2011 IHSA Regional - Hoffman Estates (H.S.)

Tournament Information

Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Hoffman Estates, IL


Tournament Results


1.    Fremd   
2.    Hoffman Estates H.S.   
3.    Palatine H.S.   
4.    Schaumburg H.S.   
5.    Buffalo Grove

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Elise Mathews (Jr.) and Jordan Habel (Sr.)
Because I Wanted to Say    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Emily Prescott (Jr.) and John McHugh (So.)
Baby Steps    Fremd
3.    Emily Smith (Sr.) and Tommy Weber (Jr.)
Jane's Park    Palatine H.S.
4.    Alexa Kropidoski (Jr.) and Jessie Lazzara (Jr.)
Burkie    Buffalo Grove

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Tommy Weber (Jr.)
Grief-Struck    Palatine H.S.
2.    Phil Quarfoot (Jr.)
So I Killed A Few People    Barrington
3.    Emily Prescott (Jr.)
My Left Breast    Fremd
4.    Korinne Yonan (So.)
The World I Cannot Touch    Rolling Meadows

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Haley Shoaf (Sr.)    Fremd
1.    Bailey Armstrong (Sr.)    Hoffman Estates H.S.
1.    Henning Matz (Jr.)    Schaumburg H.S.
4.    Eric Killian (So.)    Conant

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Thomas Squires (Sr.) and Zach Lentino (Sr.)
The Battle of Brown and Whitmore    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Emma Bueso (Jr.) and Nick Boustead (Jr.)
Math For Actors    Buffalo Grove
3.    Erin Parker (Jr.) and Taha Zaffar (Sr.)
Shrinkage    Schaumburg H.S.
4.    Adam Lamb (Sr.) and Kevin Lebo (Sr.)
Everyone's Gonna Die    Palatine H.S.

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Miriam Bigurra (Sr.)
Beauty and the Beast    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Christine Gao (Sr.)
The Complete History of America...Abridged    Fremd
3.    Gus Alvarez (Sr.)
Countdown to Love    Schaumburg H.S.
4.    Emma Bueso (Jr.)
The Whole Shebang    Buffalo Grove

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Eiftu Haile (Sr.)    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Lizzy Tucker (Sr.)    Palatine H.S.
3.    Zoi Zaldivar (Sr.)    Fremd
4.    Sabrina Minhas (Jr.)    Streamwood

Informative Speaking
1.    Renata Wettermann (So.)
Yes to IPS?!    Fremd
2.    Theodore Tae (Sr.)
Marching Toward A New Perspective    Barrington
3.    Kayla Huber (Jr.)
Love Under a Microscope    Buffalo Grove
4.    Lovepreet Kaur (So.)
Remembering the Forgotten    Conant

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Amita Prabhu (Sr.)
'B+' Is Just Fine    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Kevin Krause (Sr.)
The Shadow Scholar    Rolling Meadows
3.    Emily Smith (Sr.)
Unbearable Lightness    Palatine H.S.
4.    Dhara Patel (So.)
Prime Rib of America    Schaumburg H.S.

Original Comedy
1.    Hannah Lee (Jr.)
Carnival Kid Chaos    Fremd
2.    Evan Paelmo (Jr.)
Russia's Challenge    Schaumburg H.S.
3.    Michael Pirovano (Jr.)
Broady Tactics    Conant
4.    Conor McGarry (Jr.)
Dating Disorders    Hoffman Estates H.S.
4    Claire Theobald (Sr.)
S'mores    Stevenson

Original Oratory
1.    Amita Prabhu (Sr.)
Step Out of the Bubble    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Theodore Tae (Sr.)
Speak Out: Striving for a Bilingual America    Barrington
3.    Iulia Gheorghiu (Sr.)
It's OK...I'm Not From Here    Fremd
4.    Henning Matz (Jr.)
American Teenager; Digital Warfighter    Schaumburg H.S.

Performance in the Round
1.    Candyland    Fremd
2.    Exodus    Hoffman Estates H.S.
3.    Ham Radio    Buffalo Grove
4.    What REALLY Happened to Humpty?    Streamwood

Poetry Reading
1.    Jacob Custer (So.)
The Wussyboy Underdog!    Buffalo Grove
2.    Hannah Lee (Jr.)
A Program on the Outnumbered    Fremd
3.    Kevin Geraghty (Sr.)
The Secret    Rolling Meadows
4.    Elias Salas (Sr.)
I Am Joaquin    Palatine H.S.
4.    Maria Ranahan (Jr.)
Barbie in Therapy    Streamwood

Prose Reading
1.    Nikhi Kanneganti (Sr.)
Silver Water    Fremd
2.    Claire Berman (Jr.)
Chivalry    Stevenson
3.    Maria Ranahan (Jr.)
My Father, Dancing    Streamwood
4.    Jacob Custer (So.)
Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House    Buffalo Grove

Radio Speaking
1.    Jordan Habel (Sr.)    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Michelle Gorecki (Sr.)    Fremd
3.    Claire Cinquegrani (Sr.)    Palatine H.S.
4.    Jane Trunk (Sr.)    Rolling Meadows

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Bailey Armstrong (Sr.)
To Blame is Lame    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Erika Teufel (Sr.)
Bromance    Fremd
3.    Lizzy Tucker (Sr.)
Comics for CARs    Palatine H.S.
4.    Hailey Anderson (Sr.)
Listen Up Yolks! I'm Talking About Egg-Quality    Barrington


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