2011 GMV Districts

Tournament Information

Date: 02/04/2011
Tournament Location: Oakwood, OH


Tournament Results


1.    Oakwood   
2.    Centerville   
3.    Mason   
4.    Middletown   
5.    Beavercreek

2-Person Policy Debate
1.    Morgan Goforth and Patrick Bonnell    (Princeton)
2.    Emma Hahn and Katja Molinaro    (Oakwood)

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Brie Boltz
Orange    Middletown
1.    Melanie Ward
Angels in America    Oakwood
3.    Erin Ulman
Sickened: The True Story of a Lost Childhood    Centerville
4.    Melissa Frydman
I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced    Oakwood
5.    Shreya Reddy
The Piano Teacher    Mason

Duo Interpretation
1.    Kristen Foos and Madison Reger
Our Sixth-Grade Sugar Babies    Oakwood
2.    Erica Westley and Jasmine Robinson
Alice In Wonderland: Urban Edition    Mason
3.    Evan Starkweather and Tatehona Kelly    Princeton
4.    Amanda Winch and Cara Mumford
Around the World in a Bad Mood    Oakwood
5.    Katelyn Kang and Kathleen Yang
The Emperorr's New Clothes    Mason

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Amy Corson
Radio TBS    Centerville
2.    Tommy Barker
The Write Stuff    Middletown
3.    Eric Roytman
Promenade All    Centerville
3.    Elizabeth Girvin
Rhymes With ORange    Centerville
5.    Hank Beyer
Despicable Me: The Junior Novel     Oakwood

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Alyssa George    (Princeton)
2.    Michael Light    (Oakwood)
3.    Amy Malone    (Oakwood)
4.    Stacey Merrill    (Mason)
5.    Brendon Embry   (Centerville)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Alex Roesch    (Centerville)
1.    Sarah Manavis    (Oakwood)
3.    Alex Tatham    (Oakwood)
4.    Sohum Talreja    (Mason)
5.    Robby Elder    (Northeastern)

Lincoln Douglas Debate

1.    Abhishek Ravinuthala    (Mason)
2.    Ellie Roth    (Mason)
3.    Ashwin Datar    (Mason)
4.    Cyrus Yang    (Mason)

Oratorical Interpretation

1.    Rob Mitchell
Truthfully Speaking    Oakwood
2.    Mary Hoffmann
I Like Your Bracelet    Centerville
3.    Tanya Rana
Filling Your Life With Your Passions    Mason
4.    Kajri Sheth
D.) All of the Above Plus More    Centerville
5.    Henry Blattner
Straight Eye for the Queer Guy    Oakwood

Original Oratory

1.    Christian Gray
Fast Food, Faster Food for Shorter    Oakwood
2.    Emma Couch
Because I'm Adorable    Oakwood
2.    Liz Huizenga
Be. Yourself.    Oakwood
4.    Ellen Geiselman
I Hate Public Speaking    Oakwood
5.    Kevin Nigarura
Life Lessons Brought To You By The Joker    Centerville

Prose/Poetry Reading
1.    Umy Savani
Going, Going, Gone...    Mason
2.    Janie Simonton
...Smell My Feet    Mason
3.    Cara Clark    Beavercreek
3.    Olivia Cicpak
Purple, Green, and Yellow    Oakwood
5.    Jenee Christensen    Beavercreek
5.    Raksha Kandlur
Are You Judging Again?    Mason

Public Forum Debate
1.    leah Fay and Sam Halter    (Centerville)
1.    Diana He and Wei Sun    (Mason)
3.    Andrew Cutshall and Greg Feingold    (Centerville)
4.    John Ford and Levi Cramer    (Middletown)
5.    Derek Wallace and Olivia Alsip     (Princeton)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Qian Wang    (Mason)
1.    Katie Hoffman    (Oakwood)
3.    James Gao    (Mason)
4.    Aneet Mattu    (Centerville)
4.    Eli Colinson    (Oakwood)


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