2011 IHSA Sectional - Geneseo

Tournament Information

Date: 02/12/2011
Tournament Location: Geneseo, IL


Tournament Results


1.    DeKalb   
2.    Freeport H.S.   
3.    Huntley   
4.    Rochelle   
5.    Richwoods

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Brendan Meier (Sr.) and Jenna Pautsch (Jr.)
Look at Me    Moline
2.    Emily Knezz (Sr.) and Joel Collins (Sr.)
Emma's Child    Geneseo
3.    Blake Bullock (Jr.) and Caitlin Arrington (Sr.)
Smudge    Kewanee

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Laura Williams (Sr.)
Please Stop Laughing at Me    Hononegah
2.    Blake Bullock (Jr.)
It Is No Desert    Kewanee
3.    Hannah Farajpanahi (Jr.)
And Baby Makes Two - An Adoption Tale    Galesburg
3.    Kelsey Rogers (Jr.)
Tamam    Lena-Winslow

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Casmeer Reyes (Sr.)    Richwoods
2.    Lauren Kells (Sr.)    Metamora
3.    Shehnoor Qureshi (Jr.)    Crystal Lake Central

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Brendan Meier (Sr.) and Carlie Lavin (Sr.)
Boy Meets Girl    Moline
2.    Alex Rodriguez (Jr.) and Molly Pashon (Sr.)
Date With A Stranger    Sterling H.S.
3.    Taylor Little (Sr.) and Zoar Lopez (Sr.)
Matt & Ben    Huntley

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Derek Neff (Jr.)
God: The Ultimate Autobiography    DeKalb
2.    Lauren Kimpel (Sr.)
Camp Sunshine    Freeport H.S.
3.    Taylor Little (Sr.)
13 Ways To Screw Up Your College Interview    Huntley

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Marta Makowski (Jr.)    Huntley
2.    James Rego (Sr.)    Metamora
3.    Tyler Bussian (Sr.)    Lena-Winslow
3.    Sydney Birnbaum (Sr.)    Prairie Ridge

Informative Speaking

1.    Anna Flemming (Jr.)
Life as an Aspie    Prairie Ridge
2.    Sara Wuchte (Jr.)
The Sum of All Fears    DeKalb
3.    Fatema El-Sayed (Jr.)
Uncovering the Veil    Richwoods

Oratorical Declamation

1.    Hananiah Wiggins (Sr.)
Race    DeKalb
2.    Casmeer Reyes
A Special Comment on the Inaccurately Described Ground Zero Mosque    Richwoods
3.    Katelin Coronado (So.)
Rally to Restore Sanity    Cary-Grove

Original Comedy
1.    Chris Sible (So.)
My Childhood Is a Lie!    Byron
2.    Grace Schaffer (Jr.)
The ''Miss-Fit'' Pageant    DeKalb
3.    Austin Sellers (Sr.)
Man Camp    Freeport H.S.

Original Oratory

1.    Sarah Flintgruber (Sr.)
Energy Policy: It's not just about the polar bears    Metamora
2.    Jenna Pautsch (Jr.)
Mind the Gap    Moline
3.    Lauren Hartog (Jr.)
The Prolongation of Death    Freeport H.S.

Performance in the Round
1.    Pearls Before Breakfast    Moline
2.    Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?    Huntley
3.    Dealing With The Devil    Sterling H.S.

Poetry Reading
1.    Mahliyah Adkins-Threats (So.)
Ghettover Girls    Richwoods
2.    Holly Alguire (Sr.)
The Secret of Me    Riverdale
3.    Quenesha Harris (Sr.)
Stop: Gunshots    Peoria H.S.

Prose Reading
1    Clare Dhom (Sr.)
The Good Guy    Woodstock
2    Somali Wilson (Sr.)
My Boyfriend's Back And There's Going To Be Laundry    DeKalb
3    Zina Ellis (Sr.)
The Gift Horse    Moline

Radio Speaking
1.    Alex Prusator (Sr.)    Rochelle
2.    Kristen Field (Jr.)    Fulton
3.    Emilee Green (Jr.)    Geneseo

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Alex Prusator (Sr.)
The F Word    Rochelle
2.    Garret Hall (Sr.)
A Classics Case    DeKalb
3.    Austin Sellers (Sr.)
Some Black Men Can't Jump Either    Freeport H.S.


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