2011 OHSSL State Final

Tournament Information

Date: 03/03/2011
Tournament Location: Toledo, OH


Tournament Results


1.    Howland   
2.    Canfield   
3.    Perry   
4.    Jackson H.S.   
5.    Oakwood   
6.    Cardinal-Mooney   
6.    University School   
8.    Louisville   
9.    Olmsted Falls   
10.    Columbiana

2-Person Policy Debate
1.    Ariana Cheng and Mitch D'Aloia    (Centerville)
2.    Cameron Colella and Jon Dokler    (St. Ignatius)

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Carly Carano
The Gift of Tongues    Cardinal-Mooney
2.    William Tipton
Sammy    Howland
3.    Rachel Ragheb    Howland
4.    Constance Sabo
Triangulation    Canton McKinley
5.    Jessica McCallum
The Good Mother    Perry
6.    Niki Dhami
Sweet Nothing in My Er    Howland

Duo Interpretation

1.    Alli Francis and Justin Woody
The Lion King    Perry
2.    Nathan Pecchia and Rosie Jo Neddy
Miss Electricity    Canfield
3.    Hannah Gerdes and Shannon Lytle
Alice in Wonderland (small cast version)    Ursuline
4.    Alicia Lawson and Kiyan Taghaboni
Jump Off The Cliff Notes    Boardman
5.    Elise Szabo and Mary Elizabeth Monda
Fat Kids on Fire    Canfield
6.    Sam Al-Hadid and Shannon Ball
Smudge    GlenOak
F.    Jordan Teutsch and Sophia Pilolli
The Wizard of Oz    Canfield

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Caleb Snyder
Imaginary Harry    Perry
2.    Tim Nesnidol
13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview    Canfield
3.    Sam Poulos
Confessions of a Nerdy Greek Boy    Canton McKinley
4.    Randy Hoover
Investigator Q    Stow
5.    Tori Zajac
Epic Proportions    Notre Dame Academy
6.    Matthew Albani
Bedazzled    Boardman
F.    Travis Williams
And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon    Perry

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Michael Light    (Oakwood)
2.    Chloe Gebacz    (Canfield)
3.    Marisa McGrath    (Canfield)
4.    Cody Oldham    (Jackson H.S.)
5.    Gary Zamary    (Canfield)
6.    Tyler Thaxton    (Louisville)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Ian Macgillivray   (Columbiana)
2.    David Eapen    (St. Ignatius)
3.    Grace Pyo    (Olentangy Liberty)
4.    Alyssa Culp    (Cardinal-Mooney)
5.    Abhishek Bhargava    (Jackson H.S.)
6.    David Kubancik    (Howland)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
1.    Chris Kiriakou    (Howland)
2.    Ron DeAmicis    (Austintown-Fitch)

Oratorical Interpretation

1.    Rob Mitchell
Truthfully Speaking    Oakwood
2.    Luke Szabados
Conan O'Brien's Graduation Speech to Stuyvesant H.S. Class of 06    Benedictine
3.    Hannah York
A Real Life Fairy Tale    Perry
4.    Tal Tamir
The Greater Houston Ministerial Association    University School
5.    Kacie McGoldrick
Be Not Afraid==Commencement Address Barnard    Notre Dame Academy
6.    Dakota Smith
The Complexity Complex    Columbiana

Original Oratory

1.    Branton Henry
I'm Branton Henrh    Niles McKinley
2.    Lexi Brown
Sexy America    Louisville
3.    Ashley Moore
The Art of Femininity    Louisville
4.    Ibtissam Gad    Sylvania Southview
5.    Ashwin Rane
The Paul Hutchison In You    Solon
6.    Emily Bednar
How Many of You Here Can Sing?    Howland

Prose/Poetry Reading

1.    Kara Mazey
Will There Really Be a Morning    Howland
2.    Gabrielle Fatzinger
Get Me Outta Here!    North Canton Hoover
3.    Gina Powers
If Bras Could Talk    Howland
4.    Madeline Ludwig
Grammar    Edison
5.    Jake Velasco
Why he Didn't Call you Back    Austintown-Fitch
6.    Austin Black
Insanity    Perry
F.    Jacky Ford
Letters to Jacky    Howland

Public Forum Debate
1.    Benjamin Brown and Eric Miranda    (Olmsted Falls)
2.    Katie Slaven and Molly Porter    (Poland Seminary)

Student Congress Final

1.    Emily Brincka    (Magnificat)
2.    Nick Macek    (Olmsted Falls)
3.    Shom Mazumder    (Olmsted Falls)
4.    Rachel Cohen    (Beavercreek)
5.    Adam Brown    (Copley)
6.    Taejin Thomas    (Kenston)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Alex Wasdahl     (Jackson H.S.)
2.    Rachel Bodenschatz    (GlenOak)
3.    Elizabeth Kleinhenz    (Wooster)
4.    Qian Wang    (Mason)
5.    Matt Meeks    (Perry)
6.    Ben Pykare    (CVCA)
F.    Ashley Orr    (Columbiana)


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