2011 TFL State Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 04/08/2011
Tournament Location: Pinecrest HS


Tournament Results


1. Pinecrest

2. Marvin Ridge

3. Myers Park

4. Durham Academy

5. Chase


1. Pine Forest

2. Cary High School

3. Jack Britt


1. Pinecrest

2. Asheville

3. Durham Academy


1. Marvin Ridge

2. Myers Park

3. Pinecrest

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Blakeney Oliver (Chase High School)

2. Sarah VanSickle (Marvin Ridge High)

3. Taylor Moore (Chase High School)

4. James Williams (North Mecklenburg)

5. Brooke Carter (North Mecklenburg)

6. Nathan Bailey (Marvin Ridge High)

Duo Interpretation

1. Luke Miller and John Pope (Marvin Ridge High)

2. Hunter Ocheltree and Kyle Ocheltree (Pinecrest High School)

3. Chare Perkins and Scotty Pruitt (Pinecrest High School)

4. Taylor Moore and Angel Proctor (Chase High School)

5. Brittany Wallace and Lauren Calucag (North Mecklenburg)

6. Brooke Carter and James Williams (North Mecklenburg)

Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Nathaniel Donahue (Durham Academy)

2. Ben Denton (Pinecrest High School)

3. Patrick Withrow (Myers Park High)

4. Nivedita Sankar (Durham Academy)

5. Orlin Velev (Cary Academy)

6. Erich Kessel (Marvin Ridge High)

Humorous Interpretation

1. Michael Griggs (Myers Park High)

2. Chare Perkins (Pinecrest High School)

3. Bridgette Brainard (Chase High School)

4. Kelly Pope (Marvin Ridge High)

5. John Pope (Marvin Ridge High)

6. Meredith Philbrook (Pine Forest)

Impromptu Speaking

1. George Hachmeister (East Carteret HS)

2. Nathaniel Donahue (Durham Academy)

3. Emily Sheffield (Pine Forest)

4. Isabel Williams (Myers Park High)

5. Kiran Jones (Durham Academy)

6. Nivedita Sankar (Durham Academy)

Oral Interpretation

1. Nathan Bailey (Marvin Ridge High)

2. Ohavia Phillips (Myers Park High)

3. Hannah Sellers (Pinecrest High School)

4. Michael Griggs (Myers Park High)

5. Rabia Sheikh (Marvin Ridge High)

6. D'Chante McKenzie (Jack Britt High)

Original Oratory

1. Sarah VanSickle (Marvin Ridge High)

2. Meghan Dorn (Myers Park High)

3. Raul Gonzalez (North Mecklenburg)

4. Colleen Watson (North Mecklenburg)

5. Josh Kitchen (Seventy-First High)

6. Arryn Tyler (Seventy-First High)

Radio Speaking

1. Lane Fagan (Myers Park High)

2. Blakeney Oliver (Chase High School)

3. Matthew Roper (Marvin Ridge High)

4. Alex Lam (Marvin Ridge High)

5. Luke Miller (Marvin Ridge High)

6. Angel Proctor (Chase High School)

Novice LD Debate

Myers Park DG (Daniel Guerrero) DEF. Asheville KB (Kira Bursky)

Open LD Debate

Durham Academy RB (Raghav Bansal) DEF. East Chapel Hill AA (Aarti Asrani)

Novice Public Forum Debate

Pinecrest KS (Elaine Kearney & Alex Snyder) DEF. Durham Academy VY (Ambika Viswanathan & Catherine Yang)

Open Public Forum Debate

Durham Academy KK (Ariel Katz & Justin Katz) DEF. Pinecrest QN (Haden Quinlan & Kyle Newman)


Novice Chamber 1 Cumes

1. Kelly Jiang East (Chapel Hill High School)

2. Connor Hees (Pinecrest High School)

3. Gabe Pohl-Zaretsky (Asheville High School)

4. Jake Lampke (Myers Park High School)

5. Jay Titus Marvin (Ridge High School)

6. Rangoli Bhattacharjee (William G Enloe High School)


Novice Chamber 2 Cumes

1. Sam Migirditch (Albertus Magnus Academy)

2. Connor Goggin (Pinecrest High School)

3. Aribah Shah (William G Enloe High School)

4. Deondre Jones (Pine Forest High School)

5. Aspen Steidle (Asheville High School)

6. April Wells (Chase High School)


Novice Congress Finals Cumes

1. Gabe Pohl-Zaretsky (Asheville High School)

2. Kelly Jiang (East Chapel Hill High School)

3. Connor Goggin (Pinecrest High School)

4. Sam Migirditch (Albertus Magnus Academy)

5. Connor Hees (Pinecrest High School)

6. Deondre Jones (Pine Forest High School)


Open Congress Chamber 1 Cumes

1. Ben Beaumont (Myers Park High School)

2. Matt Sullivan (Asheville High School)

3. Shayla Birath (Pinecrest High School)

4. Mark Parent (Northwest Guilford High)

5. Delaney Herndon (Durham Academy)

6. Jonathan Blum (Cary Academy)


Open Congress Chamber 2 Cumes

1. Indira Puri (Durham Academy)

2. Wilson Parker (Asheville High School)

3. Gray Jacobsen (Asheville High School)

4. Josh Campbell (Northwest Guilford High)

5. Michael Averell (Cary Academy)

6. Megan Odom (Northwest Guilford High)


Open Congress Finals Cumes

1. Mark Parent (Northwest Guilford High) AND Gray Jacobsen (Asheville High School) AND Indira Puri (Durham Academy) AND Wilson Parker (Asheville High School)

5. Ben Beaumont (Myers Park High School)

6. Josh Campbell (Northwest Guilford High)


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