2011 IHSA Regional - Wheaton (North)

Tournament Information

Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Wheaton, IL


Tournament Results


1.    Wheaton Warrenville South   
2.    Glenbard West   
3.    Wheaton North   
4.    West Chicago H.S.   
5.    Bartlett

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Ellie Wyant (Jr.) and Jeff Pridgen (Sr.)
Lost Souls Starboard Ho!    Glenbard West
2.    Andreas Tsironis (Sr.) and Emma Rubenstein (Sr.)
Truly, Madly, Deeply    Wheaton Warrenville South
3.    Adam Zeitoun (Sr.) and Kirstie McHugh (Sr.)
Oleanna    Lake Park
4.    Ken Gonzales (Jr.) and Tommy McCarty (Jr.)
Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead    Bartlett
4.    Laura Fuechsl (Sr.) and Nico Danilovich (Jr.)
Don't Listen To What It Sounds Like    Wheaton North

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Claire Fey (Sr.)
Guardians    Glenbard West
2.    Laura Skow (Sr.)
Brave Girl Eating    Wheaton North
3.    Adam Zeitoun (Sr.)
The Woodsman    Lake Park
4.    Emma Gotter (Sr.)
Vivien Leigh: The Last Press Conference    Wheaton Warrenville South

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Patrick Kelly (Sr.)    Glenbard West
2.    Samuel Niiro (Jr.)    Wheaton Warrenville South
3.    Justin Ali (So.)    Wheaton North
4.    Ben Vanderlei (Sr.)    West Chicago H.S.

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    David Solberg (Jr.) and Shawn Anaya (Sr.)
The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From    Wheaton Warrenville South
2.    Andy Gylling (Sr.) and Jeff Pridgen (Sr.)
Romeo, You Idiot    Glenbard West
3.    Danny Gonzalez (Jr.) and Nico Danilovich (Jr.)
Sherlock Holmes: 10 Minutes To Doom.    Wheaton North
4.    Mary DeWitt (Jr.) and Natalie Hilvert (So.)
The Tragic Tale of Melissa McHiney McNormous McWhale    Bartlett
4.    Dan Stompor (So.) and Josh Brown (So.)
Push Cart Peddlers    West Chicago H.S.

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Andreas Tsironis (Sr.)
Friendly Competition    Wheaton Warrenville South
2.    Grace Carey (Sr.)
The Matchmakers    Glenbard West
3.    Michelle Stuhlmacher (Sr.)
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee    Wheaton North
4.    Natalie Hilvert (So.)
Junie B. Jones    Bartlett

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Samuel Niiro (Jr.)    Wheaton Warrenville South
2.    Oliver Lykken (Jr.)    Glenbard West
3.    Ben Vanderlei (Sr.)    West Chicago H.S.
4.    Amy Bauer (Sr.)    Wheaton North

Informative Speaking

1.    Maddie Welter (Sr.)
Coffee, coffee, coffee!    St. Charles East
2.    Ken Notter (Sr.)
What's Not In Your Wallet    Wheaton Warrenville South
3.    Claire Fey (Sr.)
How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take to Screw in a Brain?    Glenbard West
4.    Rachel Poe (Sr.)
The True Blood Of Vampires    Wheaton North

Oratorical Declamation

1.    Shawn Anaya (Sr.)
Commencement to Stuyvesant High School    Wheaton Warrenville South
2.    Rachel Poe (Sr.)
The ''R'' Word    Wheaton North
3.    Lena Fico (Jr.)
Nil by Mouth    Bartlett
4.    Grace Carey (Sr.)
Someone Will Be With You Shortly    Glenbard West

Original Comedy

1.    Daniel Heiberger (So.)
Emotional Breakdown    Wheaton Warrenville South
2.    Danny Gonzalez (Jr.)
There's One Born Every Minute    Wheaton North
3.    Nikki Haske (Jr.)
The Chronicles of a Bitter Person    St. Charles North
4.    Chevaughn Starling (Sr.)
Girl Scouts    Glenbard North

Original Oratory

1.    Patrick Kelly (Sr.)
One Size Fits One    Glenbard West
2.    Ellen Coatney (Sr.)
What's Your Number One?    Wheaton North
3.    Mary DeWitt (Jr.)
His Name Was Joe    Bartlett
4.    Alli Gattari (Sr.)
Greece-y Love    Wheaton Warrenville South

Performance in the Round

1.    Darcy's Cinematic Life    Wheaton North
2.    The Jester Has Lost His Jingle    Glenbard West
3.    The Hunger Games    Wheaton Warrenville South

Poetry Reading
1.    Emma Rubenstein (Sr.)
A Little Revolution    Wheaton Warrenville South
2.    Laura Skow (Sr.)
Divine Attention    Wheaton North
3.    Riley Cook (Sr.)
Insecure-ish    Glenbard West
4.    Thalia Fernandez (Sr.)
A Program by Mayda Del Valle    West Chicago H.S.

Prose Reading
1.    Nick Anderson (Jr.)
This Is the Part    Wheaton Warrenville South
2.    Melissa Hauser (Sr.)
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close    Wheaton North
3.    Ellie Wyant (Jr.)
Like the Red Panda    Glenbard West
4.    Thalia Fernandez (Sr.)
Esther in the Night    West Chicago H.S.

Radio Speaking
1.    Darrek Sams (Sr.)    West Chicago H.S.
2.    Dan Brackmann (Sr.)    Wheaton Warrenville South
3.    Miles Fox (Sr.)    Glenbard West
4.    Alyssa Chevere (So.)    Bartlett
4.    Shreya Patel (Jr.)    Wheaton North

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Peter Benassi (Sr.)
Unlocking Personal Security    Wheaton Warrenville South
2.    Tommy McCarty (Jr.)
Brian Wilson Didn't Know the Half of It    Bartlett
3.    Phil McClure (Jr.)
You Gotta Risk It To Get The Biscuit    Wheaton North
4.    Maeve McDonough (Sr.)
At Least Gingers Aren't Ignorant    Glenbard West


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