2011 Canton Central Catholic Go For The Gold Debate

Tournament Information

Date: 01/07/2011
Tournament Location: Canton, OH


Tournament Results


1.    Perry   
2.    Louisville   
3.    Wooster   
4.    North Canton Hoover   
5.    Canton McKinley   
6.    GlenOak

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Kayla Villegas    (Wooster)
2.    Jenna Dolan    (Louisville)
3.    DJ Marlatt    (Perry)
4.    Annie Szendrey    (North Canton Hoover)
5.    ASIA BOYKIN    (Timken)
6.    Constance Sabo    (Canton McKinley)

Duo Interpretation

1.    Kim Rose and Suzi Shapuite    (Perry)
3.    Daniel Rodriguez and Zach Lindesmith    (Canton Central Catholic)
4.    Alli Francis and Justin Woody    (Perry)
5.    Sam Al-Hadid and Shannon Ball    (GlenOak)
6.    CHANDLER MEEK and GABE MILLER    (Carrollton)

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Caleb Snyder    (Perry)
2.    Emily Basso    (Louisville)
3.    Sean Keane    (Perry)
4.    Ryan Skaggs    (Canton McKinley)
5.    TIM SILVER    (Carrollton)
6.    Elaine Montgomery    (Canton McKinley)

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Seth Noble    (North Canton Hoover)
2.    Garrett Graber    (Perry)
3.    Alex Smith    (North Canton Hoover)
4.    Tyler Thaxton    (Louisville)
5.    Erik Walter    (Wadsworth)
6.    Jerry Julian    (Louisville)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    NICK TORIAN    (Carrollton)
2.    BRADY MCCLURE    (Carrollton)
3.    Michael McBurney    (Perry)
4.    Charlie Jeffreys    (Perry)
5.    Lizzy Kalikasingh    (Wooster)
6.    Nicole Waers    (Perry)

Lincoln Douglas Debate

1.    Michael Pinkham    (Wooster)
2.    Lear Jiang    (Copley)

Oratorical Interpretation
1.    Mariah Glascock    (Perry)
2.    Paige Serbin    (Wadsworth)
3.    Briana Beaver    (Louisville)
4.    Katherine Wolfe    (Louisville)
5.    Cassie Brown    (Canton McKinley)
6.    Miranda Sexton    (Canton McKinley)

Original Oratory

1.    Lexi Brown    (Louisville)
2.    Ashley Moore    (Louisville)
3.    Molly Craig    (Perry)
4.    Gena DiMattio    (Canton Central Catholic)
5.    Avery Demchak    (Perry)
6.    Matthew Sparr    (Wooster)

Prose/Poetry Reading
1.    Brittni Walter    (Perry)
2.    Gabi Fatzinger    (North Canton Hoover)
3.    Hannah Doan    (Wooster)
4.    Sonja Dittmann    (Wooster)
5.    Austin Black    (Perry)
6.    Brittany Rimmel    (North Canton Hoover)

Public Forum Debate
1.    Jason Makishi and Sahand Farahati    (Copley)
2.    Helene Caniac and Lee Besner     (McDowell High School)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Matt Meeks    (Perry)
2.    KYLE COTNOIR    (Carrollton)
3.    Pedro Mejia    (Canton McKinley)
4.    Rachel Bodenschatz    (GlenOak)
5.    Coen Cobb    (Canton Central Catholic)
6.    Caitlin Duckworth    (Louisville)


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