2011 Ohio Novice Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 03/11/2011
Tournament Location: Poland, OH


Tournament Results


1.    Perry   
2.    Vermilion   
3.    Louisville   
4.    Hathaway Brown   
5.    Brecksville Broadview Heights

2-Person Policy Debate
1.    Corey Anderson and Shane Zabel    (Perry)
2.    Athena Camburako and Lulu Sun    (Hathaway Brown)

Duo Interpretation

1.    Danielle Woodfint and Rachel Woodfint    (Lordstown)
2.    Alyssa Skeeles and Olivia Warther    (Louisville)

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Taylor Miller    (Louisville)
2.    Danielle Scharf    (Hathaway Brown)
3.    Jared Sparks    (Perry)
4.    Amanda Keresztesy    (Hathaway Brown)
5.    Kylee Fulk   (Vermilion)
6.    Nicole Tibbitts    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Sam Kibler    (Louisville)
2.    Denzell Rodgers    (Horizon Science Academy)
3.    Ben Safer    (Vermilion)
4.    Marc Zander   (Vermilion)
5.    Kathleen McCurdy    (Vermilion)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
1.    Dominick Batchi    (Perry)
2.    Patrick Riley    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
3.    Shree Hariprasad    (Hathaway Brown)
4.    Scott Lear    (Vermilion)

Oratorical Interpretation

1.    Jasmeen Randhawa    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
2.    Cassandra Slaubaugh    (Lordstown)
3.    Emily Fletcher    (Hathaway Brown)

Prose/Poetry Reading

1.    Katie Smith    (Vermilion)
2.    Kristin Werstler    (Louisville)
3.    Maddie Cuckow    (CVCA)
4.    Lindsey Dalzell    (Vermilion)
5.    Rebecca Paxton    (Perry)
6.    Isabella Slaubaugh   (Lordstown)

Public Forum Debate
1.    Anna Wade and Sierra Jackson    (Louisville)
2.    Aaron Markowitz and Zander Onders    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
3.    Aparna Narendrula    (Hathaway Brown)
4.    Eden Boyd and Megan Gallagher    (Perry)
5.    Aaron Dawson and Alex Bender    (Vermilion)
6.    Andy Hall and Jessica Begue    (Louisville)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Hayden Smith    (Perry)
2.    Claire Kendig    (Perry)
3.    Shane Stockall    (Perry)
4.    Dhiksa Balaji    (Hathaway Brown)
5.    Alek Ball    (Poland Seminary)


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