2010 Tarheel Forensic League State Championship

Tournament Information

Date: 04/16/2010
Tournament Location: Enka High School


Tournament Results


1. Marvin Ridge High School

2. Myers Park High School

3. Pinecrest High School

Governor's Cup (Overall Sweeps)

Myers Park

Steven Davis Debate Sweeps

Myers Park

Kurt Ernest IE Sweeps

Marvin Ridge

Randy Shaver Small Schools Sweeps

NC School Of Science & Math

Mildred Hussey Coach of the Year

Keith Pittman (Asheville)

Jackie Foote Award of Excellence in Congressional Debate (Given to a student)

Alex Boudreau (Asheville)

John Woollen Award of Excellence in Speech and Debate (Given to a double entered student)

Josh Zoffer (Durham Academy)

TFL Student of the Year (Given to a Senior with exceptional academic record and character)

Alex Boudreau (Asheville)

Virginia Sutherland Circle of Honor (NC Speech and Debate Coaches Hall of Fame) - not awarded


1. Brooke Carter

2. Lauren King

3. Jason Cardinali

4. Nick Franco

5. Luke Miller

6. Alex Lam

7. Richard Sharek


1. Blakeney Oliver

2. Hoke Pittman

3. Doug Harrison

4. Tony Heard

5. Jacenta Price

6. John Pope

Duo Interp

1. Brendan Nally and Mitchell Nally

2. Hoke Pittman and Izzy Francke

3. Emily Wallace and Nathan Bailey

4. Jacoby Baker and Eric Frid

5. Hunter Ocheltree and Kyle Ocheltree

6. Kelly Pope and John Pope


1. Nathaniel Donahue

2. Rafe Kettler

3. Josh Zoffer

4. Ben Denton

5. Auden Laurence

6. Tre Hunt


1. Jenny Questell

2. Minali Nigam

3. Michael Griggs

4. Sarah VanSickle

5. Alex Krzynski

6. Brittany Wallace


1. Ben Denton

2. Tre Hunt

3. Isabel Williams

4. Mia Thompson

5. Caitlyn Hutson

6. David Jackson

7. Darijo Blazevic

Oral Interp

1. Izzy Francke

2. Brendan Nally

3. Morgan Taylor

4. Nathan Bailey

5. Elise Smith

6. Bernadine Pierre


1. Milly Fotso

2. Sarah VanSickle

3. Minali Nigam

4. Mia Thompson

5. Raul Gonzalez

6. Elise Smith


1. Jake Spinella

2. Taylor Moore

3. Letriece Calhoun

4. Spencer Willis

5. Vijay Sadanani

6. Robert Havelka

Novice LD

NC School of Science SK (Seon Kang)

Open LD

Durham Academy JZ (Josh Zoffer)

Novice PF

Myers Park High Schoo CT (Deena Cronson & Charlie Talmadge)

Open PF

North Mecklenburg H.S MT (Jeremy Miranda & Conner Taylor)

Novice Congress (Top 6)

1. Erich Kessel

2. Jacob Navey

3. Elizabeth Eason

4. Liz Crampton

5. Matt Sullivan

6. Olivia Hernandez

Open Congress (Top 6)

1. Alex Boudreau

2. Wilson Parker

3. Joey Rasmus

4. Josh Campbell

5. Priyang Shah

6. Sathya Williams


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