2011 12th Annual Perrysburg Rotary Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 01/29/2011
Tournament Location: Perrysburg , OH


Tournament Results


1.    Notre Dame Academy   
2.    Maumee H.S.   
3.    Perrysburg   
4.    Sylvania Southview   
5.    Wauseon   
6.    Whitmer

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Ginny Dillon    (Notre Dame Academy)
2.    Megan Schlachter    (Notre Dame Academy)
3.    Rahel Adugna    (Bexley)
4.    Indra Andershak    (Notre Dame Academy)
5.    Lyndsey McCann    (Maumee H.S.)
6.    Natalie Wood    (Perrysburg)

Duo Interpretation
1.    Emily Brazier and Samantha Morr    (Wauseon)
2.    Cassidy Ladd and Janelle Nafziger    (Wauseon)
3.    Alexa Urbanski and Ashley Urbanski    (Notre Dame Academy)
4.    Ashton Genzman and Emily Behm    (Notre Dame Academy)
5.    Katie Malczewki and Lizzy Riddle    (Notre Dame Academy)
6.    Caitlin Ackley and Katlyn Demaline    (Wauseon)

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Tori Zajac    (Notre Dame Academy)
2.    Trevor Dorner    (Perrysburg)
3.    Issa Polstein    (Maumee H.S.)
4.    Alex Zerby    (Maumee Valley Country Day)
5.    Katie Pettee    (Notre Dame Academy)
6.    Olivia DeClark    (Notre Dame Academy)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Spencer Rizk    (Whitmer)
2.    Courtney McIntire    (Maumee H.S.)
3.    Blake Altman    (Napoleon)
4.    Aurora Zimmerman    (Whitmer)
5.    Ceci Jenkins    (Notre Dame Academy)
6.    Brandon Owens    (Olentangy)

International Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Najeeb Ahmed    (Perrysburg)
2.    Grant Buehrer    (Maumee H.S.)
3.    Taylor Myers    (Wauseon)
4.    Timothy Lemon    (Wauseon)
5.    Michael Gerber    (Perrysburg)
6.    Wakanene Kamau   (Perrysburg)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

1.    Alex Lange    (Bexley)
2.    Jackie Leizerman    (Sylvania Northview)
3.    John Barry    (Maumee H.S.)
4.    Nadeen Sarsour    (Sylvania Northview)
5.    Stevan Jechura    (Maumee H.S.)
6.    Jeniffer Deng    (Sylvania Northview)

Oratorical Interpretation
1.    Erin Marcis    (Napoleon)
2.    Kabwe Chilupe    (Maumee H.S.)
3.    Megan Olzak    (Perrysburg)
4.    Alberto Serrano    (Maumee H.S.)
5.    Kacie McGoldrick    (Notre Dame Academy)
6.    Rebecca Koppenol    (Whitmer)

Original Oratory
1.    Ibtissam Gad    (Sylvania Southview)
2.    Sam Riccio    (Notre Dame Academy)
3.    Allison Morse    (Sylvania Southview)
4.    Alyse Krausz    (Notre Dame Academy)
5.    Juliet Hudson    (Notre Dame Academy)
6.    Colin Commager    (Maumee H.S.)

Prose/Poetry Reading
1.    Karly Ratzenberger    (Notre Dame Academy)
2.    Minahil Kamram    (Notre Dame Academy)
3.    Megan Beech    (Napoleon)
4.    Kristina Gonzales    (Napoleon)
5.    Alexandra Korsog    (Maumee H.S.)
6.    Ellen Dziubek    (Notre Dame Academy)

Public Forum Debate
1.    Alison Yang and Clement Dupuy    (Sylvania Southview)
2.    Joe Goldberger and Matt Ducey    (Maumee H.S.)
3.    Austen Mance and Niket Parikh    (Sylvania Southview)
4.    Emma Parlette and Taylor Weis    (Sylvania Northview)
5.    Jacob Dollman and Rhett Davidson    (St. John's Jesuit High School)
6.    Chris Blanton and Michael Wiseman    (Whitmer)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Becca Funke    (Notre Dame Academy)
2.    Gautham Madhira    (Maumee Valley Country Day)
3.    Jessica Bachman    (Wauseon)
4.    Jake Huner    (Maumee H.S.)
5.    Wynn Turner    (Maumee Valley Country Day)
6.    Caryn Bartholomew    (Notre Dame Academy)


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