2011 Brentwood-Oakville Invitational

Tournament Information

Date: 02/12/2011
Tournament Location: St. Louis, MO


Tournament Results


1.    Jefferson City   
2.    Marquette   
3.    Ladue Horton Watkins High School   
4.    Parkway West   
5.    Pattonville

Champ Lincoln-Douglas Debate
1.    Anjali Fernandes    (Pattonville)
2.    Jack Seigel    (Parkway West)
3.    Savannah Stuckey    (Jefferson City)
4.    Annie Schuver    (Parkway West)
5.    Aaron Malin    (Marquette)
6.    James Wang    (Parkway West)

Champ Public Forum Debate

1.    Graham Duetsch and Haley Quinn    (Jefferson City)
2.    Alex Bruns-Smith and David Bruns-Smith   (Ladue Horton Watkins High School)
3.    Keesha Johnson and Michael Hoosier    (Warrenton High School)
4.    Kirsten Gindler and Nik Fischer    (Pattonville)
5.    Ben Kweskin and Bobby Ingram    (Parkway Central)
6.    Rashmi Madhaven and Sarah Elliott    (Marquette)

Lincoln Douglas Debate

1.    Makayla Jordan    (Jefferson City)
2.    Lucy Sappington    (Brentwood)
3.    Jacob Jacob    (Ladue Horton Watkins High School)
4.    Chloe An    (Ladue Horton Watkins High School)
5.    Robinson Mills    (Jefferson City)
6.    Suhas Boba    (Marquette)

Policy Debate

1.    Rohit Gummi and Stephen Ahal    (Marquette)
2.    Brandon Ellet and John Thomas    (Marquette)
3.    Cameron Carlson and Eileen Huang    (Marquette)
4.    Aamil Patel and Aojia Zhao    (Ladue Horton Watkins High School)
5.    Kevin Shi and Ravi Kasindhuni    (Marquette)
6.    David Streid and Ravi Upadhyayula    (Ladue Horton Watkins High School)

Public Forum Debate

1.    Jay Patel and Max Highsmith    (Parkway South)
2.    Ann Ni and Joanne Yu    (Parkway West)
3.    Hannah Wiedner and Henry Chen    (Parkway Central)
4.    Elizabeth Thoenen and Paisley Groce    (Jefferson City)
5.    Madi King and Sydney Finn    (Pattonville)
6.    Gorata Afagbegee and Kevin Ward    (Principia School)


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