2011 IHSFA Section 2 at Concord

Tournament Information

Date: 03/05/2011
Tournament Location: Concord, IN


Tournament Results


1.    Plymouth   
2.    Concord    
3.    Canterbury   
4.    Elkhart Central    
5.    Columbia City High School   
6.    Bethany Christian   
7.    Westview

1.    Olivia Torrez    (Canterbury)
2.    April Bowen    (Plymouth)
3.    Michael Rheinheimer    (Elkhart Central)
4.    Caleb Dehning    (Culver Community)
5.    Anna Taylor    (Concord)
6.    Karen Lopez    (Concord)
F.    Tabitha Crowell    (Canterbury)


1.    Pauline Dagaas
Twelve Pairs of Legs    Plymouth
2.    Austin Craft
Stop Counting Crayons    Plymouth
3.    Courtney Byrd
A Monkey's Economy    Concord
4.    Alex Dryer
Discover Yourself    Columbia City High School
5.    Kylie Hill
Once Upon a Time    Elkhart Central
6.    Sarah Fisher
Kids Stuff by Sarah Gauche    Canterbury
F.    Kelsey Paul
Student Commencement Speech    Elkhart Central

1.    Deven Berger    (Plymouth)
2.    Linda Hershman    (Columbia City High School)
3.    Jodie Goodman    (Canterbury)
4.    Gage Pynaert    (Plymouth)
5.    Nelson Wagner    (Plymouth)
6.    Emily Warshauer    (Canterbury)
F.    Reid Collis    (Canterbury)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Abby Phelps
The Last Press Conference    Concord
2.    Emily Walden
The Amish Project    Plymouth
3.    Sarah Gouker
The Property Known As Garland    Plymouth
4.    Cameron Ponce
God in a Grilled Cheese Sandwich    Elkhart Central
5.    Grace Whiteford
Speak    Bethany Christian
6.    Miles Barrett
Philadelphia    Concord
F.    Shannon Richards
A Mango Shaped Space    Elkhart Central

Duo Interpretation (Memorized)
1.    Jason Pickell and Sean Hatfield
Into the Woods    Plymouth
2.    Christina Chipman and Kyle Barry
The Marriage Counselor    Plymouth
3.    Ashton Morrow and Christina Krozel
Squids Will Be Squids    Plymouth
4.    Jesse Bontrager and Wade Troyer
Babels in Arms    Bethany Christian
5.    Ireri Perez and Seth Field
The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza    Concord
6.    Erika Byler and Sarah Brugger    Westview

Duo Interpretation (Scripted)

1.    Olivia Hilliard and Sarah Gouker
Always...Patsy Cline    Plymouth
2.    Austin Craft and Stephanie Gorka
Do They Wear High Heels in Heaven    Plymouth
3.    Dalton VanDusen and Jordin Cook
The Right Time    Plymouth
4.    Amber Kite and Danielle Ambers
The DMV Tyrant    Concord
5.    Jamie Beck and Tori Fater
Reduced Shakespeare    Concord
6.    Elise Mitchell and Leah Steele
Stepping Stones    Elkhart Central
F.    Hanna Hochstetler and Parth Patel
Canker Sores and Other Distractions    Bethany Christian

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Cameron Ponce
Camp    Elkhart Central
2.    Sam Compton
The Boy Who Fell Into a Book    Plymouth
3.    Sean Hatfield
Happy Days: A New Musical    Plymouth
4.    Miles Barrett
The Rabbit Report    Concord
5.    Courtney Byrd
Parton Me    Concord
6.    Jacob Churney    Westview
F.    Dayna Arnett
In Facebook Wii Trust    Elkhart Central

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Michaila Nate    (Plymouth)
2.    Austin Andreas    (Columbia City High School)
3.    Bryt Hiatt   (Plymouth)
4.    Kelsey Shaffer    (Plymouth)
5.    Patrick Felke    (Plymouth)
6.    A.J. Alifimoff    (Canterbury)
F.    Sukrit Jain    (Canterbury)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Patrick Felke    (Plymouth)
2.    Sukrit Jain    (Canterbury)
3.    Rebecca Brumbaugh    (Plymouth)
4.    A.J. Alifimoff    (Canterbury)
5.    Ellen Smith    (Plymouth)
6.    David Chaykowski    (Canterbury)
F.    May Cheng    (Columbia City High School)

Original Oratory

1.    Andy Braden
O. C. Free    Elkhart Central
2.    Dayna Arnett
Queens of the Playground    Elkhart Central
3.    Pauline Dagaas
Simple Satisfaction    Plymouth
4.    Rebecca Brumbaugh
The Shoe Shoppe    Plymouth
5.    Dara Marquez
Leading the Way    Concord
6.    Alex Dryer
Pointing the Finger at Ourselves    Columbia City High School
F.    David Chaykowski
Truth, the Greatest Untruth    Canterbury

Original Performance
1.    Jessica Cleveland
A Tragic Romance    Plymouth
2.    Courtney Harris and Olivia Houin
The Secret Code of Woo Hoo    Plymouth
3.    Abby Phelps
A Tutorial on Stupid    Concord
4.    Jillian Melton and Loraine Enyart
Do You Want Fries With That?    Lakeland
5.    Hayden Wolfe and Luke Bumpus
Writing the Man Law    Plymouth
6.    Brooklyn Schreier
Carla    Canterbury
F.    Kayla Peterson
Pizza Hut    West Noble

Poetry Reading
1.    Dara Marquez
My Roots Run Deep    Concord
2.    Emily Walden
The Rhetoric of Numbers    Plymouth
3.    Helen Li
Beyond the Light    Canterbury
4.    Michael Gray
Mistakes, Heartaches, and Heartbreaks    Plymouth
5.    Bianca Chagoya
Immigrants in Our Own Land    Concord
6.    Jamie Beck
Love That Dog    Concord
F.    Annie Charlwood
Stop Pretending    Concord

Prose Reading

1.    Andy Braden
Man, Not Superman    Elkhart Central
2.    Olivia Hilliard
Riding the Bus with My Sister    Plymouth
3.    Stephanie Gorka
Tales from the Bed    Plymouth
4.    Mike Grady
Death by Scrabble    Howe Military
5.    Elise Mitchell
Let's Pretend this Never Happend (Dear Dumb Diary #1)    Elkhart Central
6.    Tori Fater
He Was a Very Good Writer    Concord
F.    Haley Kinsey
The Adoration of Jenna Fox    Concord

United States Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Bryt Hiatt    (Plymouth)
2.    Michaila Nate    (Plymouth)
3.    Kelsey Shaffer    (Plymouth)
4.    Austin Andreas    (Columbia City High School)
5.    Neil Rajdev    (Homestead)
6.    Ginger Hoade    (Canterbury)
F.    Hannah Davis    (Concord)


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