2011 IHSA Regional - Carbondale (H.S.)

Tournament Information

Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Carbondale, IL


Tournament Results


1.    Benton   
2.    Carbondale   
3.    Harrisburg   
4.    Waterloo   
5.    DuQuoin H.S.

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Johnathon Koski (Jr.) and Kayla Erwin (Fr.)
Astro 69    Benton
2.    Amber Adams (Jr.) and Katie Butler (Jr.)
Swerve    Herrin H.S.
3.    Kaylee Ridgeway (So.) and Sydney Heumann (So.)
The Unknown Part of the Ocean    DuQuoin H.S.
4.    Phillip West (So.) and Puja Mehta (Jr.)
Butterflies are free.    Harrisburg

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Portia Goodin (Sr.)
Wishful Drinking    Carbondale
2.    Sara Barnett (Sr.)
Satan in Wonderland    Benton
3.    Maddy Munsell (Jr.)
It's Always Something    Waterloo
4.    Brandon Johnson (So.)
Avoiding kryptonite    Harrisburg

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Sarah Seward-Genung (So.)    Carbondale
2.    Maddy Munsell (Jr.)    Waterloo
3.    Zac Thomason (So.)    Benton
4.    Cassi Watkins (So.)    Harrisburg

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Courtney Knight (So.) and Johnathon Koski (Jr.)
If I Could Script a Date    Benton
2.    DJ Duncan (So.) and Jillian Miller (Fr.)
Heritage, Her-i-tage, & Hair-i-tage    Harrisburg
3.    David Naber (Jr.) and Rebecca Blake (Sr.)
Romantic Fools    Waterloo
4.    Jacob Gorecki (Jr.) and Richard Ketter (So.)
Two Wild and Crazy Guys    Carbondale

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Jacob Gorecki (Jr.)
The Tick vs. The Terror    Carbondale
2.    Luke Hartenstein (Sr.)
Genetically Altered Book of Genesis    Waterloo
3.    DJ Duncan (So.)
Pinnochiante    Harrisburg
4.    Henry Pickett (Jr.)
The Colored Museum    Benton

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Zac Thomason (So.)    Benton
2.    Hannjoo Moon (Sr.)    Carbondale
3.    Torri Lawrence (Fr.)    Waterloo
4.    Puja Mehta (Jr.)    Harrisburg

Informative Speaking

1.    Kayla Erwin (So.)
3D: Here to Stay or a Floating Illusion?    Benton
2.    Dante Migone (Sr.)
Carbon Nanotubes: Capturing the Future    Carbondale
3.    Kellyn Sirach (Sr.)
Jack & Jill: a cerebral perspective    Harrisburg
4.    Lauren Gentsch (Sr.)
Narcolepsy    Waterloo

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Jessica Robinson (Jr.)
Bill Buckner Would Approve    Carbondale
2.    Henry Pickett (Jr.)
What's Wrong With Black English    Benton
3.    Hanna Mocaby (Sr.)
The Lean and Hungry Look    Mt. Vernon H.S.
4.    Hannah Owen (Sr.)
Where is Anna Quindlen when I need her?    Harrisburg

Original Comedy

1.    Courtney Knight (So.)
Joke, Plot, Characters, Funny Twist, Touching Ending    Benton
2.    Nicole Cavitt (Sr.)
Get In Where You Fit In    Carbondale
3.    Brandon Johnson (So.)
Life: stuck in a bottle    Harrisburg
4.    David Naber (Jr.)
Opposite Day    Waterloo

Original Oratory

1.    Hannah Owen (Sr.)
A nation of snuggies    Harrisburg
2.    Abbie Price (Jr.)
4 Good    Benton
3.    Sam Brittingham (Jr.)
Student Activism: More Than Just Protest    Carbondale
4.    Torri Lawrence (Fr.)
Two is Better Than One    Waterloo

Performance in the Round
1.    Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread    Carbondale
2.    All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten    Benton
3.    The colors of love.    Harrisburg
4.    The Auditioners    Herrin H.S.

Poetry Reading
1.    Noah Coleman (Jr.)
A Man and a Boy on a Bike    DuQuoin H.S.
2.    Jessica Robinson (Jr.)
I Want To Forget You    Carbondale
3.    Leah Juenger (Jr.)
I Like you but Behind Closed Doors    Waterloo
4.    Katie Butler (Jr.)
I Carry It In My Heart    Herrin H.S.

Prose Reading
1.    Kellyn Sirach (Sr.)
I'm down    Harrisburg
2.    Noah Coleman (Jr.)
Silent Night's of Firefly Light    DuQuoin H.S.
3.    Sara Barnett (Sr.)
WWJD    Benton
4.    Leah Juenger (Jr.)
Mr. Spaceman    Waterloo

Radio Speaking
1.    Ian Pierce (Sr.)    DuQuoin H.S.
2.    Hannjoo Moon (Sr.)    Carbondale
3.    Stuart Thomas (So.)    Benton
4.    Haleigh Sperry (So.)    Waterloo

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Abbie Price (Jr.)
Mr. Know-it-All    Benton
2.    Ashley Rickert (Sr.)
Banning of Thought    Waterloo
3.    Maggie Scudder (So.)
Let's Clique Together    Carbondale
4.    Cassi Watkins (So.)
Where art thou anger?    Harrisburg


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