2010 Plymouth Novice Festival

Tournament Information

Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Plymouth, IN


Tournament Results


1.    South Side   
1.    North Side   
1.    Bethany Christian   
1.    Elkhart Central    
1.    Howe Military   
1.    North White   
1.    Plymouth

1.    Stephen Stachofsky    (North Side)
2.    Haley Paton    (Plymouth)
3.    April Bowen    (Plymouth)
4.    Justin Rodin    (North White)
5.    Andrew Reichle    (South Side)
6.    Rachel Hacha    (Plymouth)
F.    Casey Neves    (North Side)
F.    Sommer McClellan    (Plymouth)

1.    Stephen Stachofsky    (North Side)
2.    Justin Rodin    (North White)
3.    Erin Minnick    (North White)
4.    Lawrence Gore    (Howe Military)
5.    Joe Donnelly    (South Side)
6.    Victoria Joyner    (South Side)
F.    Eli Schaap    (Howe Military)

Dramatic and Humorous Interpretation
1.    Freddie Williams    (North Side)
2.    Kate Peters    (Plymouth)
3.    April Bowen    (Plymouth)
4.    Christine Beckman    (Plymouth)
5.    Ellen Smith - Drama    (Plymouth)
6.    Ben Piazza    (Plymouth)
F.    Hayden Wolfe    (Plymouth)
F.    Gianella Cerriteno    (Plymouth)

Duo Interpretation (Scripted and Memorized)

1.    Ellen Smith and Tyler Wagner    (Plymouth)
2.    Briana Gantz and Kyle Barry    (Plymouth)
3.    Andrew Youst and Markee Farler    (Plymouth)
4.    Macie McMichael and Morgan Hite    (Plymouth)
5.    Angie Mercado and Jessica Midgley    (Elkhart Central)
6.    Shannon Keating and Tyler Hileman    (North White)
F.    Miranda Hacha and Sarah Iwinski    (Plymouth)
F.    A.J. Frigo and M. Duo Laurin Elliott    (North White)

1.    Paige Wheeler    (Bethany Christian)
2.    Ben Hochstetler    (Bethany Christian)
3.    Carl Jacobson    (Elkhart Central)
4.    Pooja Patel    (Bethany Christian)
5.    Isabella Herman    (South Side)
6.    Monique Thomas    (North Side)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Ben Hochstetler    (Bethany Christian)
2.    Rachel Hacha    (Plymouth)
3.    Brooke Watson    (South Side)
4.    Monique Thomas    (North Side)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Carl Jacobson    (Elkhart Central)
2.    Ann Brandon    (Elkhart Central)
3.    Jennifer Solla    (Elkhart Central)

Original Oratory
1.    Christine Beckman    (Plymouth)
2.    Jace Allen    (Plymouth)
3.    Alyssa Wolverton    (South Side)

Original Performance

1.    Jessica Cleveland    (Plymouth)
2.    Kaitlyn Wright    (North Side)
3.    Jacob Ganser    (South Side)
4.    Naomi Johnston    (Elkhart Central)

Poetry Reading
1.    Karis Sims    (North Side)
2.    Brittany Gantz    (Plymouth)
3.    Jessica Moeller    (North Side)
4.    Mary Donnelly    (South Side)
5.    Kaitlyn Wright    (North Side)
6.    Markee Farler    (Plymouth)
F.    Haley Paton    (Plymouth)
F.    Briana Gantz    (Plymouth)

Prose Reading

1.    Kyle Barry    (Plymouth)
2.    Katelyn Hartsell    (Plymouth)
3.    Kristen Gergely    (Plymouth)
4.    Miranda Hacha    (Plymouth)
5.    Sarah Iwinski    (Plymouth)
6.    Maddy Gerig    (Bethany Christian)
F.    Shahrah Aziz    (North Side)
F.    Shannon Richards    (Elkhart Central)


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