2011 IHSFA State Speech Final

Tournament Information

Date: 03/26/2011
Tournament Location: Fishers, IN


Tournament Results

1.    Dakota McCoy    (Chesterton)
2.    Garrett Lamkin    (Hamilton Heights)
3.    Kevin Miloshoff    (Chesterton)
4.    Mike Leopold    (Chesterton)
5.    Danielle Renckly   (Fishers)
6.    Chris Pratt    (Signature)

1.    Malia Manor
Jimmy Valvanno's 1993 ESPY Speech    Evansville Central
2.    Pauline Dagaas
Twelve Pairs of Legs    Plymouth
3.    Austin Craft
Stop Counting Crayons    Plymouth
4.    Robert Conrick
10 Ways to avoid mucking up the world     Chesterton
5.    Imani Scott-Smittick
2009 Tulane Commencement Address by Ellen Degeneres    Warren Central
6.    Marelle Cerven
Simple Lessons for a Complicated Time by Katie Couric    Munster High School

1.    Tyler Olkowski   (Marian High School)
2.    Greg Gallagher    (Warren Central)
3.    Nelson Wagner    (Plymouth)
4.    Deven Berger    (Plymouth)
5.    Braden Bassett    (DeKalb)
6.    Morgan Herman    (Noblesville)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Alison Reba
Not Just The Levees Broke    Munster High School
2.    Arika Jeter
The Men Who Killed Me    Munster High School
3.    Jonathan Wachala
RFK    Munster High School
4.    yusuf Agunbiade
Jolson and Company    Ben Davis
5.    Abby Phelps
The Last Press Conference    Concord
6.    Emily Walden
The Amish Project    Plymouth

Duo Interpretation (Memorized)

1.    Lincoln Clauss and Sami White
A tiny Miracle with a fiber optic Unicorn    Fishers
2.    Durrell Jamerson and yusuf Agunbiade
The Green Pastures    Ben Davis
3.    Alexis Weaver and Brannon Bowers
Mary Poppins    Warren Central
4.    Arika Jeter and London Borom
The Colored Musuem    Munster High School
5.    Quintin Hacker and Ricky Webb
This is a Test    North Central
6.    Jason Pickell and Sean Hatfield
Into the Woods    Plymouth

Duo Interpretation (Scripted)
1.    Josh Shalen and Nick Siano
History of Mankind    Munster High School
2.    Leanne Bassi and Yasmin Abdelhak
Superstar!    Warren Central
3.    Daniel Young and Kristin McSweeney
My brother and I    Fishers
Lessons in Fear    Culver Academies
Making Friends with Black People    Culver Academies
6.    Michael Whiteside and Staja Jones
One Good Marriage    Ben Davis

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Lincoln Clauss
World's Largest Rodent    Fishers
2.    Jonathan Wachala
Controlling Interest    Munster High School
3.    Sam Compton
The Boy Who Fell Into a Book    Plymouth
4.    Ronnie Swango
Speed Date    Connersville
5.    Emily Coughlin
Beauty and the Beast    Hamilton Southeastern
6.    Brannon Bowers
Raising Hope    Warren Central

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Bryt Hiatt    (Plymouth)
2.    Warren Fasone    (Chesterton)
3.    Michaila Nate    (Plymouth)
4.    michael Fliotsos    (Carroll)
5.    Pagie Settles    (Floyd Central)
6.    Patrick Felke    (Plymouth)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Daniel Smedema    (Southport)
2.    Johnny Lowery    (Ben Davis)
3.    Patrick Felke    (Plymouth)
4.    Sebastian Wocial    (North Central)
5.    Hannah Springer    (Warren Central)
6.    Colleen Majszak    (Munster High School)

Original Oratory
1.    Daniel Smedema
Tall Tales    Southport
2.    William Greenlaw
The Race Card    Munster High School
3.    Andy Braden
O. C. Free    Elkhart Central
4.    Mackenzie Scott
Already Home    North Central
5.    Eric Cosby
A Tattle's Tale    Ben Davis
6.    Sebastian Wocial
Dancing Queen    North Central

Original Performance
1.    Ronnie Swango
Blue Raspberry Bandito    Connersville
2.    Jacob BOris
Good Job 7    Fishers
3.    Marie Richardson and Melissa Bond
Secret Life of the American Television    Lawrence North
4.    Mal'aki Stewart    Kokomo
5.    Adam Duell and Sarah Horn
Science Fair    Warren Central
6.    Addie Runkel and Chris Stanton
Zoo Trip    Warren Central

Poetry Reading

1.    Durrell Jamerson
Building a Beloved Community    Ben Davis
Speak to Me    Culver Academies
3.    Dara Marquez
My Roots Run Deep    Concord
4.    Eric Cosby
America's Failing Schools    Ben Davis
5.    Alecia Kissel
Engaging Woman    Mater Dei High School
6.    Gabe Rudolph
Although It's Frail    North Central

Prose Reading
1.    Tatiana Padilla
Burned Alive    Munster High School
2.    London Borom
Death of Innocence    Munster High School
3.    Andy Braden
Man, Not Superman    Elkhart Central
4.    Shira McDuffy
Li'l Mama's Rules    Warren Central
Underwear Is A Must    Culver Academies
6.    Hannah Creech
Disneyland: A Tragedy in Four Acts    Connersville

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Bryt Hiatt    (Plymouth)
2.    Kelsey Shaffer    (Plymouth)
3.    Pagie Settles    (Floyd Central)
4.    Joey Spencer    (Warren Central)
5.    Katie Ward    (Signature)
6.    Niral Shah    (Munster High School)


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