2011 IHSFA Section 4 at Crawfordsville

Tournament Information

Date: 03/05/2011
Tournament Location: Crawfordsville, IN


Tournament Results


1.    Ben Davis    
2.    Southport    
3.    Logansport   
4.    Cardinal Ritter   
5.    Frankfort   
6.    Perry Meridian   
6.    McCutcheon

1.    Brock Jahnke    (Crawfordsville)
2.    Cody Kopka    (Logansport)
3.    Cody Foster    (Southport)
4.    Clare Harshey    (Cardinal Ritter)
5.    Torrin Tompkins    (Benton Central)
6.    Riley Maynor    (Crawfordsville)
F.    Bryce Frey    (Lafayette Jefferson)

1.    Annie Gorajec
Stephen Colbert Address to the Graduate 2006 Knox College    Perry Meridian
2.    Robby Knight
Hoo-Ah!    Southport
3.    Anthony Groves
I'm Only a Teacher    Southport
4.    Mary Crail
About Time    Rossville
5.    Clayton Stuart
This is Bull    Logansport
6.    Courtney Orme
Learn to Listen to Your Heart by Martha Saunders    McCutcheon
F.    Christian Bean
Beware of Greeks     Ben Davis

1.    Breaunna Dobbins    (Ben Davis)
2.    Lauren Chapman    (Ben Davis)
3.    Jake Hawes    (Logansport)
4.    Shad Jakes    (Logansport)
5.    Lari Rutschmann    (Logansport)
6.    Hannah Sullivan    (Southport)
F.    Reid Deitrich    (Logansport)

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    yusuf Agunbiade
Jolson and Company    Ben Davis
2.    Britney Sawyer
Bums    Ben Davis
3.    Ryan Myers
Side Man    Southport
4.    Michele Alber
Good Night Mr. Tom    Frankfort
5.    Sunny Atwal
Total Abandon    Ben Davis
6.    Rosa Jimenez
The Good Mother    McCutcheon
F.    Bryton Albright
A Question of Duty    Logansport

Duo Interpretation (Memorized)
1.    Durrell Jamerson and yusuf Agunbiade
The Green Pastures    Ben Davis
2.    Berkley Conner and Maddie LaDow
Open to Interpretation    Logansport
3.    Jordan Friend and Kortney Hargrove
Greece: The Ancient Musical    McCutcheon
4.    April Pickens and Avery Penn
Pizza Man    Logansport
5.    Dylan Scott and Ryan Myers
Calvin and Hobbes    Southport
6.    Elizabeth Brehob and Gabby Sandefer
Day in the Life of a Teenage Thespian    Perry Meridian

Duo Interpretation (Scripted)

1.    Britney Sawyer and Kayla Brown
A Song for Coretta    Ben Davis
2.    Michael Whiteside and Staja Jones
One Good Marriage    Ben Davis
3.    Armon Siadat and Rayanna Bibbs
Puberty: The Game Show    Cardinal Ritter
4.    Celia Waymire and Marisa Lozano
A Brief Premier of the Female Species     Brownsburg High School
5.    Amy Staton and Michela Bailey
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory    Decatur Central High School
6.    Courtney Orme and Mickayla Orme
Investment Dating    McCutcheon
F.    Alexis Bullock and Cassie Ragains
Stop Talking    Frankfort

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Myranda Kelly
The Green Bean Queen    Southport
2.    Berkley Conner
Camp Sunshine    Logansport
3.    Anthony Lynch
Fries With That    Frankfort
4.    Emily Lambert
Crazy with a Capital F    Perry Meridian
5.    Dylan Scott
The Invention of Lying    Southport
6.    Sunny Atwal
Carnal Knowledge    Ben Davis
F.    Caryn Kiel
Slang Origins    Perry Meridian

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Johnny Lowery    (Ben Davis)
2.    Sam Utley    (Ben Davis)
3.    Zohaib Farooqi    (Ben Davis)
4.    Brandon Ritter    (Southport)
5    Jonathan Goodwin    (Southport)
6.    Kegen Ferguson    (Ben Davis)
F.    Ian Wilson    (Perry Meridian)

International Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Daniel Smedema    (Southport)
2.    Johnny Lowery    (Ben Davis)
3.    Corinne Samples    (Ben Davis)
4.    Kegen Ferguson    (Ben Davis)
5.    Luke Brahm    (Ben Davis)
6.    Alanna Heath    (Southport)
F.    Sam Robinson    (Perry Meridian)

Original Oratory

1.    Daniel Smedema
Tall Tales    Southport
2.    Frank Bonner
Be Here Now    Ben Davis
3.    Allison Gaffney
Mowing Down Motivation    Southport
4.    Eric Cosby
A Tattle's Tale    Ben Davis
5.    Anthony Groves
Light Sabers and Footie Pajamas    Southport
6.    Caitlin Kee
Education Condemnation    Ben Davis
F.    Zach Gay
Dystopia Now    Ben Davis

Original Performance

1.    Michele Alber
When Life Gives You Lemons    Frankfort
2.    Donna Knight and Katie Hinh
Doctor, Doctor    Southport
3.    Maddie LaDow
Deb: The Other Sister    Logansport
4.    Kristine Storm
Maybe    Decatur Central High School
5.    Julie Pritchett
Dream    Frankfort
6.    Olivia Sears
Poetry of the Soul    Logansport
F.    Allia Southern
Untold Words    McCutcheon

Poetry Reading

1.    Durrell Jamerson
Building a Beloved Community    Ben Davis
2.    Eric Cosby
America's Failing Schools    Ben Davis
3.    Staja Jones
From Ruin to Rebirth    Ben Davis
4.    Myranda Kelly
A Dreamer's Manifesto    Southport
5.    Ryan Julian
Mother Said    Logansport
6.    Ashley Coffman
Learning To Swim    Crawfordsville
F.    Paul Summers
Can I Get Your Digits?    Southport

Prose Reading
1.    Michael Whiteside
The First Part Last    Ben Davis
2.    Rayanna Bibbs
The Broke Diaries    Cardinal Ritter
3.    Luke Jackson
Invisible    Logansport
4.    Logan James
Diary of a Wimpy Kid    Logansport
5.    Mecole Crayton
Swimming to the Top of the Rain    Ben Davis
6.    Emmalee Dixon
Miss Nelson is Missing!    Southport
F.    Zach Gay
The Statement of Randolph Carter    Ben Davis

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Zohaib Farooqi    (Ben Davis)
2.    Brandon Ritter    (Southport)
3.    Ricky Button    (Ben Davis)
4.    Jonathan Goodwin    (Southport)
5.    Bridget Porteet     (Ben Davis)
6.    Rachael Samm    (Southport)
F.    Jenny Hartley   (Decatur Central High School)


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