2010 Perry All Events Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 11/05/2010
Tournament Location: Massillon, OH


Tournament Results

2-Person Policy Debate
1.    Chelsea Zhu and Maggie Eby    (Wooster)
2.    Luke Zona and Will Heinricks    (Sylvania Northview)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    DJ Marlatt    (Perry)
2.    Corey Lipkins, Jr.    (North Canton Hoover)
3.    Jessica McCallum    (Perry)
4.    Jenna Dolan    (Louisville)
5.    PJ Calac    (GlenOak)
6.    Mina Hoffman    (Wadsworth)

Duo Interpretation
1.    Alli Francis and Justin Woody    (Perry)
2.    Daniel Rodriguez and Zach Lindesmith    (Canton Central Catholic)
3.    Marisa Lolli and Nina Kern    (Lake Center Christian School)
4.    CHANDLER MEEK and GABE MILLER    (Carrollton)
5.    Glenn Menteer and Travis Brown    (Southeast H.S.)
6.    Kim Rose and Suzi Shapuite    (Perry)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Issa Polstein    (Maumee H.S.)
2.    Travis Williams    (Perry)
3.    Tiffany Powell    (Perry)
4.    Jalen Carter    (Gahanna Lincoln)
5.    Cameron Jamshidi    (Highland)
6.    Caleb Snyder    (Perry)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Cody Oldham    (Jackson H.S.)
2.    Andrew Lundstum    (Stow)
3.    Jesal Solanki    (Jackson H.S.)
4.    Seth Noble    (North Canton Hoover)
5.    Ashley Moore    (Louisville)
6.    Colin Commager    (Maumee H.S.)

International Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    NICK TORIAN    (Carrollton)
2.    Charlie Jeffreys    (Perry)
3.    Abhishek Bhargava    (Jackson H.S.)
4.    Shelby Logan    (Perry)
5.    Lizzy Kalikasingh    (Wooster)
6.    Nicole Waers    (Perry)

Lincoln Douglas Debate
1.    Evan Meisler    (University School)
2.    Lear Jiang    (Copley)

Oratorical Interpretation
1.    Briana Beaver    (Louisville)
2.    Mariah Glascock    (Perry)
3.    Hannah York    (Perry)
4.    Kalyn Schirack    (Jackson H.S.)
5.    Aarika Ladow    (Perry)
6.    Erica Davis    (Perry)

Original Oratory
1.    Molly Craig    (Perry)
2.    Andrew Walker     (Jackson H.S.)
3.    Noelle Colant    (Our Lady of the Elms)
4.    Lisa Miller    (Gahanna Lincoln)
5.    Brandon Genetin    (GlenOak)
6.    Gena DiMattio    (Canton Central Catholic)

Prose/Poetry Reading
1.    Julia Benyo    (CVCA)
2.    Laura Shoenfelt    (Wooster)
3.    Gabi Fatzinger    (North Canton Hoover)
4.    Jena Kosinski    (Perry)
5.    Austin Black    (Perry)
6.    Olivia Justus    (Perry)

Public Forum Debate
1.    Dan Mefford and Evan Thorn    (Gahanna Lincoln)
2.    Diana He and Wei Sun    (Mason)
3.    Alison Yang and Clement Dupuy    (Sylvania Southview)
4.    Amanda Loucks and Brooke Branson    (GlenOak)
5.    Greg Feingold and Kyle McLaughlin    (Centerville)
6.    Courtney Larkin and Nikita Nambiar    (Mason)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Matt Meeks   (Perry)
2.    Ben Pykare    (CVCA)
3.    Elizabeth Kleinhenz    (Wooster)
4.    Rachel Bodenschatz    (GlenOak)
5.    Ethan Axe    (Copley)
6.    Qian Wang    (Mason)


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