2011 IHSA Regional - Elk Grove Village (E.G.)

Tournament Information

Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Elk Grove Village, IL


Tournament Results


1.    York   
2.    Fenton   
3.    Oak Park-River Forest   
4.    Maine South   
5.    Maine East   
5.    Elk Grove

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Rebecca Klages (So.) and Sarah Tarabey (Jr.)
Final Placement    Maine South
2.    Mike Dreger (Jr.) and Sarah King (Jr.)
Angels in America    York
3.    Loren Lombardi (Sr.) and Peter Buchacz (Jr.)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf    Fenton
4.    Dustin Beelow (Fr.) and Samantha Gatwood (Jr.)
The Shape Of Things    Elk Grove
4.    Benjamin Brissette (So.) and Catherine Bustos (Jr.)
Proof    Maine West

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Benjamin Brissette (So.)
RFK    Maine West
2.    Jack McFarlane (Sr.)
Looking A Lot Like Christmas    York
3.    Alexandria Frisch (Jr.)
Blackbird    Oak Park-River Forest
4.    Amanda Baker (Jr.)
Little Footsteps    Fenton
4.    Nora Elderkin (Sr.)
Medea Redux    Maine South

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Andrew Kelly (Jr.)    Oak Park-River Forest
2.    Hope Tone (Sr.)    Maine South
3.    Ashley Boyte (Jr.)    Leyden
4.    Lauren Rourk (So.)    Fenton

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Caitlin McManus (Jr.) and Eric Helm (So.)
Boy Meets Girl: A Young Love Story    York
2.    Austin Bryniarski (Jr.) and Lisa Francis (Sr.)
The Best Daddy    Maine South
3.    John Depa (So.) and Natasha Laws (Jr.)
The Five-Minute History of Western Civilization    Maine East
4.    Agnieszka Miklas (Jr.) and Vincenzo Bartolomeo (Sr.)
Playwriting 101: Rooftop Lesson    Fenton

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Jack McFarlane (Sr.)
The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From    York
2.    Daniel Sanchez (So.)
Freak    Fenton
3.    Audrey Roen (Sr.)
Lady with All The Answers    Oak Park-River Forest
4.    Nicole Jovicevic (Jr.)
Over the Moon    Maine West

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Lizzie Diamond (Jr.)    York
2.    Andrew Kelly (Jr.)    Oak Park-River Forest
3.    Ashley Boyte (Jr.)    Leyden
4.    Emily Johnson (Jr.)    Fenton

Informative Speaking
1.    Raymond Roman (Jr.)
Fear on the Brain    Maine East
2.    Mary Kaleta (Jr.)
Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Haven't You Heard?    York
3.    Anna Hullinger (Sr.)
Sha-BAN!    Oak Park-River Forest
4.    Janell Nunziato (Sr.)
Digital Overload    Leyden

Oratorical Declamation

1.    Sarah Tarabey (Jr.)
Smith College Commencement Address 2010    Maine South
2.    Maggie Patchett (Jr.)
Welcome Address to Parents    York
3.    Daniel Franchi (Fr.)
The 2006 Tufts University Commencement Address    Fenton
4.    Alexandria Frisch (Jr.)
Fives Best Pieces of Advice    Oak Park-River Forest

Original Comedy
1.    Agnieszka Miklas (Jr.)
Dear Diary    Fenton
2.    Michaela Laws (Sr.)
FTW2 = For the Win x For the Women    Maine East
3.    Shannon Hancock (Sr.)
Poetry Slam    Elk Grove
4.    Jack Sullivan (Sr.)
The College Admissions Process    York

Original Oratory

1.    Tamyra Love (Jr.)
Dream Maker    Leyden
2.    Harita Joshi (Sr.)
Dish This!    Fenton
3.    Hope Tone (Sr.)
Can he say that ?    Maine South
4.    Cheryl Victuelles (Jr.)
That's Gay    Elk Grove

Performance in the Round

1.    Ruthless!    York
2.    Variations On A Theme Of Love    Elk Grove
3.    So You Want to Be a Teacher?    Fenton
4.    Crimes of the Heart    Maine West

Poetry Reading
1.    Nora Elderkin (Sr.)
Why I Tutor at the International Trade Center    Maine South
2.    Michaela Laws (Sr.)
Cindarella; Instructions    Maine East
3.    Amanda Baker (Jr.)
Left Memories    Fenton
4.    Katie Hoth (So.)
Thin Line Between Love and Hate    Elk Grove

Prose Reading
1.    Danielle Zarbin (Jr.)
This is All : The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn    Oak Park-River Forest
2.    Anna Marie Abbate (Sr.)
Eleven    Maine South
3.    Catherine Bustos (Jr.)
Lawns    Maine West
4.    Janel Webster (Sr.)
All the Good Things    Fenton

Radio Speaking
1.    Danielle Zarbin (Jr.)    Oak Park-River Forest
2.    Mary Kate McHugh (Jr.)    York
3.    Janell Nunziato (Sr.)    Leyden
4.    Stefanie Ronge (Sr.)    Fenton
4.    John Depa (So.)    Maine East

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Kelly O'Ryan (Jr.)
The S Word: Swearing    York
2.    Roderic Phillips (Sr.)
Zero To Hero    Elk Grove
3.    Stefanie Ronge (Sr.)
The Truth About Lying    Fenton
4.    Marian Hjelmgren (Jr.)
Defense Against the Dark Arts    Leyden


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