2011 IHSA State Speech Final

Tournament Information

Date: 02/18/2011
Tournament Location: Peoria, IL


Tournament Results


1.    Downers Grove South   
2.    Marian   
3.    Wheaton Warrenville South   
4.    Belleville West   
5.    Richards (Oak Lawn)   
6.    Glenbard West   
6.    Oak Lawn   
8.    Thornwood   
8.    Downers Grove North   
10.    Prospect

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Johari Mackey (Sr.) and TJ Patrick (Sr.)
Their Eyes Were Watching God    Thornwood
2.    Lauren Smith (Sr.) and Malcolm Thompson (Sr.)
Seven Guitars    Eisenhower
3.    Ellie Wyant (Jr.) and Jeff Pridgen (Sr.)
Lost Souls Starboard Ho!    Glenbard West
4.    Kiayla Jackson (Sr.) and Lamar Riddle (Sr.)
For The Pleasure Of Seeing Her Again    Marian
5.    Dan Cassin (Jr.) and Maddie Mitchell (Sr.)
A Very Common Procedure    Hinsdale Central
6.    Andreas Tsironis (Sr.) and Emma Rubenstein (Sr.)
Truly, Madly, Deeply    Wheaton Warrenville South

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Colleen Derosa (Jr.)
Just Checking    Downers Grove South
2.    Claire Fey (Sr.)
Guardians    Glenbard West
3.    Kambria Vance (Sr.)
The Women of Lockerbie    Normal University
4.    Laura Williams (Sr.)
Please Stop Laughing at Me    Hononegah
5.    Malcolm Thompson (Sr.)
Daddy's Little Girl    Eisenhower
6.    Emily Forberg (Sr.)
Faith Healer    Richards (Oak Lawn)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Joe Wlos (Sr.)    Marian
2.    Lawrence Svabek (Sr.)    Sandburg
3.    Ed Roberge (Sr.)    Downers Grove South
4.    Emily Temple-Wood (Jr.)    Downers Grove North
5.    Andrew Kelly (Jr.)    Oak Park-River Forest
6.    Samuel Niiro (Jr.)    Wheaton Warrenville South

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Billy Chengary (Jr.) and Michelle McCarthy (Jr.)
The Big Bang    Downers Grove South
2.    Connor Fitzgerald (Jr.) and Jacqueline Dunderdale (Jr.)
Boy Meets Girl    Prospect
3.    Adam King (Sr.) and Kiayla Jackson (Sr.)
Red Peppers    Marian
4.    Elizabeth Wallace (Sr.) and Emily Forberg (Sr.)
Young Love    Richards (Oak Lawn)
5.    Ashonta Atkinson (Jr.) and Patrick Pierre (Sr.)
The Colored Museum    Thornridge
6.    Taylor Little (Sr.) and Zoar Lopez (Sr.)
Matt & Ben    Huntley

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Andreas Tsironis (Sr.)
Friendly Competition    Wheaton Warrenville South
2.    Erin C. Walsh (Jr.)
A ... My Name is Alice    Downers Grove South
3.    Aubree Tally (So.)
Sealed For Freshness    Lemont
4.    John Zahlmann (Jr.)
Ant Farm and Other Desperate Situations    Richards (Oak Lawn)
5.    DJ Duncan (So.)
Pinnochiante    Harrisburg
6.    Devin Collett (Jr.)
Miss Polly's Institute for Criminally Damaged Young Ladies Puts on a Show    Downers Grove North
F.    Emma Bueso (Jr.)
The Whole Shebang    Buffalo Grove

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Joe Wlos (Sr.)    Marian
2.    Samuel Niiro (Jr.)    Wheaton Warrenville South
3.    Eiftu Haile (Sr.)    Hoffman Estates H.S.
4.    Eli Bernstein (Jr.)    Belleville West
5.    Ed Roberge (Sr.)    Downers Grove South
6.    Zackary A. Landers (So.)    Coal City

Informative Speaking
1.    Andrew Green (Sr.)
iPod, iPad...iPot?    Oak Lawn
2.    Delia Ercoli (Sr.)
Friendly Neighborhood Spider Goats    Lemont
3.    Claire Fey (Sr.)
How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take to Screw in a Brain?    Glenbard West
4.    Shay Berry (Sr.)
Remote Control    Belleville West
5.    Meredith Frank (Sr.)
Brain Battle of the Sexes    Downers Grove North
6.    Ken Notter (Sr.)
What's Not In Your Wallet    Wheaton Warrenville South

Oratorical Declamation
1.    John Arrington, Jr. (Jr.)
Not A Geniune Black Man    Thornton
2.    Vondell Burns (Jr.)
Stop Screaming at the Microwave    Belleville West
3.    Madeleine Spacapan (Sr.)
A Matter of Perspective    Prospect
4.    Hananiah Wiggins (Sr.)
Race    DeKalb
5.    Michael Sequeira (Jr.)
A Call to Men    Oak Lawn
6.    Jessica Robinson (Jr.)
Bill Buckner Would Approve    Carbondale

Original Comedy
1.    Mikey Tito (Jr.)
Tune Into Tommy's wOrld    Oswego East
2.    John Zahlmann (Jr.)
Be A Man!    Richards (Oak Lawn)
3.    John Junk (Sr.)
Two and a Half Junks    Downers Grove South
4.    Jake Robertson (Sr.)
Reign of Fools    Willowbrook
5.    Alex Schultz (Sr.)
Maternal Battlefield    Homewood-Flossmoor
6.    Ricky Cowan (Sr.)
I'm College Bound!    Thornton

Original Oratory
1.    Maggie Butzen (Sr.)
Neither Civil nor Discourse    Downers Grove North
2.    Vondell Burns (Jr.)
Think Before You Speak    Belleville West
3.    Claire Drews (Sr.)
For the Birds    Downers Grove South
4.    Theodore Tae (Sr.)
Speak Out: Striving for a Bilingual America    Barrington
5.    Rebecca Schieber (Sr.)
No Child Left Inside    Sandburg
6.    Jaboukie Young White (Jr.)
Someone is STALKing Me    Marian
F.    Rosa Gallagher (Sr.)
Are You A Digital Native?    Richards (Oak Lawn)

Performance in the Round

1.    Sarafina    Thornwood
2.    Pearls Before Breakfast    Moline
3.    The Complete Works of William Shakespeare-abridged    Downers Grove South
4.    I Never Promised You A Rose Garden    Marian
5.    The Jester Has Lost His Jingle    Glenbard West
6.    Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread    Carbondale

Poetry Reading

1.    Emma Rubenstein (Sr.)
A Little Revolution    Wheaton Warrenville South
2.    Michael Olsson (Sr.)
A Program on the Learning Experience    Oak Lawn
3.    Hannah Lee (Jr.)
A Program on the Outnumbered    Fremd
4.    Leah Ellis (Sr.)
To The Lightning Teachers    Shepard
5.    Lauren Matthews (Sr.)
Rising Up From The Ashes    Prospect
6.    Katherine Katsivalis (Sr.)
Lit or (To The Scientist I'm Not Talking To Anymore)    Richards (Oak Lawn)
F.    Jackie Eberle (Jr.)
Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns    Belleville East

Prose Reading
1.    Johari Mackey (Sr.)
Marigolds    Thornwood
2.    Michelle McCarthy (Jr.)
My Boyfriend's Back and There's Gonna be Laundry    Downers Grove South
3.    Zina Ellis (Sr.)
The Gift Horse    Moline
4.    Matt Ingram (Sr.)
The Perfect Love Story    Belleville West
5.    Adam King (Sr.)
Where I Slept    Marian
6.    Clare Dhom (Sr.)
The Good Guy    Woodstock

Radio Speaking
1.    Shreya Patel (Jr.)    Wheaton North
2.    Taylor Rasmussen (Jr.)    Hinsdale Central
3.    Lily Zhu (Sr.)    Warren Township
4.    Alex Prusator (Sr.)    Rochelle
5.    Kanoa Mulling (Sr.)    Homewood-Flossmoor
6.    Erin C. Walsh (Jr.)    Downers Grove South

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Leah Ellis (Sr.)
The Perception of Blackness    Shepard
2.    Kaveri Sharma (Jr.)
Kaveri and the Bee    Neuqua Valley
3.    Conor Keane (Sr.)
The Battle Is Not The Race    Marian
4.    Peter Benassi (Sr.)
Unlocking Personal Security    Wheaton Warrenville South
5.    Ryan Carrigan (Jr.)
Pretentiousness: Let's Get Real    Normal Community West
6.    Austin Sellers (Sr.)
Some Black Men Can't Jump Either    Freeport H.S.
F.    Milap Mehta (Sr.)
Pants On Fire!    Downers Grove South


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