2011 Last-Minute Libertyville Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 01/29/2011
Tournament Location: Libertyville , IL


Tournament Results


1.    Hinsdale Central   
2.    Downers Grove South   
3.    Oswego H.S.   
4.    Fenton   
4.    Willowbrook

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Dan Cassin and Maddie Mitchell    (Hinsdale Central)
2.    Katie Coyle and Morgan Sherlock    (Hinsdale Central)
3.    Kendyl Lynch and Yianni Kinnas    (Hinsdale Central)
4.    Jane Drews and Thea Kilinker    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Loren Lombardi and Peter Buchacz    (Fenton)
6.    Rebecca Klages and Sarah Tarabey    (Maine South)
F.    Kelly Tischler and Olivia German    (Downers Grove South)

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Angie Senkpeil    (Oswego H.S.)
2.    Tomi Adeyemi    (Hinsdale Central)
3.    Laura Williams    (Hononegah)
4.    Nora Elderkin    (Maine South)
5.    Laura Nelson    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Faith Mason    (Willowbrook)

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Ammar Kalimullah    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Michael Papanicholas    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Hope Tone    (Maine South)
4.    Kanaan Konno    (Fenton)
5.    Laert Skreli    (Willowbrook)
6.    Ryan Burns    (Lake Forest)

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Brandon Hank and Miles Pecken    (Hinsdale Central)
2.    Christian Moran-Rudd and Logan Moran-Rudd    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Chris Reusz and Stephanie Coupland    (Downers Grove South)
4.    John Depa and Natasha Laws    (Maine East)
5.    Garrett Weaver and Michelle Owens    (Hinsdale Central)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Jake Robertson    (Willowbrook)
2.    Maddy Oleszkiewicz    (Hinsdale Central)
3.    Matt Hughes     (Oswego H.S.)
4.    Gabrielle Roberts    (Hinsdale Central)
5.    Demi Kallis    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Nicole Jovicevic    (Maine West)
F.    Jennifer Benyamin    (Willowbrook)
F.    Alex Werner    (Downers Grove South)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Lindsey Bergholz    (Hinsdale Central)
2.    Emily Johnson    (Fenton)
3.    Amanda Friedlander    (Stevenson)
4.    Cara Collins    (Oswego H.S.)
5.    Brandon Redmond    (Willowbrook)
6.    Rohun Gupta    (Hinsdale Central)

Informative Speaking

1.    Taylor Rasmussen    (Hinsdale Central)
2.    Elly Walsh-Rock    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Daniel Lapinski    (Willowbrook)
4.    Shaila Sundram    (Hinsdale Central)
5.    Emma Jerzyk    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Renee Hannan   (Maine South)

Oratorical Declamation

1.    Maddie Mitchell    (Hinsdale Central)
2.    Deirdre Savaria    (Maine West)
3.    Kyle Kolling    (Maine West)
4.    Stephanie Shrider    (Hononegah)
5.    Jake Berry    (Oswego H.S.)
6.    Caitlin Grudzinski    (Downers Grove South)

Original Comedy

1.    Jake Robertson    (Willowbrook)
2.    Rebecca Pierce    (Hononegah)
3.    Agnes Miklas    (Fenton)
4.    Logan Moran-Rudd    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Mickey Richards    (Oswego H.S.)
6.    Maggie Brawner    (Oswego H.S.)
F.    Ryann Javois    (Hinsdale Central)
F.    David Mateyka    (Oswego H.S.)

Original Oratory
1.    Tomi Adeyemi    (Hinsdale Central)
2.    Hope Tone    (Maine South)
3.    Tiffany McHugh    (Hononegah)
4.    Dhara Puvar    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Sarah Ibrahim    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Nick Baumann    (Willowbrook)
F.    Katie Meyer    (Oswego H.S.)
F.    Daniel Washelewsky    (Northside College Prep)
F.    Thea Kilinker    (Downers Grove South)
F.    Vairagi Patel    (Fenton)

Performance in the Round

1.    So You Want To Be A Teacher    (Fenton)
2.    Alice in Wonderland    (Libertyville)

Poetry Reading
1.    Amanda Baker     (Fenton)
2.    Zena Ibrahim    (Hinsdale Central)
3.    Harita Joshi    (Fenton)
4.    Nora Elderkin    (Maine South)
5.    Jena Sugay    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Lily Bane    (Hononegah)
F.    Taylor Meek    (Downers Grove South)

Prose Reading
1.    Laura Nelson    (Hinsdale Central)
2.    Anna Marie Abbate    (Maine South)
3.    Claire Berman    (Stevenson)
4.    Catherine Bustos    (Maine West)
5.    Stephanie Coupland    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Nicole Mashburn    (Willowbrook)
F.    Savanna Borri    (Willowbrook)

Radio Speaking
1.    Taylor Rasmussen    (Hinsdale Central)
2.    Stefanie Ronge    (Fenton)
3.    John Depa    (Maine East)
4.    Jenny Poth    (Lake Forest)
5.    Priyanka Aribindi    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Shreya Rao    (Hinsdale Central)
F.    Radhe Patel    (Stevenson)
F.    Celeste Aguzino    (Downers Grove South)
F.    Rod Arrela Rovelo     (Libertyville)
F.    Dominic Lorann    (Willowbrook)
F.    Alex Gonzalez    (Fenton)

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Stefanie Ronge    (Fenton)
2.    Laert Skreli   (Willowbrook)
3.    Celeste Aguzino    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Caroline Nyheim    (Hinsdale Central)
5.    Jazmyn Weaver    (Oswego H.S.)
6.    Giselle Gaztambide    (Oswego H.S.)


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