalyn Thoma    (Luther Preparatory School)

Oral Interpretation

1.    Kaitlyn Kugler    (Sun Prairie)
2.    Erica Larsen    (Sun Prairie)
3.    Annabelle Arney    (Madison West High School)
4.    Colton Larsen    (Luther Preparatory School)
5.    Kamilla Thoma    (Luther Preparatory School)
6.    Samantha Nagin    (Madison West High School)

1.    Monica Hellmer    (Madison West High School)
2.    Rishil Mehta    (New Berlin Eisenhower)
3.    Jessica Yost    (Arrowhead High School)
4.    Nathan Savage    (Luther Preparatory School)
5.    Rachel Furlow    (Madison West High School)
6.    Nina Lewis   (Madison West High School)

Play Acting

1.    Cocoa Norris and Kiwan Mitchell    (Auburn High School)
2.    Emily Somberg and Katherine Wade    (Madison West High School)
3.    Olivia Stein and Thekie Degen    (Madison West High School)
4.    Connor Moore, Hillary Holland and Thad Brenum    (Black Hawk High School)
5.    Alissa Al Chemali and Mary Sidorkina    (Black Hawk High School)
6.    Aaron Kroll, Gage Risen and Steven Benedict    (East Troy High School)

1.    LeRacha Simon    (Sun Prairie)
2.    Kamilla Thoma    (Luther Preparatory School)
3.    Ashley Erstad    (Sun Prairie)
4.    Anna Frank    (Sun Prairie)
5.    Alex Dabertin    (Arrowhead High School)
6.    Micaela Stanly    (Ronald Reagan High School)

1.    Tessa Loeffler    (Sun Prairie)
2.    Ryan McDowell    (Sun Prairie)
3.    Chad Castle    (Sun Prairie)
4.    Eric Zabell    (Luther Preparatory School)
5.    Shannon Thao    (Sun Prairie)
6.    Jamie Watkins    (Mukwonago HS)
F.    Shannon Caldwell    (Franklin High School)

Public Address

1.    Cindy Cai    (Madison West High School)
2.    Naomi Bian    (Luther Preparatory School)
3.    Sagar Panchal    (Arrowhead High School)
4.    Abby Jensen    (Delavan-Darien)
5.    Natalie Guida    (Mukwonago HS)
6.    Kathryn Wang    (Luther Preparatory School)

Radio Speaking

1.    Ben Bauman   (Sun Prairie)
2.    Ethan Fickau    (Lake Country Lutheran High School)
3.    Nicholas Stamm    (Waunakee High School)
4.    Michael Wolff    (Black Hawk High School)
5.    Christian Krahenbuhl    (Black Hawk High School)

Solo Humorous Acting

1.    Sam Gee    (Madison West High School)
2.    Liz Ehrler    (Sun Prairie)
3.    Emma Prost    (Luther Preparatory School)
4.    Colleen Gratzel    (Waukesha South High School)
5.    Waj Ali    (Wauwatosa West High School)
6.    Andrew Hudson    (Auburn High School)

Solo Serious Acting

1.    Mike Curtin    (Sun Prairie)
2.    Ryan McDowell    (Sun Prairie B)
3.    Katie Powers    (Franklin High School)
4.    Kate Quinn    (Black Hawk High School)
5.    Molly Bechtolt    (Black Hawk High School)
6.    Travin Jacobson    (Sun Prairie B)

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Zach Zamzow    (Mukwonago HS)
2.    Anh Le    (Madison West High School)
3.    Lindsay Gaines    (Sun Prairie)
4.    Astha Berry     (Franklin High School)
5.    Myfanwy Adams    (Madison West High School)

1.    Colton Larsen    (Luther Preparatory School)
2.    Chelsea Kiehl    (Palmyra-Eagle High School)
3.    Jenna Hensley    (East Troy High School)
4.    Sarah Schafer    (New Berlin Eisenhower)
5.    Katelyn Stephens    (Black Hawk High School)
5.    Ari Pollack    (Madison West B)
5.    Megan Olson    (Waunakee High School)


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Very well run event, especially considering it's only the 2nd year!

My only suggestion would be to include the category "rules" for judges in each round. Having a book in the judges lounge was OK, but having the reference during the round would help.

Anony's picture

That's actually a really good suggestion to help run a smoother tournament! (Assuming making copies for every judge is not too costly for the team in charge.) 

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THIS IS THE BEST TOURNAMENT I'VE EVER BEEN TOO!!! Every team should go to this one. Super fun and super well run! Whitewater is great!

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