2011 Akron District Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 01/27/2011
Tournament Location: Norton/Medina, OH


Tournament Results


1.    Wooster   
2.    Stow   
3.    CVCA   
4.    Wadsworth   
5.    Highland

2-Person Policy Debate
1.    Chelsea Zhu (PDQ) and Maggie Eby (PDQ)    (Wooster)
1.    Jonathan Velasquez and Joseph Gorman    (Wooster)
1.    Austen Yorko (PDQ) and Kristy Kalikasingh (PDQ)    Wooster)

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Theresa Leibhart
Birthmarks    (Stow)
2.    Kayla Villegas
Shanghai Girls    (Wooster)
3.    Mina Hoffman
One    (Wadsworth)
3.    Hannah Adams
Issac and Rose    (Wadsworth)
5.    Aubrey Barker
Thirteen Things about Ed Carpolotti    (Norton)

Duo Interpretation

1.    Charles Wright and Chris Graves
The Meeting    (Wooster)
2.    Clara King and Hannah Ross
Monsters, Inc.    (CVCA)
2.    Jimmy Miller and Shelby Denton
Goodbye to the Clown    (Stow)
2.    Alex Norman and Connor Dunn
Untied Norm    (Stow)
5.    Maddie Cuckow and Maddie Haskell
Suessical     (CVCA)
5.    Dylan House and Emily Alltop
Secrets    (Wooster
F.    Dan Brazier and Savanah Brown
The Art of Teaching     (Wadsworth)

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Manny Anderson
The Minpins    (Stow)
1.    Noah Spector
The World's Largest Rodent    (Wooster)
3.    Rachel Criswell
Alice's Adventures With Poorly Cooked Cafeteria Seafood    (CVCA)
3.    Stefan Fraga
The Web Files    (Wooster)
5.    Cameron Jamshidi
008    (Highland)
6.    Randy Hoover
Investigator Q    (Stow)
F.    Christian Corpora
Franny K. Stein - Mad Scientist    (CVCA)

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Adam Hansen    (Stow)
2.    Sarah Baldessari    (CVCA)
2.    Kristen Cannon    (Stow)
4.    Andrew Lundstrom    (Stow)
5.    Daria Chalupa    (Our Lady of the Elms)
6.    Maggie Waickman    (Our Lady of the Elms)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Madison Prestridge    (Wadsworth)
2.    Lizzy Kalikasingh    (Wooster)
3.    Seth Johnston    (Wadsworth)
4.    Chris Karnadi    (CVCA)
5.    Vicki Anderson    (Wooster)

Lincoln Douglas Debate
1.    Jessica Luczywo    (Stow)
1.    Hanna Borsilli    (Stow)
3.    Lear Jiang    (Copley)
3.    Daniel Cebul    (Wooster)
5.    Drew Lindenberger    (Firestone)
5.    Stuart Arbuckle    (Highland)
5.    Marybeth Krosse    (Medina)
5.    Morgan Etheridge    (Medina)
5.    Edwin Zhang    (Revere)
5.    Vince Paparella    (Revere)
5.    Michael Pinkham    (Wooster)

Oratorical Interpretation

1.    Julie Burzonsky
The Whisper of AIDS    (Stow)
1.    Rebecca Pittard
352nd Harvard Commencement    (Wooster)
3.    Angela Rejon
Do Over    (Copley)
3.    Paige Serbin
I Don't Suffer From Insanity     (Wadsworth)
5.    Jonheva Stikes-Jenkins
The Hypocrisy of Slavery    (CVCA)
6.    Aliscia Marotta
Bring on the Cheesecake    (Highland)
F.    Paul Williams
Don't Be An Individual    (Wooster)

Original Oratory
1.    Allie Schwartz
A Bite of Trooth    (Wooster)
2.    Monica Mehta
Like Blush on Brown    (Western Reserve)
3.    Noelle Colant
Monsters Among Us    (Our Lady of the Elms)
3.    Dakota Barger
Stay Sharp, My Friends    (Wadsworth)
5.    Matthew Sparr
Son of a Bi...scuit Eating Bulldog    (Wooster)
6.    Hannah Trew
If You Really Knew Me    (Norton)

Prose/Poetry Reading
1.    Julia Benyo
Obsessions    (CVCA)
1.    Hannah Doan
Hidden Things    (Wooster)
3.    Grace Bolinger
Bad Days    (CVCA)
4.    Noelle Pritchard
Geniuses of the 21st Century, This is for You    (Norton)
4.    Martina Fraga
Growing Pains    (Wooster)
6.    Miranda Reeder
Dawn of the Deadfuls    (Highland)
F.    Sonja Dittmann
Stereotypes    (Wooster)
F.    Kiki Zanin
Cystic Fibrosis: A Sister's Memoir    (CVCA)
F.    Khadijah Hobbson
Where's Nowhere?   (Stow)

Public Forum Debate
1.    Jason Makishi and Sahand Farahati    (Copley)
2.    Drew Harpel and Matt Reinke    (Copley)
2.    Ellen Wiencek and Jennifer Delozier    (Highland)
2.    Sara Ramcharran and Vicki Herter    (Stow)
5.    Claudine Tebchecani and Eric Wang    (Copley)
5.    Annie Cho and Jennah Romansky    (CVCA)
5.    Frank Zona and TJ Killeen    (Highland)
5.    Max Deka and Veronica Toth    (Medina)
5.    Chloe Hillard and Wendy Kuzmishin    (Our Lady of the Elms)
5.    Kyla Hemphill and Thomas Fitz Gibbon    (Wooster)
5.    Charlie Reynolds and Devlin Gatz    (Wooster)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Ethan Axe    (Copley)
1.    Ben Pykare    (CVCA)
1.    Elizabeth Kleinhenz    (Wooster)
4.    Megan Gant    (Wooster)
5.    Sam Hill    (CVCA)
5.    Marcos Limas    (Stow)


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