2011 IHSA Regional - Peoria (H.S.)

Tournament Information

Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Peoria, IL


Tournament Results


1.    Richwoods   
2.    Geneseo
3.    Monmouth-Roseville   
4.    Metamora   
5.    Galesburg

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Emily Knezz (Sr.) and Joel Collins (Sr.)
Emma's Child    Geneseo
2.    Adam Duffield (Jr.) and Ruben Lima (Jr.)
Tape    Spoon River Valley
3.    Blake Bullock (Jr.) and Caitlin Arrington (Sr.)
Smudge    Kewanee
4.    Barbara Bryant (Sr.) and Sarah Hall (Sr.)
David's Redhaired Death    Richwoods

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Blake Bullock (Jr.)
It Is No Desert    Kewanee
2.    Joel Collins (Sr.)
Confessions of a Nightingale    Geneseo
3.    Barbara Bryant (Sr.)
We Need to Talk About Kevin    Richwoods
4.    Hannah Farajpanahi (Jr.)
And Baby Makes Two - An Adoption Tale    Galesburg
4.    Haley Schlicksup (Jr.)
If Susan Smith Could Talk    Stark County

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Casmeer Reyes (Sr.)    Richwoods
2.    Lauren Kells (Sr.)    Metamora
3.    Patrick Fasano (Jr.)    Monmouth-Roseville
4.    Amelia Stagg (So.)    Peoria H.S.

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Lelaina Vogel (Sr.) and Margaret Sloter (Jr.)
The Complete History of America: Abridged    Richwoods
2.    Jared Swanson (Sr.) and Lauren Funai (Sr.)
Surviving Fad    AlWood
3.    Ashley Garrett (Sr.) and Kyle Dickson (Sr.)
World Wide Fans    Galesburg
4.    Hannah Taylor (Sr.) and Nathan Pasmore (Sr.)
Extra Curricular Activity    Monmouth-Roseville

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Jordan Lipes (Sr.)
The Ant Farm    Geneseo
2.    Mitch Fischer (Jr.)
Dirk the Angry Scotsman    Galesburg
3.    Lelaina Vogel (Sr.)
Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy    Richwoods
4.    Hannah Taylor (Sr.)
''Not in My Lifetime''    Monmouth-Roseville

Impromptu Speaking

1.    James Rego (Sr.)    Metamora
2.    Evan Kelly (So.)    Galesburg
3.    Gabrielle Healy (Jr.)    Richwoods
4.    John Williams (So.)    Kewanee

Informative Speaking
1.    Fatema El-Sayed (Jr.)
Uncovering the Veil    Richwoods
2.    Lauren Kells (Sr.)
Horror Core and Juggala Family Values    Metamora
3.    Sean O'Reilly (So.)
And the Verdict Is...Frivolous?    United (East Moline)
4.    Caitlin Krofchik (Sr.)
To Approve or Not Approve? That is the Question.    Peoria H.S.

Oratorical Declamation

1.    Casmeer Reyes (Sr.)
A Special Comment on the Inaccurately Described Ground Zero Mosque    Richwoods
2.    Dvahcea Richardson (So.)
The End of Racism    Peoria H.S.
3.    Allison Buelt (Jr.)
A Speech Every High School Principal Should Give    Galesburg
4.    Cassidy Depoy (Jr.)
Closing Remarks    Macomb
4.    Bekah Clancy (So.)
The Dying Art of the Complaint    Stark County

Original Comedy
1.    Jared Swanson (Sr.)
Tick Tock Inauguration    AlWood
2.    John Williams (So.)
Beep    Kewanee
3.    Asiel Mohamed (Fr.)
Late Night with A Seal    Richwoods
4.    Justin Lane (Jr.)
One Epic Trip    Metamora
4.    Joseph Matheis (Jr.)
Karl Marx Meets the 21st Century    United (East Moline)

Original Oratory
1.    Caitlin Krofchik (Sr.)
A Taste of Reality    Peoria H.S.
2.    Sarah Flintgruber (Sr.)
Energy Policy: It's not just about the polar bears    Metamora
3.    Emily Douglas (Sr.)
User or Abuser?    Monmouth United
4.    Emilie Therrien (Sr.)
Losing Literacy    Monmouth-Roseville

Performance in the Round
1.    Being Only Fair    Richwoods
2.    How to Make an American Teenage Quilt    Farmington
3.    Metamora

Poetry Reading
1.    Quenesha Harris (Sr.)
Stop: Gunshots    Peoria H.S.
2.    Mahliyah Adkins-Threats (So.)
Ghettover Girls    Richwoods
3.    Jia Feng (Sr.)
God Went to Beauty School    Monmouth-Roseville
4.    Caitlin Arrington (Sr.)
Hypocrisy: Prejudice With a Halo, A Program    Kewanee

Prose Reading
1.    Emily Knezz (Sr.)
I'm Down    Geneseo
2.    Nathan Pasmore (Sr.)
I Love You, Beth Cooper    Monmouth-Roseville
3.    Ashley Garrett (Sr.)
The Mouse and the Snake    Galesburg
3.    Brea Fearon (Fr.)
Thirteen Reasons Why    Richwoods
3.    Sarah Donnelly (So.)
The Teacher's Funeral    Spoon River Valley

Radio Speaking

1.    Emilee Green (Jr.)    Geneseo
2.    Mark Thomas (Sr.)    Spoon River Valley
3.    Ryan Russell (Sr.)    Metamora
4.    Brody Wooddell (Jr.)    Monmouth-Roseville

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Hannah Burmahl (Jr.)
Body Image and Self Esteem;Changing Society    Geneseo
2.    Allison Buelt (Jr.)
The Price of Beauty    Galesburg
3.    Susann Smith (Sr.)
Sleep Your Way to Success    Monmouth-Roseville
4.    Mahliyah Adkins-Threats (So.)
Car Surf City    Richwoods


Anony's picture

Joel Collins went 1,6,1 in DI finals. He should have won hands down. Blake Bullock went straight 2's.

Anony's picture

He also went straight one's all day in DDA. DAMN!

Sorry, I've watched him all season and have never gotten tired of it. He was sooo good! Like the best I've ever seen. I can't velieve he didn't make state. Worst final results I've ever seen.

I never understood how anyone could get 1, 6, 1 in finals.  (I mean, I know the why behind it, but I wish I knew why 2 judges loved a piece and another thought it deserved a 6.)  It's intriguing, perplexing to think of where that disconnect happened to get a 6 amid 1's.  I'm sure the judge had good reasons (hopefully reflected on the critique sheet so it was not a total "huh?" moment).  But still.  I wish could pull a "Being John Malkovich" to understand that difference in thought.  Hmmmm.  

Anony's picture

yeah...i'm actually a friend of joels and saw his di in DGS finals. his 6th place ballot was soooooooooooo weird! he explained to me what it said....

so his di was about tennessee williams who was a famous playwright who was an alcoholic. tennessee williams was a REAL person. joel used a completely different voice like he lowered his voice really really low and changed the way he looked to look like an old man. it was weird but really cool! i guess the judge who gave him the six thought the drinking was unnessesary or something which makes NO sense considering tennessee williams was a real person and REALLY WAS an alcoholic. like apparently it ruined his life. the judge didnt like his gestures too i think. that bugs me a lot because his gestures were so natural. they were real and definitely not planned out. real peoples hand gestures aren't perfect. they aren't pretty. ESPECIALLY an old alcoholic. they would be kind of rough and not polished. it just makes sense. save your polished clean completely planned out hand gestures for original oratory. di is about down to earth real characterization. yeah di's should have a message and everything but its still an interp event. just because its not "polished" doesnt mean its not good. if every person on the planet starts to have "polished" hand gestures during their normal every day life then yeah, that critique would make sense. that is the only thing that comment could be referring to anyways. his characterizaion was mind blowing. his transitions, delivery of words, and everything stucturally was very very clean. just his REALISTIC hand gestures were not. :/

Anony's picture

thanks for that explanation.  i wish i could have seen his di of Williams...it sounds really fascinating!  is there a video of it somewhere on the interwebs?

Anony's picture

hahahahahaha. Anyone remember how like EVERYONE in the cafeteria was talking about him? god that would be so awkward..

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