2011 Tournament of Champions (TOC)

Tournament Information

Date: 04/30/2011
Team-School In Charge: University of Kentucky
Tournament Location: University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY


Primary Contact: Linda Barker: 859-257-6523 or linda.barker@uky.edu ; Andrea Reed: reed.andrea@uky.edu ; Dave Arnett: davidbrianarnett@gmail.com ; Dr. Patterson: jwpatt00@uky.edu (note: the “00” are zeros)
Events Offered:
Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Policy Debate
Public Forum Debate
Student Congress Debate

Tournament Results

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Jeff Liu and Larry Liu (Indian Springs High School) - CLOSE OUT

LD Packet Results

Speakers in Order

Contestants in Order

Public Forum Debate

Fred Enea & Aakash Jagadeesh (The Harker School) DEF. Grant Sinnot & Jake Bayer (Lake Highland Prep)

Policy Debate

Ellis Allen & Daniel Taylor (Westminister Schools) 

Congressional Debate

1. Rylan Schaeffer (Mountain View)

2. Frances Rodriguez (St. Thomas Aquinas)

3. Jacob Gilson (Nova)

4. Paul Sella (Southlake Carroll)

5. Erik Bakke (West Springfield)

6. Ross Slaughter (Walt Whitman)


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