2011 Cleveland District Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 02/04/2011
Tournament Location: Cleveland, OH


Tournament Results


1.    Solon   
2.    Gilmour Academy   
3.    Laurel School   
4.    University School   
5.    Hathaway Brown   
6.    St. Ignatius   
7.    Kenston   
7.    Olmsted Falls   
9.    Brecksville Broadview Heights   
10.    Rocky River

2-Person Policy Debate
1.    Andrew Kovtun and Michael Chen    (Solon)
2.    Hazel Crampton Hayes and Megan Porter    (Hathaway Brown)
3.    Kelsey O'Flaherty and Tyler Bewley    (Edison)
4.    Andrew Prete and Eli Kent    (Vermilion)
5.    Ben Griffin and Dan Counihan    (St. Ignatius)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Vibhu Krishna
Bash    Solon
2.    Celeste Weise
Daddys Girl    Olmsted Falls
2.    Zach Schwartz
Wild Abandon    Solon
4.    Stephanie Wong
The Lovely Bones    Hathaway Brown
5.    Lindsay Bolding
The Sunflower Forest    Edison
5.    Ryan Tobbe
Forest Gump    Gilmour Academy
5.    Kathy Zhang
Prissy Thomas    Solon
F.    Mackenzie Alexander
SunFlower Forest     Gilmour Academy
F.    Mads O'Brien
The Last Flapper    Kenston
F.    Allison Morse
Vivian Lee: The Last Press Conference    Rocky River

Duo Interpretation
1.    Raja Krishna and Vincent Wang
The Original Last Wish Baby    Solon
1.    Meghan Pavitran and Trent Narvan
Jerry Finnegan's Sister    Solon
3.    Gillian Taylor and Lydia Shultz
30 Reasons Not to be in A Play    Rocky River
4.    Alex Loheiser and Matt Lohiser
The Road to Elderado     Gilmour Academy
5.    Amy Young and Emma Wahl
The Parent Trap    Hathaway Brown
5.    Dylan Haessly and Thayer Tompkins
Doubt    Rocky River

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Natalie Pike
Alexader and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day    Gilmour Academy
1.    Casey Weinfurtner
Luan     Gilmour Academy
3.    Matt Super
The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr    Mentor
4.    Jessica Gill
Anton in Show Business    Beachwood
4.    Joseph Gibson
Ready to Wear    Olmsted Falls
4.    Scott Loeffler
Kick Me    Olmsted Falls
F.    Sam Brunson
Time Flies    Chagrin Falls

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Divya Thomas    (Kenston)
2.    Beth Petro    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
2.    Natalie Brdar    (Olmsted Falls)
4.    Kevin Rosenthal    (Solon)
5.    Dan Pecchio    (Chagrin Falls)
5.    Harris Bransch    (Rocky River)
5.    Daniel Sperling    (Solon)
5.    Sam Weitzman    (University School)
F.    David Hirsch    (Gilmour Academy)
F.    Maggie Moore    (Gilmour Academy)
F.    Bryan Gemler    (University School)
F.    Tess Stevens    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Eric Wang    (Solon)
1.    David Eapen    (St. Ignatius)
3.    Austin Price    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
4.    Tannaz Rowshanbakhtfardian    (Laurel School)
5.    Michael Luo    (Solon)
6.    Ojas Sathe    (Solon)

Lincoln Douglas Debate
1.    nathan Peereboom    (St. Ignatius)
2.    Evan Meisler    (University School)
3.    Alex Schraff    (University School)
4.    Sophie Wood    (Magnificat)
5.    Prasan Srinivasan    (University School)
6.    Abby Davis    (Magnificat)
F.    Gurbani Kaur    (Hathaway Brown)
F.    Megan Steinmetz    (Berea)
F.    Sonja Postak    (Laurel School)
F.    Victor Mezacapa    (University School)
F.    Alexander Grgat    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
F.    Joseph Solztberg    (Hawken School)

Oratorical Interpretation

1.    Luke Szabados
Conan O'Brien's Graduation Speech to Stuyvesant H.S. Class of 06    Benedictine
1.    Kadeem Yorke
MLK Nobel prize Acceptance Speech    St. Ignatius
3.    Ally Kolberg
Dead Man Walking     Gilmour Academy
3.    Tal Tamir
The Greater Houston Ministerial Association    University School
5.    Lindsay Kopit    Hawken School
5.    Oliver Chen
The Overabundance of Ice Cream     Solon
F.    Liz Eder
Seeking Prince: Charm is Optional     Solon
F.    Ashley Tartell
A Whisper of AIDS    St. Peter Chanel
F.    Bhavana Katragadda
Bollywood, Barbie Dolls, and Beauty Queens     Solon

Original Oratory
1.    Jill Weeks
We are all a wall of post-it notes    Vermilion
2.    Elizabeth Malloy
OMG! No More    Padua Franciscan
2.    Ashwin Rane
The Paul Hutchison In You    Solon
4.    Kiran Kawolics
Wall Scrawl    Laurel School
4.    Megan Zupon
A-Plus    Laurel School
6.    Robyn Cheng
Stressing Around the Clock     Gilmour Academy
F.    Melissa Michaud
The Power of LIstening    Brecksville Broadview Heights
F.    Anne Meeker
Sincerely Yours    Laurel School
F.    Anne Jordan
Boxes of Memory    Laurel School

Prose/Poetry Reading

1.    Bobbie Szabo
When Did I Stop Being a Barbie & Become Mrs. Potato Head?: Learning to Embrace the Woman You've Beco    Kenston
1.    Alex DeWitt
Who Killed Prose/Poetry?    St. Ignatius
3.    Madeline Ludwig
Grammar    Edison
4.    Farah Rahman
My Name is Bobby    Solon
5.    Jack Dolan
Liar Liar Liar     Gilmour Academy
6.    Maria Agostino
Kingdom vs. Prince Charming    Kenston
6.    Kiara Vincent
21st Century Black Warrior Wimmin's Chant    Laurel School
6.    Sarah Jordan
Summer Camp    Vermilion
F.    Tricia Kushen
Chaos Theory    Olmsted Falls
F.    Ashley Terry
Not such blessings    Vermilion

Public Forum Debate
1.    Hersh Agarwal and Noah Kirsch    (University School)
2.    Bardia Rahmani and Nathaniel Blakeway-Phillips    (University School)
3.    Ana Moran and Anna Witkin    (Chagrin Falls)
4.    Ed Crotty and Will Walker    (University School)
5.    Angela Blatz and Claire Barnes    (Mentor)
6.    Anna McGroarty and Josiah DePaoli    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
F.    Eleanor Werner and Jane Morris    (Laurel School)
F.    Chris Higley and Tomas Navia    (University School)
F.    Jordan Cohen and Victor Tse    (Beachwood)
F.    Alaina Valkoff and Paige Altemare    (Rocky River)
F.    Benjamin Brown and Eric Miranda    (Olmsted Falls)
F.    Kyle Grabowski and Nick Buchta    (Olmsted Falls)
F.    Max Yanowitz and Wooyoung Lee    (Beachwood)
F.    Alex King and Gabriel Jerome    (Chagrin Falls)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Pam Keller    (Olmsted Falls)
2.    Aly Bryan    (Hathaway Brown)
2.    Rachel Anderson    (Laurel School)
2.    Ryan Huang    (University School)
5.    Alexis McMaster    (Kenston)
6.    Caroline Veniero    (Laurel School)
F.    Tiffany Li    (Solon)
F.    Aditya Nair   (Solon)


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