2011 Carolina West NFL District Congress (Chase)

Tournament Information

Date: 02/26/2011
Team-School In Charge: Chase High School
Tournament Location: Chase High School


Events Offered:
Student Congress Debate

Tournament Results



1. Gray Jacobsen (Asheville High School) AND Zach Simonetti (Asheville High School)

3. Mark Parent (Northwest Guilford High)

4. Conner Backus (Northwest Guilford High)

5. Erich Kessel (Marvin Ridge High School)

6. Ketan Chokshi (Myers Park High School)

Senate Speech Scores

House 1

1. Priyang Shah (Myers Park High School) AND Megan Odom (Northwest Guilford High)

3. David Farrow (Charlotte Latin School)

4. Sebastian King (Northwest Guilford High)

5. Itay Hashmony (North Mecklenburg H.S.)

6. Gabe Pohl-Zaretsky (Asheville High School)

House 1 Speech Scores

House 2

1. Matthew Sullivan (Asheville High School) AND Catherine Bizub (North Mecklenburg H.S.)

3. Josh Campbell (Northwest Guilford High)

4. Alex Kennedy (Asheville High School)

5. Alex Pomeroy (Myers Park High School)

6. Brittany Cole (Calvary Baptist Day School)

House 2 Speech Scores


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