2010 South View High School Tournament (SVHS) (Dougald McLaurin Invitational)

Tournament Information

Date: 02/20/2010
Team-School In Charge: South View High School
Tournament Location: South View High School


Tournament Results


1. (Jack Britt) Madelyn Powell

2. (Pinecrest) Josephine Yurcaba

3. (Pinecrest) Zac Hoffman

4. (Durham Academy) Delaney Herndon

5. (Durham Academy) Ariel Katz

6. (Durham Academy) Alan Linsdey

Public Forum

1. (Massey Hill Classical) Bilal Butt and Joshua Price

2. (Pinecrest) Jake Elliott and Jairo Vera

3. (Pinecrest) Emily Gower and Haden Quinlan

4. (Pinecrest) Dana Parziale and Shayla Birath

5. (Pinecrest) Yul Yurcaba and Kyle Newman

6. (Woods Charter) Alston Neville and Jillian Stein-Seroussi

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Josh Kitchen (Seventy-First HS)

2. Doug Harrison (Pinecrest HS)

3. Hannah Sellers (Pinecrest HS)

4. Thurshundray Lyons (Seventy-First HS)

5. (TIE) Vanessa Parish (Seventy-First HS) AND Jazmyne Jones (Pine Forest)

6. Stephen Walters (Reid Ross Classic)


1. Hunter Ocheltree and Kyle Ocheltree (Pinecrest HS)

2. Jillian Hendryx and Courtney McLaurin (Cape Fear HS)

3. Brittany Stewardson and Kayia Upchurch (Cape Fear HS)

4. Corey Kirk and Johnson Taylor (Pine Forest)

5. Meredith Philbrook and Michelle Zaun (Pine Forest)

6. D'Chante McKenzie and Patrick Lovell (Jack Britt HS)


1. Ben Denton (Pinecrest HS)

2. Emily Sheffield (Pine Forest HS)

3. Kiran Jones (Durham Academy)

4. David Jackson (Durham Academy)

5. Nick Krenitsky (Woods Charter School)

Humorous Interpretation

1. D'Chante McKenzie (Jack Britt HS)

2. Jenny Questell (Pinecrest HS)

3. Susan Dieck (Pine Forest HS)

4. Alexandria Gates (Terry Sanford HS)

5. Tom Rogers (Pine Forest HS)

6. Marrian Bell (Cape Fear HS)

Impromptu Duet Acting

1. Hunter Ocheltree and Kyle Ocheltree (Pinecrest HS)

2. Tamesha Cosand and Joscelyn Turner (Cape Fear HS)

3. Eden Garner and Honorio Lara (Early College)

4. Dorian Alston and Amber Hargrove (Cape Fear HS)

5. Thaddeus Downing and Lacie Schuler (Cape Fear HS)

6. Daniel Culbreth and Trey Purley (Cape Fear HS)


1. Ben Denton (Pinecrest HS)

2. David Jackson (Durham Academy)

3. Trenton Marshall (Reid Ross Classic)

4. Emily Sheffield (Pine Forest)

5. Josh Kitchen (Seventy-First HS)

6. Kiran Jones (Durham Academy)

Oral Interpretation--NO RESULTS POSTED

Original Oratory

1. Vanessa Parish (Seventy-First HS)

2. Mia Thompson (Northwest Guilfo)

3. Peacemaker Myoung (Seventy-First HS)

4. Krista Cezair (Reid Ross Classic)

5. Krista Cezair (Reid Ross Classic)

6. Casey Suglia (Pinecrest HS)


1. Susan Dieck (Pine Forest)

2. Casey Suglia (Pinecrest HS)

3. Clark Williams (Pinecrest HS)

4. Brandie Bunce (Seventy-First HS)

5. Byra Bradley (Cape Fear HS)

6. Brandy Gallatin (Seventy-First HS)


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