2011 IHSFA Section 3 at North Side

Tournament Information

Date: 03/05/2011
Tournament Location: Fort Wayne, IN


Tournament Results


1.    South Side   
2.    Northrop   
3.    Snider   
4.    DeKalb   
5.    Carroll   
6.    North Side   
6.    Bishop Dwenger

1.    Hendrix Magley    (Northrop)
2.    Chris Aragon    (Bishop Dwenger)
3.    Jacob Fortmeyer    (DeKalb)
4.    Samantha Hunt    (DeKalb)
5.    Serek Palmer    (East Noble)
6.    Cody Martin    (Bishop Dwenger)
F.    Jenna Fritz    (East Noble)

1.    Mike Henderson
A Whole Cool World by Roberty Sublett    New Haven
2.    Joey Adams
10 Ways to Avoid Mucking Up the World Any Worse Than It Already Is    South Side
3.    Taylor Smith
Hold Fast Your Dreams    South Side
4.    Norene Mamani
Madeleine L'Engle's Wellesley College Commencement Address    South Side
5.    Alyssa Luna    North Side
6.    Amanda Leaders
Tulane Commencement Speech    East Noble
F.    Kenya Thomas
The Natural Contract    Snider


1.    Catherine Schamberg    (Bishop Dwenger)
2.    Austin Fox    (Carroll)
3.    Braden Bassett    (DeKalb)
4.    Cody Bennett    (Northrop)
5.    Ben Clemmer    (Bishop Dwenger)
6.    David Moreno    (Carroll)
F.    Thomas Sheppard    (South Side)

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Peter Manges
Confessions of a Nightingale    Snider
2.    Cameron Clark
Jails, Hospitals and Hip-Hop    South Side
3.    Robert Van Dyke
Bein' Crazy    South Side
4.    Darby LeClear    North Side
5.    Whitney PeConge
The Last Flapper    Snider
6.    Emily Arnold
Island of Hope    Snider
F.    Megan Grable
Frozen    South Side

Duo Interpretation (Memorized)
1.    Cameron Clark and Megan Grable
Still Life    South Side
2.    Katie Miller and Michael Craighead
Degas C'est Moi?    South Side
3.    Jessica Kanalos and Megan McCullough
The Unknown Part of the Ocean    Northrop
4.    Brianna Brown and Ellie Weaver
Lives of the Saints    South Side
5.    Emma Walker and Robert Van Dyke
Cha-Cha-Cha    South Side
6.    Alexis Mongold and Anna Kohrman
Relative Strangers    Carroll
F.    Jehnay Wright and Megan Speith
Ruthless!    Northrop

Duo Interpretation (Scripted)

1.    Amelia Roebuck and Joey Adams
Ferris Wheel    South Side
2.    Kendra Rine and Sarah Beal
Macbeth Mixed Up    Bishop Luers
3.    Joshua Nelson and Veldina Rizvic
Rules of Engagement    Northrop
4.    Hayden Smith and Jules Patalita
The Good Doctor    Snider
5.    Jenna Klinedinst and Susan Mertz
English Made Simple    South Side
6.    Jesse Navarro and Tristan Rogers
Basic Training    Northrop
F.    Joey Byers and Karis Sims    North Side

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Peter Manges
Removing the Glove    Snider
2.    Megan Speith
Camp Sunshine    Northrop
3.    Hannah Alexander
Anton In Show Business    South Side
4.    Jules Patalita
Promenade All    Snider
5.    Ethaniel Burk    North Side
6.    Kody Hogge
Greece: The Ancient Musical    East Noble
F.    Madi Hall
Finishing School    Bishop Luers

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Mary Ankenbruck    (Northrop)
2.    Drew Dettmer    (DeKalb)
3.    michael Fliotsos    (Carroll)
4.    Tyler Salway    (South Side)
5.    Paola Gamarra    (Northrop)
6.    David Hirschy    (Carroll)
F.    Heather Blickenstaff    (DeKalb)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    michael Fliotsos    (Carroll)
2.    Tyler Salway    (South Side)
3.    Drew Dettmer    (DeKalb)
4.    Srilatha Dasari    (Northrop)
5.    Austin Lewellen    (South Side)
6.    Taylor Skidmore    (DeKalb)
F.    Brett Wessley    (DeKalb)

Original Oratory

1.    Amelia Roebuck
The Missing Piece Syndrome    South Side
2.    Shelby Leichty
The Entitled    DeKalb
3.    Megan McCullough
Perplexed by the Text    Northrop
4.    Kajal Singh
Thinking Outside the Bun    Northrop
5.    Katie Smith
Political Correctness    Bishop Dwenger
6.    Kelia Li
Computers and the Communication Crisis    Carroll
F.    Austin Lewellen
R We Actually Who We Think We R    South Side

Original Performance
1.    Hannah Alexander and Rachelle Linsenmayer
Problems Away    South Side
2.    Ethaniel Burk    North Side
3.    Holly Fox
Family Affair    Snider
4.    Carrie Hart
My Daddy's Garage    South Side
5.    Emily Hayes and Julia Hayes
The King    Bishop Luers
6.    Maria Nunez
Running    Snider
F.    Taya Firestone    Garrett

Poetry Reading
1.    Holly Fox
What Learning Leaves    Snider
2.    Nate Floyd
Three with Rives    East Noble
3.    Caroline Kilbane
Really?    Bishop Dwenger
4.    Karis Sims    North Side
5.    Emma Walker
Heartsongs    South Side
6.    Megan Lung
The Beatles Poems    East Noble
F.    Taylor Smith
The Poetry of Elia Abu Madi    South Side

Prose Reading

1.    Whitney PeConge
Eating Heaven     Snider
2.    Rachelle Linsenmayer
Truckstop    South Side
3.    Hannah Vosmeier
The Santaland Diaries    South Side
4.    Emily Arnold
It Sucked and Then I Cried    Snider
5.    Jillian Williams
Holidays on Ice    Snider
6.    Amy Arthur    North Side
F.    Anna Stachofsky (Stah hoff ski)    North Side

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Mary Ankenbruck    (Northrop)
2.    Christopher Spalding    (South Side)
3.    David Hirschy    (Carroll)
4.    Paola Gamarra    (Northrop)
5.    Heather Blickenstaff    (DeKalb)
6.    Josh Garcia     (DeKalb)
F.    Jackie Clair    (DeKalb)


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