2011 IHSFA Section 7 at Evansville Central

Tournament Information

Date: 03/05/2011
Tournament Location: Evansville, IN


Tournament Results


1.    Signature   
2.    FJ Reitz   
3.    Mater Dei High School   
4.    Floyd Central   
5.    Evansville Central   
6.    Bloomfield High School   
7.    Jasper

1.    Chris Pratt    (Signature)
2.    Adaline Hetiz    (Floyd Central)
3.    Luke Carrico    (FJ Reitz)
4.    Danielle Cory    (Signature)
5.    Patrick Henry    (FJ Reitz)
6.    A.J Adams    (Floyd Central)
F.    Chris Ambrose    (Mater Dei High School)

1.    Malia Manor
Jimmy Valvanno's 1993 ESPY Speech    Evansville Central
2.    Kevin Niehaus
John Stewart: 2010 A Moment of Sincerity Rally    FJ Reitz
3.    Heather Finn
Ellen DeGeneres: Tulane Commencement 1999.    FJ Reitz
4.    Kevin Thomas
Closing Speech: Rally for Sanity and/or Fear    Signature
5.    Sarah Rooksberry
Anita Roddick on Globalization Quercus Publishing #978-1-84866-014-4    Bloomfield High School
6.    Chase Coy
How I Held My Breath for 17 Minutes by David Blaine    Evansville Central
F.    Leigh Seibert
Compliments by Graham Heartley    Mater Dei High School


1.    Cade Heaton    (Jasper)
2.    Spencer Rice    (Signature)
3.    Udani Hewavitharana    (Signature)
4.    Mackenzie Keller    (Jasper)
5.    J.T. Speer    (Bloomfield High School)
6.    Clayton Greis    (Jasper)
F.    Leisl Eck    (Jasper)

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Malia Manor
Those Who Saved Us    Evansville Central
2.    Caitlin Moore
Prissy Thomas    Mater Dei High School
3.    Katie Stagg
Bellyfruit    Mater Dei High School
4.    Tiffany Bowen
The Homecoming Queen    Floyd Central
5.    Michelle Holz
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God    Bloomfield High School
6.    Emily Montoya
Daddy's Hands    Bloomfield High School

Duo Interpretation (Memorized)

1.    Huy Pham and Romaze Akram
We are Men, Dating Myself, He Gets the Girl, Cheatin, Little Jimmy    Signature
2.    Caitlin Moore and Max Niemeier
Bunny Bunny: A Sortive Love Story    Mater Dei High School
3.    Abigail Dunigan and Greta Smith
The History of White People in America    Signature
4.    Ashley Luecke and Mariah Bradley
The Seuss Odyssey    FJ Reitz
5.    Kendall Ladd and Rebecca Coryell
The Bookshop     Floyd Central
6.    Ellie Feitl and Emily French
Off the Rack    FJ Reitz
F.    Sara Berry and Tommy Craven
Doubt    Jasper

Duo Interpretation (Scripted)

1.    Ciara Doll and Olivia Schaperjohn
A Brief Primer of the Female Species    Signature
2.    Christian Berneking and Helena Walker
13: A Novel    Signature
3.    Kate Whitaker and Mallorie Will
God    Mater Dei High School
4.    Kiersten Record and Samantha Weinzapfel
Ditzies    Mater Dei High School
5.    Allison Gregory and Katherine Bender
Women in Flames    Mater Dei High School
6.    Alyssa Cheaney and Madison Bivins
Into the Woods    Signature
F.    Andrew Nunn and Hannah Wolfinger
Roll Over, Beethoven    Signature

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Ryan Pfister
The Foreigner    Evansville Central
2.    Aaron Costlow
Pipedreams    Mater Dei High School
3.    Chase Coy
The Merchandise King    Evansville Central
4.    Clay Green
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy    Evansville Central
5.    Andrew Nunn
Nightlight: A Parody    Signature
6.    Alaina Halsey
Video Dating    Mater Dei High School
F.    Christy Choe
How I Got My Superpowers    Floyd Central

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Jake Folz    (FJ Reitz)
2.    Chase Dyer    (Floyd Central)
3.    Pagie Settles    (Floyd Central)
4.    Sarah Rooksberry    (Bloomfield High School)
5.    Benjamin Steele    (Signature)
6.    Brianna Garcia    (FJ Reitz)
F.    Anna Kalt    (Reitz Memorial)

International Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Chase Dyer    (Floyd Central)
2.    Cameron McCool    (Signature)
3.    Shelley Stumpf    (FJ Reitz)
4.    Amani Karim    (Signature)
5.    Kriya Patel    (Floyd Central)
6.    Nicholette Juncker    (FJ Reitz)
F.    Juan del Valle Coello    (Signature)

Original Oratory
1.    Kianna Jackson
What's Wrong With Black People?    Signature
2.    Huy Pham
Relationboats    Signature
3.    Maddy Bogan
The Jersey Shore Effect    FJ Reitz
4.    Stephanie Luigs
The Tyrrany of Texting    Signature
5.    David Hestand
One of Us     Bloomfield High School
6.    Huy Nguyen
Parents     Bloomfield High School

Original Performance
1.    Lisa Yanagida
Looming Lips    Harrison High School
2.    Megan Parker
White Walls    Signature
3.    Jalen Madison and Nathan Wigington
Hot Dog Man (exact title forthcoming on day of tournament)    Edgewood
4.    Kasy Long
The Playwright    Terre Haute North
5.    David Hestand
Bugs and Bolts     Bloomfield High School
6.    Nora Hopf and Tyra Wilson
True Transformation    Jasper
F.    Tamara Biggers and Torrey Zimmer
Switch    Evansville Central

Poetry Reading
1.    Alecia Kissel
Engaging Woman    Mater Dei High School
2.    Kevin Niehaus
Paradox of our Time and Modern Man    FJ Reitz
3.    Heather Finn
Love is Insane    FJ Reitz
4.    Max Niemeier
But It's Poetry    Mater Dei High School
5.    Tyler Ricketts
Penny for your Thoughts    FJ Reitz
6.    Alaina Halsey
Crack Squirrels    Mater Dei High School
F.    Michelle Holz
Pirate Queens by: Jane Yolen ISBN:978-0-15-200710-2    Bloomfield High School

Prose Reading
1.    Alecia Kissel
Evil    Mater Dei High School
2.    Anne Ellert
Me Talk Pretty One Day    Signature
3.    Zoe Hill
Life is Funny    Evansville Central
4.    Andrea Reynolds
Tell me Why You Cry    Edgewood
5.    Bruce Nebergall    Edgewood
6.    Julia Linstrom
Impulse    Harrison High School
F.    Kate Whitaker
Autobiography of a Fat Bride    Mater Dei High School

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Katie Ward    (Signature)
2.    Pagie Settles    (Floyd Central)
3.    Jake Folz    (FJ Reitz)
4.    Samyuth Subramanian    (Signature)
5.    Bowman Clark    (Signature)
6.    Julia Russo    (Signature)
F.    Adam Weil    (FJ Reitz)


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