2011 IHSFA Section 6 at Greensburg

Tournament Information

Date: 03/05/2011
Tournament Location: Greensburg, IN


Tournament Results


1.    Warren Central   
2.    Connersville   
3.    Lawrence Central   
4.    New Castle Chrysler   
5.    Lawrence North   
6.    Lutheran HS of Indy   
6.    Rushville   
6.    Columbus East High School

1.    Mitch Columbe    (Rushville)
2.    Taylor Delk    (New Castle Chrysler)
3.    Scott Kanning    (Lutheran HS of Indy)
4.    Tyler Sanford    (Lawrence North)
5.    Michaela Cloud    (Rushville)
6.    Andrew Salupo    (Lawrence North)
F.    Cooper Cox    (Centerville)

1.    Gabrielle Kirtz
Schaudenfreuda For All    Connersville
2.    Hannah Creech
If You Don't Vote, You Are a Moron    Connersville
3.    Imani Scott-Smittick
2009 Tulane Commencement Address by Ellen Degeneres    Warren Central
4.    Yasmin Abdelhak
Everyone Has a Story by Erin Gruell    Warren Central
5.    Johnny Young
The Creation in Your Oration    Warren Central
6.    Rebekah Hodge
Weapons of Mass Confection by Erica Abrams    Warren Central
F.    Felicia Nicholson
F, F, F    Connersville

1.    Katie Hollenkamp    (Columbus East High School)
2.    Leah Woodbury    (Warren Central)
3.    Conlin Durbin    (Greensburg High School)
4.    Andrew Henrichsen    (Columbus East High School)
5.    Greg Gallagher    (Warren Central)
6.    Lauren Hunt   (Warren Central)
F.    Mackenzie Reetz    (Lawrence North)

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Lindsay Stone
Prissy Thomas    Lawrence Central
2.    Jessica Bun
Dad's Coming Home    Lawrence Central
3.    David Towne
Drunks    Lawrence North
4.    Christina Thibodeau
Deaf Day    Lutheran HS of Indy
5.    Sarah Lewer
Mick Harte was Here    Lutheran HS of Indy
6.    Allyse Roberts
Kittens    Greensburg High School
F.    Sean Murphy
Hamlet    Lutheran HS of Indy

Duo Interpretation (Memorized)
1.    Dayquan Vance and Sayquan Vance
The Karate Kid    Warren Central
2.    Alexis Weaver and Brannon Bowers
Mary Poppins    Warren Central
3.    Ian Moriarty and Shira McDuffy
Finding Nemo    Warren Central
4.    Andrew Rea and Johnny Young
Zorro, the Gay Blade    Warren Central
5.    Kelsie Curtis and Sarah Lewer
Little Red Riding Hood    Lutheran HS of Indy
6.    Hunter Johnson and Macy Ballard
The Best Daddy    Greensburg High School
F.    Melinda Staup and Shane Totten
Kafka's Metamorphosis    Lawrence North

Duo Interpretation (Scripted)
1.    Leanne Bassi and Yasmin Abdelhak
Superstar!    Warren Central
2.    Dylan Sheldon and Ivana Nikic
The Seven Year Itch    Warren Central
3.    Kyle Johnson and Molly Lewis
Big    Warren Central
4.    Khristine Ratz and Kylie Fitzsimmons    Roncalli
5.    Rachel Brown and Tim Galligar
Juno    Columbus East High School
6.    Makala Willman and Sterling Long
Smoke Scenes    Trinity Lutheran High School
F.    Jimmy Kile and Robby Kile    Roncalli

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Brannon Bowers
Raising Hope    Warren Central
2.    Ronnie Swango
Speed Date    Connersville
3.    Leanne Bassi
Baby with the Bathwater    Warren Central
4.    L. Grace Espiritu
The Cat in the Hat    New Castle Chrysler
5.    Isaac Beauchamp
Young Frankenstein    Warren Central
6.    Sam Sheeks
The Facts of Life    Center Grove
F.    Kaly Harter    Greensburg High School

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Hannah Springer    (Warren Central)
2.    Riley Gonya    (New Castle Chrysler)
3.    Joey Spencer    (Warren Central)
4.    Bryan Rust    (Lawrence Central)
5.    Zack Pardieck    (Lawrence Central)
6.    Michael Lakes    (Connersville)
F.    David Elser    (Lawrence North)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Adrian Wolanski    (Warren Central)
2.    Matt Knierman    (Roncalli)
3    Eduardo Salas    (Warren Central)
4.    Hannah Springer    (Warren Central)
5.    Zack Pardieck    (Lawrence Central)
6.    Bryan Rust    (Lawrence Central)

Original Oratory
1.    Sarah Horn
Worry Godmother    Warren Central
2.    Alex Spindler
L.O.S.T.    Warren Central
3.    Natalie Verhines
Sink or Swim    Warren Central
4.    Emily Hancock
Abracadabra    Warren Central
5.    Sam Higgins
72 Degrees Fahrenheit     Lawrence North
6.    Samantha Strong
Blinded by Carrots    Lawrence Central
F.    Abby Deaton
As Yourself    Lawrence Central

Original Performance

1.    Marie Richardson and Melissa Bond
Secret Life of the American Television    Lawrence North
2.    Adam Duell and Sarah Horn
Science Fair    Warren Central
3.    Ronnie Swango
Blue Raspberry Bandit    Connersville
4.    Elysia Rohn and Jess Weyrauch
Dear Paul McCartney    Warren Central
5.    Addie Runkel and Chris Stanton
Zoo Trip    Warren Central
6.    Brad Perry and Gregory Scofield
A Bad Bro-mance    Lawrence North
F.    Gina Milano
Sister Bear Learns Tolerance    Connersville

Poetry Reading
1.    Tonika Harper-Belk
Yesterday I Cried    Warren Central
2.    Alex Spindler
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace    Warren Central
3.    Gabrielle Kirtz
Stoners    Connersville
4.    Felicia Nicholson
Stories I Ain't Told Nobody Yet    Connersville
5.    Imani Scott-Smittick
Anatomy of an Affair    Warren Central
6.    Rachel Brown
Poetry of Taylor Mali    Columbus East High School
F.    Ciarra Davis
Half Hanged Mary    New Castle Chrysler

Prose Reading

1.    Shira McDuffy
Li'l Mama's Rules    Warren Central
2.    L. Grace Espiritu
Holes    New Castle Chrysler
3.    Elysia Rohn
Bastard Out of Westchester    Warren Central
4.    Hannah Creech
Disneyland: A Tragedy in Four Acts    Connersville
5.    Lindsay Stone
The Emperor's New Clothes    Lawrence Central
6.    Andrew Keller
Happy Birthday to Hell    Trinity Lutheran High School
F.    Christina Molinari
Madam Zelena Finally Comes Clean    Trinity Lutheran High School

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Joey Spencer    (Warren Central)
2.    Riley Gonya    (New Castle Chrysler)
3.    Spencer Garnier    (Warren Central)
4.    Michael Lakes    (Connersville)
5.    Nick Freeman    (Lawrence Central)
6.    Ashtyn Siefert   (Connersville)
F.    Brady Boles    (Lawrence North)


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