2010 SVFL Debate Qual @ Ponderosa

Tournament Information

Date: 03/05/2010
Team-School In Charge: Ponderosa High School
Tournament Location: Ponderosa High School


Primary Contact: Travis Summers

Tournament Results

*(Results From The Prelims Posted)*

Policy Debate (3-0 Scores)

Scott Panek/Scott Panek AND Jake Lerner/Sean Fitzhenry

L-D Debate (4-0 Scores)

Kunal Shah AND Nima Miraliakbar

Public Forum Debate (3-0 Scores)

Arushi Saxena/Kedar Kulkarni AND Dominic DeMarco/Alex Wagner AND David Don/Chase Bisson

Parliamentary Debate (5-0 Score)

Matt O'Brien/Gary Nielsen


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