2011 IHSA Regional - Downers Grove (North)

Tournament Information

Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Downers Grove, IL


Tournament Results


1.    Downers Grove South   
2.    Hinsdale Central   
3.    Downers Grove North   
4.    Willowbrook   
5.    Hinsdale South

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Dan Cassin (Jr.) and Maddie Mitchell (Sr.)
A Very Common Procedure    Hinsdale Central
2.    Billy Chengary (Jr.) and Stephanie Flowers (Sr.)
Careless Love    Downers Grove South
3.    Simona Curkoska (Sr.) and Tito Ponce (So.)
A Shayna Maidel    Hinsdale South
4.    Murtaza Kapasi (Jr.) and Sarah Batchu (Jr.)
Wrong for Each Other    Downers Grove North

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Tomi Adeyemi (Sr.)
Bums    Hinsdale Central
2.    Colleen Derosa (Jr.)
Just Checking    Downers Grove South
3.    Julie Thorn (So.)
Medea Redux    Downers Grove North
4.    Olivia Heath (Sr.)
The Weir    Glenbard South

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Ed Roberge (Sr.)    Downers Grove South
2.    Emily Temple-Wood (Jr.)    Downers Grove North
3.    Gen Carter (Jr.)    Hinsdale Central
4.    Andreas Wiede (Sr.)    Willowbrook

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Billy Chengary (Jr.) and Michelle McCarthy (Jr.)
The Big Bang    Downers Grove South
2.    Charlie Wagner (Jr.) and Hannah Carroll (Jr.)
Oedi    Hinsdale Central
3.    Murtaza Kapasi (Jr.) and Nicole Smith (Fr.)
Boy Meets Girl    Downers Grove North
4.    Billy Sharp (Sr.) and Collin Labak (Sr.)
Fools    Hinsdale South

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Jake Robertson (Sr.)
Nana's Naughty Knickers    Willowbrook
2.    Erin C. Walsh (Jr.)
A ... My Name is Alice    Downers Grove South
3.    Devin Collett (Jr.)
Miss Polly's Institute for Criminally Damaged Young Ladies Puts on a S    Downers Grove North
4.    Maddy Oleszkiewicz (Jr.)
Squids Will Be Squids    Hinsdale Central

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Lindsey Bergholz (Sr.)    Hinsdale Central
2.    Emily Temple-Wood (Jr.)    Downers Grove North
3.    Jennifer Benyamin (Sr.)    Willowbrook
4.    Ed Roberge (Sr.)    Downers Grove South
4.    Collin Labak (Sr.)    Hinsdale South

Informative Speaking
1.    Taylor Rasmussen (Jr.)
Heavy Metal    Hinsdale Central
2.    Andreas Wiede (Sr.)
February 14th...Not So Lovely    Willowbrook
3.    Meredith Frank (Sr.)
Brain Battle of the Sexes    Downers Grove North
4.    Stephanie Flowers    Downers Grove South

Oratorical Declamation

1.    Colleen Derosa (Jr.)
A Victor - not a Victim    Downers Grove South
2.    Maddie Mitchell (Sr.)
Teen Power    Hinsdale Central
3.    Sophia Nagle (Sr.)
Odditude    Willowbrook
4.    Erin Portman (Sr.)
Embrace Transformation    Downers Grove North

Original Comedy

1.    Ryann Javois (Sr.)
Rent    Hinsdale Central
2.    Devin Collett (Jr.)
It's the Nerd Herd, Fershotally    Downers Grove North
3.    Jake Robertson (Sr.)
Reign of Fools    Willowbrook
4.    John Junk (Sr.)
Two and a Half Junks    Downers Grove South

Original Oratory
1.    Claire Drews (Sr.)
For the Birds    Downers Grove South
2.    Maggie Butzen (Sr.)
Neither Civil nor Discourse    Downers Grove North
3.    Tomi Adeyemi (Sr.)
The Battle of Discontent    Hinsdale Central
4.    John Espinosa (Sr.)
Battling Obesity    Glenbard East

Performance in the Round

1.    The Final Rehearsal of The Compleat Works of Willm Shkpr Abridged    Downers Grove South
2.    Hooray!    Downers Grove North
3.    The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales    Glenbard East
4.    London    Glenbard South

Poetry Reading
1.    Erin M. Walsh (Jr.)
Rubber Houses    Downers Grove South
2.    Kate Karl (Fr.)
Stories I Ain't Told Nobody Yet    Downers Grove North
3.    Jena Sugay (So.)
Pretty    Hinsdale Central
4.    Nick Bryant (Sr.)
How To Watch Your Brother Die    Glenbard East

Prose Reading

1.    Michelle McCarthy (Jr.)
My Boyfriend's Back and There's Gonna be Laundry    Downers Grove South
2.    Sarah Batchu (Jr.)
Sold    Downers Grove North
3.    Morgan Sherlock (Sr.)
Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy    Hinsdale Central
4.    Nicole Mashburn (Sr.)
The Bell Jar    Willowbrook

Radio Speaking

1.    Jake Novak (Sr.)    Hinsdale South
2.    Taylor Rasmussen (Jr.)    Hinsdale Central
3.    Erin C. Walsh (Jr.)    Downers Grove South
4.    Meredith Frank (Sr.)    Downers Grove North

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Milap Mehta (Sr.)
Pants On Fire    Downers Grove South
2.    Heather Johansen (Jr.)
Like a Snowflake    Downers Grove North
3.    Laert Skreli (Sr.)
0v3rcl0ck3d    Willowbrook
4.    Caroline Nyheim (Jr.)
It's a Snap...Judgment    Hinsdale Central


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