2011 Geneva Vikings Invitational

Tournament Information

Date: 01/15/2011
Tournament Location: Geneva, IL


Tournament Results


1.    Downers Grove South   
2.    Morris   
3.    Oswego H.S.   
4.    West Chicago H.S.   
5.    Bartlett

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Ken Gonzales and Tommy McCarty    (Bartlett)
2.    Adam Zeiton and Kirstie McHugh    (Lake Park)
3.    Claire Castelli and Nick Bryant    (Glenbard East)
4.    Angie Senkpeil and Ben Wooley    (Oswego H.S.)
5.    Jorie Struck and Sam Bennett    (Morris)
6.    Joe Calabrese and Maddie Moeller    (Glenbard East)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Angie Senkpeil    (Oswego H.S.)
2.    Mariah Copeland    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Jane Drews    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Samantha Courter    (Morris)
5.    Deanne Hornof    (Oswego H.S.)
6.    Ken Gonzales    (Bartlett)
F.    Torie Trenter    (Oswego H.S.)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Ben Wooley    (Oswego H.S.)
2.    Ben Vanderlei    (West Chicago H.S.)
3.    Roche Kapoor    (Lake Park)
4.    Supal Mehta    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Jorie Struck    (Morris)
6.    Taylor Levesque    (Prairie Ridge)
F.    Shehnoor Qureshi    (Crystal Lake Central)

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Chris Reusz and Stephanie Coupland    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Mariah Copeland and Rose Murphy    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Chris Kesler and Sara Steil    (Morris)
4.    Mary DeWitt and Natalie Hilvert    (Bartlett)
5.    Christian O'Kelley and Eric Ianelli    (Glenbard East)
6.    Cara Collins and Sara Rozhon    (Oswego H.S.)
F.    Madison Rodgers and Samantha Courter    (Morris)
F.    Alise Pape and Cassidy Fauser    (Lake Park)

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Dan Stompor    (West Chicago H.S.)
2.    Zach Plata    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Mike Maloney    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Rachel Callaly    (Glenbard East)
5.    Mary Wolverton    (Morris)
6.    Matt Hughes     (Oswego H.S.)

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Supal Mehta    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Jack Disselhorst    (Prairie Ridge)
3.    Cara Collins    (Oswego H.S.)
4.    Jaymee Cole    (Morris)
5.    Ben Vanderlei    (West Chicago H.S.)
6.    Danielle Howard    (Morris)
F.    Ellen Wildman    (Geneva)

Informative Speaking
1.    Jacob O'Marrah    (Morris)
2.    Becca Peterson    (Bartlett)
3.    Kade Bashor    (Morris)
4.    Jessica Eloso    (Oswego H.S.)
5.    Saeeda Zaman   (Downers Grove South)
6.    Maddie Welter    (St. Charles East)

Oratorical Declamation

1.    Thomas Deleon    (Lake Park)
1.    Amber Hunnewell    (Morris)
1.    Jake Berry    (Oswego H.S.)
4.    Lena Fico    (Bartlett)
5.    Chris Kesler    (Morris)
6.    Jessie Eastman    (Morris)
F.    Jennifer Cortes    (Crystal Lake Central)
F.    Elena Tubridy    (West Chicago H.S.)

Original Comedy
1.    Josh Brown    (West Chicago H.S.)
2.    Nikki Haske    (St. Charles North)
3.    Maggie Brawner    (Oswego H.S.)
4.    David Mateyka    (Oswego H.S.)
5.    Joe Leasure    (Morris)
6.    John Heinze    (West Chicago H.S.)

Original Oratory
1.    Mary DeWitt    (Bartlett)
2.    Ellen Wildman    (Geneva)
3.    Amber Hunnewell    (Morris)
4.    Brooke Smith    (Morris)
5.    Thea Kilinker    (Downers Grove South)
6.    John Espinosa    (Glenbard East)

Poetry Reading

1.    Samantha Wilson    (Oswego H.S.)
2.    Thalia Fernandez    (West Chicago H.S.)
3.    Raina Callahan    (St. Charles North)
4.    Lian Lucansky    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Nick Bryant    (Glenbard East)
6.    Mahera Suhail    (Downers Grove South)
F.    Taylor Meek    (Downers Grove South)

Prose Reading

1.    Audrey Kelly    (Bartlett)
2.    Alyssa Chevere    (Bartlett)
3.    Tori Snell    (West Chicago H.S.)
4.    Rachel Saywitz    (Geneva)

Radio Speaking
1.    Darrek Sams    (West Chicago H.S.)
2.    Blake Wilhelmsen    (Morris)
3.    Josh Wren    (Morris)
4.    Erik Jenkins    (Prairie Ridge)
5.    Claire Castelli    (Glenbard East)
6.    Alex Werner    (Downers Grove South)
F.    Olivia German    (Downers Grove South)
F.    Alyssa Chevere    (Bartlett)

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Tommy McCarty    (Bartlett)
2.    Giselle Gaztambide    (Oswego H.S.)
3.    Danielle Mountain    (Dundee-Crown)
4.    Erik Jenkins    (Prairie Ridge)
5.    Miriam Buettner    (Prairie Ridge)
6.    Lian Lucansky    (Downers Grove South)
F.    Adam Newton    (Downers Grove South)
F.    John Espinosa    (Glenbard East)


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