2010 Northwest Guilford High School Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 12/11/2010
Team-School In Charge: Northwest Guilford High School
Tournament Location: Northwest Guilford High School


Tournament Results

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Taylor Moore (Chase High School)

2. Carly Ruda (Ardrey Kell High)

3. Carly Ruda (Ardrey Kell High)

4. TIE Sydney Browning (NCSSM) AND Samantha Richardson (Gray's Creek High)

6. Doug Harrison (Pinecrest High School)

Duo Interp

1. Michael Griggs and Ashley Thomas (Myers Park High)

2. Molly Griggs and Mary Mattison Vall'ry (Independent)

3. Bernadine Pierr l and Meghan Dorn (Myers Park High)

4. Hunter Ocheltree and Kyle Ocheltree (Pinecrest High School)

5. Brittany Wallace and Lauren Calucag (North Mecklenbur)

6. Micah Stubbs and Zakarya Masmoundl (Ardrey Kell High)

Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Robert Harrison (Independent)

2. TIE Ben Denton (Pinecrest High School) AND Kiran Jones (Durham Academy)

4. Derrick Flakoll (Myers Park High)

5. Lauren Moore (Cary Academy)

6. Rashil Madan (Ardrey Kell High)

Humorous Interpretation

1. Michael Griggs (Myers Park High)

2. Emily Wallace (Marvin Ridge High)

3. Bridgette Brainard (Chase High School)

4. TIE Kelly Pope (Marvin Ridge High) AND John Pope (Marvin Ridge High)

6. Kelly Anderson (Ardrey Kell High)


1. Adia Tigney (EE Smith High School)

2. Lauren Moore (Cary Academy)

3. Zack Fowler (NCSSM)

4. TIE Raul Gonzalez (North Mecklenbur) AND Cissy Yu (East Chapel Hill)

6. Abigail Storey (Jack Britt High)

Oral Interp

1. Shailyn Roman (Marvin Ridge High)

2. Ohavia Phillips (Myers Park High)

3. Emily Wallace (Marvin Ridge High)

4. Hannah Sellers (Pinecrest High School)

5. Ashley Nwagbarja (Myers Park High)

6.Kelly Pope (Marvin Ridge High)

Original Oratory

1. Sarah VanSickle (Marvin Ridge High)

2. Jada Wiggleton-Lirtle (Phillip O. Berry)

3. Trikeria Johnson (North Mecklenbur)

4. Raul Gonzalez (North Mecklenbur)

5. Taylor Barrett (W.A. Hough High)

6. Lane Fagan (Myers Park High)

Radio Announcing

1. Lane Fagan (Myers Park High)

2. Alex Lam (Marvin Ridge High)

3. Nick Franco (Marvin Ridge High)

4. Denise King (Marvin Ridge High)

5. Joshua Bugica (Ardrey Kell High)

6. Byron Cummings (Phillip O. Berry)


1. Jessica Weissm (Ardrey Kell High)

2. Sara Karimipour (Ardrey Kell High)

3. Jacob McHugh (Ardrey Kell High)

4. Daisy Torres (Myers Park High)

5. Sofia Edelman (Myers Park High)

6. Elisha Zhang (Ardrey Keli High)

Open L-D Debate

Novice L-D Debate

Open P-F Debate

Novice P-F Debate


Novice Chamber 1

1. Bhattacharjee, Rangoli (William G Enloe)

2. Smirnov, Illyrick (William G Enloe)

3. Moore, Jarrod (Cary Academy)

4. Montgomery, Catherine (Asheville)

5. Canziani, Julie (Northern Guilford)

6. Wang, Michael (Marvin Ridge High School)

BEST PO: Irwin Li (Marvin Ridge)

Novice Chamber 2

1. Waechter, Ted (Cary Academy)

2. Buie, Grace (Asheville)

3. Jiang, Kelly (East Chapel Hill)

4. Bryan, Kevin (North Forsyth)

5. Kuchibhatla, Rachna (Cary Academy)

6. Jackson, Martel (Asheville)

BEST PO: Kevin Bryan (North Forsyth)

Open Chamber 1

1. Jarwala, Alisha (Cary Academy)

2. Saxena, Shreye (Green Hope)

3. Liu, Daniel (East Chapel Hill)

4. Advani, Serena (Cary Academy)

5. Pohl-Zaretsky, Gabe (Asheville)

6. Peterkin, Nate (Pinecrest)

BEST PO: Nate Peterkin (Pinecrest)

Open Chamber 2

1. Schulte, Michael (William G Enloe)

2. Williams, Sathya (Paisley Magnet)

3. Averell, Michael (Cary Academy)

4. Taylor, Connor (North Mecklenburg)

5. Black, Phillip (Green Hope)

6. Simha, Rishi (Green Hope)

BEST PO: Sathya Williams (Paisley Magnet)



1. Marvin Ridge

2. Cary Academy

3. Myers Park

2010 CFL of Charlotte Congress

1. Worth, Allen (Asheville High School)

2. Parker, Wilson (Asheville High School)

3. Jacobsen, Gray (Asheville High School)

4. Bizub, Catherine (North Mecklenburg H.S.)

5. Sullivan, Matt (Asheville High School)

6. Cole, Brittany (Calvary Baptist Day School)

BEST PO: Kyle Montenegro (Myers Park)


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