2011 IHSA Regional - Chatham (Glenwood)

Tournament Information

Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Chatham, IL


Tournament Results


1.    Belleville West   
2.    Glenwood   
3.    Belleville East   
4.    Springfield High School   
5.    Granite City

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Audriana Marion (Sr.) and Matt Ingram (Sr.)
Jane's Park    Belleville West
2.    LeeAnna Studt (So.) and Tyler Green (Jr.)
Twilight of the Golds    Belleville East
3.    Ben Shane (Sr.) and Kevin Tkach (Sr.)
Angles in America    Glenwood
4.    Annie Gates (So.) and Rebecca Davis (So.)
Letters Home    Springfield High School

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Teryl Thurman (Sr.)
Dancing With the Devil    Belleville East
2.    Emily Woods (Sr.)
The Speed Queen    Belleville West
3.    Leanne Malcolm (Jr.)
Crystal Clear    Glenwood
4.    Carly Piland (Jr.)
Hitting the Bars    Springfield High School

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Eli Bernstein (Jr.)    Belleville West
2.    Jamie Vaught (Jr.)    Granite City
3.    Skylar Midden (Sr.)    Glenwood
4.    Onsi Kamel (So.)    Springfield High School

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Colin Sobol (Jr.) and Jackie Eberle (Jr.)
Marriage Is Murder    Belleville East
2.    Kevin Tkach (Sr.) and Nate Broderick (Sr.)
Gangster Apparel    Glenwood
3.    Cody Essien (So.) and Myesha Harris (Jr.)
The Marriage Counselor    Belleville West
4.    Rachel Bond (Fr.) and Spencer McDonald (Fr.)
Hypneurosis    Springfield High School

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Tayler Kinner (Sr.)
God's Favorite    Glenwood
2.    LeeAnna Studt (So.)
Ruthless    Belleville East
3.    Ally Perko (Jr.)
The Remarkable Adventures of States the Obvious Girl    Springfield High School
4.    David Felts (Jr.)
Dracula vs. Grampa at the Monster Truck Spectacular    Belleville West

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Eli Bernstein (Jr.)    Belleville West
2.    Tylar Midden (Sr.)    Glenwood
3.    Jack Zinnnen (So.)    Springfield High School
4.    Kyle Phouangmalay (Sr.)    Granite City

Informative Speaking
1.    Ryne Eversman (Sr.)
In Your Dreams    Belleville East
1.    Shay Berry (Sr.)
Remote Control    Belleville West
1.    Jansen Eaton (Sr.)
Signature Finishing Move: I See What You Did There!    Glenwood
4.    Jack Zinnen (So.)
Hurrah for Hemp    Springfield High School

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Vondell Burns (Jr.)
Stop Screaming at the Microwave    Belleville West
2.    Kirstie Suddeth (Sr.)
Tulane University's 2010 Commencement Address    Granite City
3.    Emily Wheeler (So.)
''My Mother's Girdle.''    Glenwood
4.    Teryl Thurman (Sr.)
Down the Slide    Belleville East

Original Comedy
1.    Ben Shane (Sr.)
Gondola of Ironic Deaths    Glenwood
2.    Emily Woods (Sr.)
Leonore's Chance    Belleville West
3.    Phillip Cheng (Sr.)
Can D Land    Belleville East

Original Oratory
1.    Vondell Burns (Jr.)
Think Before You Speak    Belleville West
2.    Joe Wilson (Jr.)
Trapped in Something, Somewhere    Glenwood
3.    Tyneshia Wilkinson (Jr.)
So, What Are You?    East St. Louis Sr.
4.    Zainab Jasim (Jr.)
Validating Violence    Springfield High School

Performance in the Round
1    All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten    Belleville West
2    Devdas    East St. Louis Sr.
3    Three Hundred and One    Althoff

Poetry Reading

1.    Myesha Harris (Jr.)
Life According to Motown    Belleville West
2.    Jansen Eaton (Sr.)
You Know What They Say about Lawyers...    Glenwood
3.    Jackie Eberle (Jr.)
Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns    Belleville East
4.    Carly Piland (Jr.)
Program Builder: Past the Profundity    Springfield High School

Prose Reading

1.    Matt Ingram (Sr.)
The Perfect Love Story    Belleville West
2.    Colin Sobol (Jr.)
The God Box    Belleville East
3.    Emily Wheeler (So.)
Such a Pretty Girl    Glenwood
4.    Shaniyah Moore (Fr.)
Bloodletting    East St. Louis Sr.

Radio Speaking

1.    Sterling Beckmann (Jr.)    Belleville West
2.    Nate Broderick (Sr.)    Glenwood
3.    Jamie Vaught (Jr.)    Granite City
4.    Anna Kurtz (Fr.)    Belleville East

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Rose Beauchamp (Sr.)
Teenage Relationships: Epic Fail!    Glenwood
2.    Ryne Eversman (Sr.)
How to FAIL    Belleville East
3.    Jorden Guldner (Jr.)
Creeping Toms and Other Virtual Voyeurs    Belleville West
4.    Shaniyah Mayes
Thirteen Going On Thirty    East St. Louis Sr.


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