2011 Pope John Speech Invitational

Tournament Information

Date: 02/26/2011
Tournament Location: Elgin, NE


Tournament Results


1.    Humphrey St. Francis   
2.    Leigh   
3.    Lindsay Holy Family   
4.    Clearwater   
5.    Ewing
5.    Chambers

Duet Acting
1.    Chase Ahrens and Sam Herink    (Leigh)
1.    Caleb Lindhorst and Zachary Hemmer    (Lindsay Holy Family)
3.    Erin Van Horn and Mary Hawk    (Ewing)
4.    Tristen Foltz and Zach McPhillips    (Humphrey St. Francis)
5.    Keely Odell and Millie Short    (Clearwater)
6.    Briley Wiese and Mikala Farrier    (Lindsay Holy Family)

Entertainment Speaking

1.    Chris German    (Humphrey St. Francis)
2.    Zachary Hemmer    (Lindsay Holy Family)
3.    Maggie McPhillips    (Humphrey St. Francis)
4.    Briley Wiese    (Lindsay Holy Family)
5.    Casey McCutcheon    (Leigh)
6.    Emily Filsinger    (Clearwater)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Chris German    (Humphrey St. Francis)
2.    Sam Herink    (Leigh)
2.    Harley Hamernik    (Leigh)
4.    Tristen Foltz    (Humphrey St. Francis)
5.    Caleb Lindhorst    (Lindsay Holy Family)
5.    Austin Preister    (Lindsay Holy Family)

Informative Speaking

1.    Harley Hamernik    (Leigh)
1.    Brooke Jindra    (Leigh)
3.    Olivia Borer    (Elgin Pope John)
4.    Kim Krings    (Humphrey St. Francis)
5.    Robbie Brockhaus    (Humphrey St. Francis)
5.    Emily Hemmer    (Lindsay Holy Family)

Oral Interpretation of Drama
1.    Emily Hamling, Kenny Kuchar, Lexi Arlt, Steph Baumgart and Zach McPhillips    (Humphrey St. Francis)
2.    Colby Magsamen, Erick Diaz and Justin Reininger    (Leigh)
3.    A.J. Braband, Brieann Grosserode, Danny Smith , Michelle Bauer and Sebastian Janssen    (Elgin Public High School)
4.    Amber Kester, Lance Baum, Millie Short, Sydney Pokorny and Taylor Kester    (Clearwater)
5.    Carly Lambert, Elise Hubel, Erin DeVries, Shelby Dexter and Steven Marcellus    (Chambers)
6.    Brandy Reichmuth, Breanna Brockhaus, Janae Klassen, Michael Brockhaus and Robbie Brockhaus    (Humphrey St. Francis)

Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose
1.    Justin Reininger    (Leigh)
2.    Zach McPhillips    (Humphrey St. Francis)
3.    Zachary Hemmer    (Lindsay Holy Family)
4.    Michael McPhillips   (Humphrey St. Francis)
5.    Samantha Beed   (Chambers)
6.    Hannah Rittscher    (Clearwater)

Oral Interpretation of Poetry

1.    Steph Baumgart    (Humphrey St. Francis)
2.    Heidy Arriaza    (Leigh)
3.    Sydney Pokorny    (Clearwater)
4.    Celeste Lopez    (Clearwater)
5.    Katie Huisman    (Leigh)
6.    Breanna Brockhaus    (Humphrey St. Francis)

Oral Interpretation of Serious Prose

1.    Kenny Kuchar    (Humphrey St. Francis)
2.    Emily Hamling    (Humphrey St. Francis)
3.    Connie Vrbicky    (Leigh)
4.    Vitoria Wiese    (Lindsay Holy Family)
5.    Amanda Koener    (Ewing)
6.    Amber Kester    (Clearwater)

Persuasive Speaking
1.    Heidy Arriaza    (Leigh)
2.    Allison Olmer    (Leigh)
3.    Lexi Arlt    (Humphrey St. Francis)
4.    Andrea Lemmer    (Chambers)
5.    Abbey Kester    (Clearwater)
6.    Sebastiana Vargas    (Ewing)


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