2011 IHSFA Section 5 at Park Tudor

Tournament Information

Date: 03/05/2011
Tournament Location: Indianapolis, IN


Tournament Results


1.    North Central    
2.    Fishers   
3.    Carmel Speech   
4.    Burris Laboratory School   
5.    Hamilton Southeastern    
6.    Kokomo   
7.    Noblesville

1.    Chelsea Yedinak    (Carmel Speech)
2.    Garrett Lamkin    (Hamilton Heights)
3.    Danielle Renckly    (Fishers)
4.    Mallory Beaty    (Tipton High School)
5.    Paul Pratt    (Fishers)
6.    Mary Pat Stemnock    (Carmel Speech)
F.    Andy Fenwick    (Anderson)

1.    Kennedy Long
Stuck in a Moment by Amy Shackelford    North Central
2.    Ezra Nelson
I've Been to the Mountaintop by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.    North Central
3.    Jacob BOris
This place of Horror    Fishers
4.    Mackenzie Scott
Bollywood, Barbie Dolls, and Beauty Queens by Shruti Challa    North Central
5.    Jasmin Steppe
Listen to your Heart    Fishers
6.    Frankie Salzman
Billy Joel Commencement Address    Carmel Speech
F.    Luis Sorto
1988 Democratic National Convention by Jesse Jackson    Noblesville

1.    Tina Nguyen    (Fishers)
2.    Maya Cooper    (North Central)
3.    Morgan Herman    (Noblesville)
4.    Afra Hussain    (Carmel Speech)
5.    Nia Waterhouse    (North Central)
6.    Aysha Ahmed    (Noblesville)
F.    Mary Whistler    (Brebeuf Jesuit)

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Daniel Young
Med Head    Fishers
2.    Brittany Wade
The Care and Feeding of Baby Birds    Kokomo
3.    Kristin McSweeney
Perfect Match    Fishers
4.    Adele Zhou
Dreamland    Carmel Speech
5.    Lauren Fosnight
Second Lady    North Central
6.    Danny Delaney
Lucky Man    Fishers
F.    Emily Williams
Loving Natalee    North Central

Duo Interpretation (Memorized)
1.    Lincoln Clauss and Sami White
A tiny Miracle with a fiber optic Unicorn    Fishers
2.    Armon Kaviani and Jesper van den Bergh
Gutenberg! The Musical!    North Central
3.    Danny Delaney and Sean Delaney
Jeckyl and Hyde    Fishers
4.    Quintin Hacker and Ricky Webb
This is a Test    North Central
5.    Kelsey Vaught and Navar Watson
Legally Blonde    Noblesville
6.    Brent Eickhoff and Lauren Fosnight
Legally Blonde: The Musical    North Central
F.    Emily Richardson and Jake Rura
Friends for Life    Fishers

Duo Interpretation (Scripted)
1.    Daniel Young and Kristin McSweeney
My brother and I    Fishers
2.    Grant Conrad and Laura Remeika
The Wizard of Oz    North Central
3.    Maddie Deeken and Shaylin Filer
Superstar: The Story of Mary Kathrine Gallagher    Hamilton Southeastern
4.    Anthony O'Donnovan and AShley Dinges
Picture This    Fishers
5.    Bianca Dicarlo and Josh Kats
Because I love you    Fishers
6.    Logan Mortier and Virginia Warner
Rapunzel Uncut    North Central
F.    Megan Kehl and Zach Donovan
Boy Meets Girl    Fishers

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Lincoln Clauss
World's Largest Rodent    Fishers
2.    Emily Coughlin
Beauty and the Beast    Hamilton Southeastern
3.    Dustin Meeks
The day I swapped my dad for 2 gold fish    Fishers
4.    Jesper van den Bergh
Waiting for Death    North Central
5.    Marcus Carroll
Jimmy the Antichrist    Fishers
6.    Bryce Nolen
Sly Fox    Maconaquah
F.    Julie Conrad
The Elf Rebellion    Fishers

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Andrew Reagan    (North Central)
2.    Alexander Chemey    (Burris Laboratory School)
3.    Lauren Cole    (Fishers)
4.    Eddy Satchwill    (North Central)
5.    Raven Peterson    (Carmel Speech)
6.    Amy Lovell    (Carmel Speech)
F.    Sam Johnson    (Burris Laboratory School)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Sebastian Wocial    (North Central)
2.    Lauren Cole    (Fishers)
3.    Sydney Satchwill    (North Central)
4.    Ian Boyd    (Hamilton Southeastern)
5.    Eddy Satchwill    (North Central)
6.    John Mannheimer    (North Central)
F.    Charlie Hurlocker    (Kokomo)

Original Oratory

1.    Mackenzie Scott
Already Home    North Central
2.    Ezra Nelson
Love    North Central
3.    Marcus Carroll
Rainbow Connection    Fishers
4.    Sebastian Wocial
Dancing Queen    North Central
5.    Kayla Kirkpatrick    Hoosier Academy
6.    Kori Kirkpatrick    Hoosier Academy
F.    Mal'aki Stewart    Kokomo

Original Performance

1.    Jacob BOris
Good Job 7    Fishers
2.    James Whelan
They call me Whale    Fishers
3.    Mal'aki Stewart    Kokomo
4.    Bianca Dicarlo
This House    Fishers
5.    Mike Blomquist
CartooniVerse    North Central
6.    Abbey Johnson and Sadie Claus
Cougars Anonymous    Fishers
F.    Jackie Watson
Paws for a Cause: The Fall of the Modern Cat Show    North Central

Poetry Reading

1.    Q-Miya Ross
Singing of Freedom    North Central
2.    Marah Leonfils
Finding Me    North Central
3.    Martel Harris
I Heard God Talking to Me    Marion
4.    Brittany Sherill
Andrew Poems    Fishers
5.    Gabe Rudolph
Although It's Frail    North Central
6.    Aaron Messer
A Dog's Life    Marion
F.    Mary Roper
Embrace the Age    Hamilton Heights

Prose Reading
1.    Adele Zhou
Without Wood    Carmel Speech
2.    Mike Blomquist
The Adventures of Captain Underpants    North Central
3.    AShley Dinges
The Shelby Family Blogs    Fishers
4.    Julie Conrad
The real story of the 3 little pigs    Fishers
5.    Anna Shinness
Stolen Moments    Hamilton Heights
6.    Josh Kats
Full House    Fishers
F.    Jessica Cunningham
First Comes Love    Maconaquah

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Andrew Reagan    (North Central)
2.    Alexander Chemey    (Burris Laboratory School)
3.    Scott Stewart    (North Central)
4    Bill Ristow    (North Central)
5.    Raven Peterson    (Carmel Speech)
6.    Sam Johnson    (Burris Laboratory School)
F.    Jack Fransen    (Tipton High School)


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