2010 New York State Forensic League State Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 04/24/2010
Tournament Location: Chaminade HS


Primary Contact: John McGrory & Kieran Larkin

Tournament Results


1. Omar Gouda (Pelham Memorial)

2. Suprita Datta (Stuyvesant)

3. Joe Clyne (Regis)

4. Tanim Jain (Stuyvesant)

5. Ashley Macina (Marymount School)

6. Jose Almanzar (Regis)

7. Emmanuella Vaught (St Josephs (NY))


1. Valeriya Tsitron (Stuyvesant)

2. George Georgiadis (Chaminade)

3. Angela Carbone (Syosset)

4. Martinique Watson (Nazareth Regional)

5. Niasia Thomas (Nazareth Regional)

6. Lindy Callaghan (Sacred Heart Academy)

Duo Interp

1. Adely DiCola (Iona Preparatory School)

2. Moise Quinn (Chaminade)

3. Robinson McLarty (Bronx Prep Charter School)

4. Meyers Temkin (Stuyvesant)

5. Calano Calleja (Regis)

6. Prisco Kutner (Chaminade)


1. James Boland (Monsignor Farrell)

2. Cheryl Fierstein (Syosset)

3. Santi Slade (Stuyvesant)

4. Michael Paslavsky (Regis)

5. Will Passanante (Regis)

6. Alex Aguirre (Fordham Prep)

Impromptu (Top 6 Listed)

1.Matt Zuckerman (Fordham Prep)                  

2. Mick Zloof (Stuyvesant)                              

3.Gwynn Ballard (Pelham Memorial)               

4.Patrick McCormick (Chaminade)                    

5.Max Liebeskind (Stuyvesant)                       

6.Mary Drucker (Academy of the Holy Names)

JV Extemp

1. Christopher Siemer (Regis)

2. Alex Oshinsky (Syosset)

3. Miranda Lupion (Half Hollow Hills)

4. Andrew Willis (Regis)

5. Jake Ethe (Half Hollow Hills)

6. Danny Perez (Syosset)

JV Oral Interp

1. Tasha Joachim (St Josephs (NY))

2. Amy Cheong (Syosset)

3. Jeremy Pick (Roslyn)

4. Nicole Sweet (Roslyn)

5. William Heffner (Scarsdale)

6. Carly Cohen (Scarsdale)

JV Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Close-out (Regis RF) Robbie Flatow & (Regis BM) Bobby McCooey

JV Public Forum

Close-out (Regis KI) Alex Kane & Arthur Imperatore & (Regis CK) Richard Chian & Teddy Kim

Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate

(Regis RM) Ryan McEvoy (NEG) DEFEATED (Bronx Science SS) Shai Szulanski

Original Oratory

1. Christopher Moncrief (Bronx Prep Charter School)

2. Shyan Kashani (Syosset)

3. Alvin George (Iona Preparatory School)

4. Caroline Kitchener (Convent of the Sacred Heart)

5. Kashyap Rajagopal (Stuyvesant)

6. Matt Khoury (Fordham Prep)

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate

(Scarsdale JB) Jonathon Bowyer & (Scarsdale Daks) Alon Daks

Varsity Public Forum

(Regis CO) Patrick Cooney & John O'Brien (NEG) DEFEATED (Dalton SS) Simon & Sit

Varsity Extemp

1. Mike Barton (Regis)

2. Ricky Altieri (Regis)

3. Audrey Denis (Berkeley Carroll)

4. Lindsay Pearlman (Syosset)

5. Zohaib Chida (Scarsdale)

6. Tim Leddy (Regis)

Varsity Oral Interp

1. Jude Vincent (Nazareth Regional)

2. Marianne Dorado (Marymount School)

3. Omika Jikaria (Stuyvesant)

4. Emily Martin (Stuyvesant)

5. Judwina Chery (St Josephs (NY))

6. Jonathan O'Neill (Regis)


Anony's picture

While the Joy of Tournaments Site gave the Impromptu results as you have them, they announced Matt Zuckermann (who you have as 2nd) as the winner at the actual awards ceremony.

Thank you for making the correction!  I've gone ahead and moved Zuckermann to first (and thus switched Gwynn Ballard (Pelham Memorial) to second).  I hope that's now 100% correct; in the process of double checking.

Thank you again! 

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Impromptu (Top 6 Listed)

1. Matt Zuckermann (Fordham Prep)

2. Gwynn Ballard (Pelham Memorial) didn't get anything, this is listed by order of how they did in prelims, not cumulative.

3. Mick Zloof (Stuyvesant) actually got 2nd place

4. Patrick McCormick (Chaminade) actually got 3rd

5. Mary Drucker (Academy of the Holy Names)

6. Jack Barton (Regis)

everyone moves up one place, except Jack Barton

Max Liebeskind from stuyvesant high school got fifth place

not 100% sure about mary... you can do the calculations yourself if you don't believe me.

Alright, I have e-mailed the contact for this Tournament as listed on Tabroom (my source of the results) to request the proper rank order just to be completely sure.  When I have the correct results I will update the page.  Thank you for notifying me of the inaccuracy!   

And thank you everyone for your patience as this Impromptu debacle is worked out.

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Here are the results in impromptu with speaker points and all:

1.Matt Zuckerman- Fordham Prep                   0(1,95)) 1/98

2. Mick Zloof- Stuyvesant                                0(1,95)) 1/96

3.Gwynn Ballard- Pelham Memorial                   0(2,92)) 1/98

4.Patrick McCormick- Chaminade                     0(2,94)) 1/95

5.Max Liebeskind- Stuyvesant                          0(1,93)) 3/96 (getting 5th as a result of higher number of 1's)

6.Mary Drucker- Academy of the Holy Names   0(2,93)) 2/97



You're amazing!

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