2010 South Side Speech Invitational

Tournament Information

Date: 11/20/2010
Team-School In Charge: Fort Wayne, IN
Tournament Location: Fort Wayne, IN


Tournament Results


1.    Plymouth   
2.    Northrop   
3.    North Side   
4.    Canterbury   
5.    DeKalb   
6.    Elkhart Central    
7.    Columbia City High School   
8.    Concord    
9.    East Noble   
10.  Bethany Christian

1.    Hendrix Magley    (Northrop)
2.    P. J. Sauertieig    (Canterbury)
3.    Anne Canavati    (Canterbury)
4.    Alisha Turnbow    (Columbia City High School)
5.    Christina Krozel    (Plymouth)
6.    Corynne Davis    (DeKalb)
F.    Cody Martin    (Bishop Dwenger)
F.    Casey Neves    (North Side)

1.    Stephen Stachofsky    (North Side)
2.    Linda Hershman    (Columbia City High School)
3.    Braden Bassett    (DeKalb)
4.    William Morton    (Burris Laboratory School)
5.    Nelson Wagner    (Plymouth)
6.    Savannah Draper    (New Haven)
F.    Dakota Wappes    (Columbia City High School)
F.    Ciara Cox    (Canterbury)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Cameron Ponce    (Elkhart Central)
2.    Sarah Gouker    (Plymouth)
3.    Austin Craft    (Plymouth)
4.    Stephanie Gorka    (Plymouth)
5.    Darby LeClear    (North Side)
6.    Emily Walden    (Plymouth)
F.    Bryt Hiatt    (Plymouth)
F.    Robert Van Dyke    (South Side)

Duo Interpretation (Memorized)

1.    Sam Compton and Stephanie Gorka    (Plymouth)
2.    Jessica Kanalos and Megan McCullough    (Northrop)
3.    Hannah Howard and Susan Mertz    (South Side)
4.    Abby Evard and Brenda Pita-Hernandez    (East Noble)
5.    Lindsi Fett and Quan Tran    (Northrop)

Duo Interpretation (Scripted)
1.    Bryt Hiatt and Rebecca Brumbaugh    (Plymouth)
2.    Ellen Smith and Tyler Wagner    (Plymouth)
3.    Briana Gantz and Kyle Barry    (Plymouth)
4.    Courtney Byrd and Fatima Delgado    (Concord)
4.    Joshua Nelson and Veldina Rizvic    (Northrop)
6.    Christina Chipman and Michael Gray    (Plymouth)
F.    Annie Charlwood and Jamie Beck    (Concord)
F.    Kaitlin Liggett and Noah Little    (Concordia Lutheran)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Kate Peters    (Plymouth)
2.    Cameron Ponce    (Elkhart Central)
3.    Sam Compton    (Plymouth)
4.    Megan Speith    (Northrop)
5.    Ethaniel Burk    (North Side)
6.    Christine Beckmann    (Plymouth)
F.    Miles Barrett    (Concord)
F.    Maddie Gerig    (Bethany Christian)

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Mary Ankenbruck    (Northrop)
2.    Drew Dettmer    (DeKalb)
3.    Josh Garcia     (DeKalb)
4.    Michaila Nate    (Plymouth)
5.    Sukrit Jain    (Canterbury)
6.    Austin Andreas    (Columbia City High School)
F.    Kajal Singh    (Northrop)
F.    Kelsey Shaffer    (Plymouth)

Improvisational Duo
1.    Darby LeClear and Maddie Miller    (North Side)
2.    Ethaniel Burk and James Tarr    (North Side)
3.    Dylan Troyer and Miles Barrett    (Concord)
4.    Hannah Alexander and Rachelle Linsenmayer    (South Side)
5.    Kaitlyn Ramsey and Megan Lung    (East Noble)
6.    Ben Hochstetler and Peter Schrock    (Bethany Christian)
F.    Grant Manon and Nate Floyd    (East Noble)

International Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Sukrit Jain    (Canterbury)
2.    Michaila Nate    (Plymouth)
3.    Brett Wessley    (DeKalb)
4.    Paige Wheeler    (Bethany Christian)
5.    Kajal Singh    (Northrop)
6.    Tyler Salway    (South Side)
F.    Srilatha Dasari    (Northrop)
F.    May Cheng    (Columbia City High School)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Austin Craft    (Plymouth)
2.    Alex Dryer    (Columbia City High School)
3.    Pauline Dagaas    (Plymouth)
4.    Shaquona Ellis    (Elkhart Central)
5.    Christopher Spalding    (South Side)
6.    Mike Henderson    (New Haven)
F.    Ashton Morrow    (Plymouth)
F.    Kylie Hill    (Elkhart Central)

Original Oratory
1.    Rebecca Brumbaugh    (Plymouth)
1.    Emily Walden    (Plymouth)
3.    Dayna Arnett    (Elkhart Central)
4.    Shelby Leichty    (DeKalb)
5.    Scott Zellner    (Canterbury)
6.    Megan McCullough    (Northrop)
F.    Karis Sims    (North Side)
F.    Pauline Dagaas    (Plymouth)

Original Performance
1.    Maria Nunez    (Snider)
2.    Danin Fluke/Justin Coplin    (East Noble)
3.    Luke Bumpus    (Plymouth)
4.    Christina Chipman    (Plymouth)
5.    Sarah McCrumb    (Garrett)
6.    Shannon Richards    (Elkhart Central)
F.    Jacob Ganser    (South Side)
F.    Lindsi Fett    (Northrop)

Poetry Reading
1.    Yusra Ambeir    (Northrop)
2.    Dara Marquez    (Concord)
3.    Joey Adams    (South Side)
4.    Courtney Harris    (Plymouth)
5.    Karis Sims    (North Side)
6.    Helen Li    (Canterbury)
F.    Michael Gray    (Plymouth)
F.    Caroline Kilbane    (Bishop Dwenger)

Prose Reading
1.    Olivia Hilliard    (Plymouth)
2.    Emily Arnold    (Snider)
3.    Hadley Todoran    (Canterbury)
4.    Dona Park    (Bethany Christian)
5.    Amy Arthur    (North Side)
6.    Kristen Gergely    (Plymouth)
F.    Nik Diaz    (Bethany Christian)
F.    Lindsey Floyd    (Concordia Lutheran)

1.    Christopher Spalding    (South Side)
2.    Hannah Alexander    (South Side)
3.    Joey Byers    (North Side)
4.    Freddie Williams    (North Side)
5.    Chau Bui    (Westview)
6.    Karrington Collins    (Northrop)
F.    Yamin Thu    (North Side)
F.    Lea Farmer    (North Side)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Mary Ankenbruck    (Northrop)
2.    Paola Gamarra    (Northrop)
3.    Kelsey Shaffer    (Plymouth)
4.    Sadie Sial    (North Side)
5.    Heather Blickenstaff    (DeKalb)
6.    Christina Funk    (Canterbury)
F.    Drew Dettmer    (DeKalb)
F.    Austin Andreas    (Columbia City High School)


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