2010 National Debate Coaches Association Championship

Tournament Information

Date: 04/17/2010
Team-School In Charge: NDCA
Tournament Location: Georgetown University


League: Other

Tournament Results

Lincoln Douglas Debate Champion

(Northland Christian, TX)Josh Roberts

Lincoln Douglas Debate Top Speaker

(The Blake School, MN) Erik Legried

Public Forum Debate Champions

(Bronx Science, NY) Thomas Lloyd and Katie Wong

Public Forum Debate Top Speaker

(Glenbrook North, IL) Stefanie Rubenstein

Policy Debate Champions

(Bronx Science, NY) Andrew Markoff & Zack Elias

Policy Debate Top Speaker

(The Kinkaid School, TX) Layne Kirshon

Dukes and Bailey

(The Meadows School, NV) Jordan Lamothe - for Season Long Excellence in LD two years running

David P. Baker Award

(Glenbrook South, IL) Will Thibeau and Richard Day - for Season Long Excellence in PD

Educator of the Year (TIE)

(Marquette University High School, WI) Bill Batterman AND (Bronx High School of Science, NY) Jon Cruz

NDCA Service Award

(St. Mark's School, TX) Tim Mahoney

Tournament Host of the Year

(The Greenhill School, TX) Aaron Timmons, Eric Forslund, and the Greenhill Squad




Friday, April 16

7:00 – 9:00 pm – Registration at the Holiday Inn (tournament hotel) - Potomac Room - 1st floor


Saturday, April 17

8:00 am – Round 1 and 2 pairings released

9:00 am – Round 1

11:00 am – Round 2

1:00 pm – Lunch

3:30 pm – Round 3

6:30 pm – Round 4


Sunday, April 18

8:00 am – Round 5 pairings released

9:00 am – Round 5

11:00 am – Lunch

Noon – Round 6
3:00 pm – Round 7

5:00 pm – Awards

6:00 pm – Elimination Round 1


Monday, April 19 (Holiday Inn Rosslyn; tournament hotel)

7:30 am – Pairings released

8:00 am – Elimination Round 2

11:00 am – Elimination Round  3

2:30 pm – Elimination  Round 4 (if necessary)

5:30 pm – Elimination Round 5 (if necessary)

Round 1

AFFIRMATIVE                              NEGATIVE
Aspen ZZ                                    Glenelg MZ
Baccalaureate School TA             Beacon DF
Baltimore City Colleg SV              St. Vincent De Paul MS
Carrollton Sacred Hrt DS             Edina SS
Centennial KH                             Carrollton Sacred Hrt VU
Centennial KP                             Bronx Science ME
Centennial MG                            Carrollton Sacred Hrt KC
Centennial SA                             SPASH CJ
Chattahoochee CA                     St. Mark's MB
Chattahoochee CR                     Howard AL
Chattahoochee ID                      Mountain Brook HS
Crosby SD                                 Canton Central Cathol KM
Damien GE                                 Chattahoochee WV
Georgetown Day LK                   St. Vincent De Paul GF
Georgetown Day RH                  Edina AK
Georgetown Day RS                  Ashland (OR) BM
Glenbrook North MP                  Mountain Brook JQ
Glenbrook South KS                  River Hil CS
Glenbrook South TD                  Westminster MW
Greenhill KP                                Chattahoochee KR
Greenhill SP                                Marriotts Ridge GK
Jesuit College Prep MJ                Carrollton Sacred Hrt DG
Kamit Institute NS                      Mountain Brook HD
Kinkaid KB                                 Glenbrook South SV
Lexington CS                             Loyola Blakefield FH
Lexington PC                             Westminster SB
Loyola Blakefield PM                    Notre Dame MP
Marquette University TF             Baltimore City Colleg CN
McDonogh RB                           Westminster DM
Montgomery Bell Acade SH        Jesuit College Prep YM
Montgomery Bell Acade WV       Mt Hebron AD
Mountain Brook GM                    Glenbrook North SS
National Cathedral SS                 Notre Dame CG
Notre Dame TD                          Kamit Institute MK
Perry ML                                    Montgomery Bell Acade MH
River Hil LS                                 Bishop Guertin MS
Saint Paul Central QJ                  Stratford Academy MR
St. Vincent De Paul PB               Lexington VE
Westminster TA                         Glenbrook South MZ
Wilde Lake FE                            River Hil GH
Woodward PP                           Los Alamos NM
Woodward SS                           Jesuit College Prep DG
Round 2

AFFIRMATIVE                             NEGATIVE
Ashland (OR) BM                        Aspen ZZ
Baltimore City Colleg CN             Woodward PP
Beacon DF                                 Georgetown Day LK
Bishop Guertin MS                      Westminster TA
Bronx Science ME                       Crosby SD
Canton Central Cathol KM           Centennial KP
Carrollton Sacred Hrt DG            Glenbrook South KS
Carrollton Sacred Hrt KC             Glenbrook South TD
Carrollton Sacred Hrt VU             Kinkaid KB
Chattahoochee KR                     Centennial SA
Chattahoochee WV                    Carrollton Sacred Hrt DS
Edina AK                                     Chattahoochee ID
Edina SS                                     Damien GE
Glenbrook North SS                    Greenhill SP
Glenbrook South MZ                   River Hil LS
Glenbrook South SV                    Centennial KH
Glenelg MZ                                  Georgetown Day RS
Howard AL                                  Wilde Lake FE
Jesuit College Prep DG                 Baltimore City Colleg SV
Jesuit College Prep YM                 Loyola Blakefield PM
Kamit Institute MK                       Perry ML
Lexington VE                              Montgomery Bell Acade WV
Los Alamos NM                            Marquette University TF
Loyola Blakefield FH                     Chattahoochee CA
Marriotts Ridge GK                       Mountain Brook GM
Montgomery Bell Acade MH         Notre Dame TD
Mountain Brook HD                     McDonogh RB
Mountain Brook HS                     Georgetown Day RH
Mountain Brook JQ                      National Cathedral SS
Mt Hebron AD                              St. Vincent De Paul PB
Notre Dame CG                           Glenbrook North MP
Notre Dame MP                           Montgomery Bell Acade SH
River Hil CS                                  Jesuit College Prep MJ
River Hil GH                                  Chattahoochee CR
SPASH CJ                                     Greenhill KP
St. Mark's MB                                Lexington CS
St. Vincent De Paul GF                  Baccalaureate School TA
St. Vincent De Paul MS                 Woodward SS
Stratford Academy MR                 Lexington PC
Westminster DM                           Kamit Institute NS
Westminster MW                          Centennial MG
Westminster SB                            Saint Paul Central QJ

Round 3

AFFIRMATIVE                                NEGATIVE
Beacon DF                                    Glenbrook North MP
Bronx Science ME                         Damien GE
Canton Central Cathol KM             River Hil CS
Carrollton Sacred Hrt DG              Woodward PP
Carrollton Sacred Hrt KC               Kamit Institute NS
Centennial KH                               Los Alamos NM
Centennial SA                               Aspen ZZ
Chattahoochee ID                       Centennial MG
Georgetown Day LK                     Crosby SD
Georgetown Day RS                    St. Mark's MB
Glenbrook South MZ                    Baltimore City Colleg SV
Glenbrook South SV                    Montgomery Bell Acade SH
Glenbrook South TD                    Kinkaid KB
Glenelg MZ                                   St. Vincent De Paul PB
Greenhill KP                                  Jesuit College Prep DG
Howard AL                                   Chattahoochee KR
Jesuit College Prep MJ                  Glenbrook South KS
Jesuit College Prep YM                  McDonogh RB
Lexington CS                               Chattahoochee CA
Lexington VE                               Chattahoochee CR
Loyola Blakefield FH                      Lexington PC
Loyola Blakefield PM                     Ashland (OR) BM
Marquette University TF               Mountain Brook HD
Marriotts Ridge GK                       St. Vincent De Paul MS
Montgomery Bell Acade MH          Greenhill SP
Montgomery Bell Acade WV         Centennial KP
Mountain Brook GM                     Westminster TA
Mountain Brook HS                      Perry ML
Mountain Brook JQ                      Chattahoochee WV
National Cathedral SS                   Carrollton Sacred Hrt DS
Notre Dame CG                           Glenbrook North SS
Notre Dame MP                           Baltimore City Colleg CN
Notre Dame TD                           Stratford Academy MR
River Hil LS                                  BYE
SPASH CJ                                    River Hil GH
Saint Paul Central QJ                   Edina AK
St. Vincent De Paul GF                 Kamit Institute MK
Westminster DM                          Edina SS
Westminster MW                         Bishop Guertin MS
Westminster SB                           Carrollton Sacred Hrt VU
Wilde Lake FE                              Mt Hebron AD
Woodward SS                             Baccalaureate School TA

Public Forum

Flight A

Blake GK AND HArker LJ

Aspen SG AND Potomac Senior FH

Thomas Jefferson High YF AND Harker JJ

Bronx Science LW AND HArker NB

Flight B

Potomac Senior NL AND Aspen BW

Potomac Senior SO AND Glenbrook North YR

Perry HK AND Potomac Senior WS

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Flight A

Needham LF AND Harker RB

Walt Whitman EM AND Harker CM

Aspen LS AND Northland Christian CM

Scarsdale ZE AND Greenhill TT

Meadows JL AND Glenbrook North PD

Aspen SS AND Isidore Newman WY

Mountain Brook WM AND Isidore Newman BM

Scarsdale ET AND Northland Christian JR

Walt Whitman AZ AND Blake EL

Harvard Westlake Uppe MC AND Isidore Newman CY

Flight B

Mountain View NN AND Mercer Island SA

Greenhill FD AND Northland Christian JW

Walt Whitman MT AND Needham SB

Harvard Westlake Uppe BS AND Blake PO

Meadows NS AND Walt Whitman SR

Harker CL AND Scarsdale GK

Harvard Westlake Uppe JS AND Greenhill AG

Mountain Brook BB AND Bronx Science MW

Isidore Newman SF AND Los Altos KS

Bak MSOA CB AND Needham NL

Policy Debate

Affirmative                               Negative

Ashland (OR) BM                     Westminster DM

Aspen ZZ                                 Loyola Blakefield FH

Baccalaureate School TA          Centennial SA

Baltimore City College CN         Jesuit College Prep YM

Baltimore City College SV         Mountain Brook GM

Bishop Guertin MS                    Westminster SB

Carrollton Sacred Hrt DS          Chattahoochee ID

Carrollton Sacred Hrt VU           Greenhill KP

Centennial KH                           Mountain Brook HS

Centennial MG                           SPASH CJ

Chattahoochee CA                    Carrollton Sacred Hrt KC 

Chattahoochee CR                    Woodward SS

Chattahoochee KR                    Glenelg MZ

Chattahoochee WV                  Howard AL

Crosby SD                                Glenbrook South SV

Damien GE                                Glenbrook South TD

Edina AK                                   Mountain Brook JQ

Edina SS                                   Georgetown Day LK

Glenbrook North MP                  Jesuit College Prep MJ

Glenbrook north SS                  Lexington CS

Glenbrook South KS                 Notre Dame TD

Greenhill SP                              National Cathedral SS

Jesuit College Prep DG              Loyola Blakefield PM

Kamit Institute MK                    Wilde Lake FE

Kamit Institute NS                    Notre Dame MP

Kinkaid KB                                Marquette University TF

Lexington PC                           Carrollton Sacred Hrt DG

Los Almos NM                          Glenbrook South MZ

McDonogh RB                         Beacon DF

Montgomery Bell Acade SH      Westminster MW

Mountain Brook HD                 River Hil LS

Mt. Hebron AD                        Bronx Science ME

Perry ML                                 Montgomery Bell Acade WV

River Hil CS                              Marriotts Ridge GK

River Hil GH                              Notre Dame CG

St. Marks MB                            Lexington VE

St. Vincent De Paul MS             Georgetown Day RS

St. Vincent De Paul PB             Canton Central Cathol KM

Stratford Academy MR            St. Vincent De Paul GF

Westminster TA                       Montgomery Bell Arcade MH

Woodward PP                         Saint Paul Central QJ


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Public Forum Round 5 Pairings
Flight A
Harker LJ AND Potomac Senior SO
Thomas Jefferson High YF AND Blake GK
Aspen SG AND Perry HK
Bronx Science LW AND Potomac Senior NL
Flight B
Potomac Senior WS AND Glenbrook YR
Potomac Senior FH AND Harker NB
Aspen BW AND Harker JJ
Public Forum Round 6 Pairings
Flight A
Aspen BW AND Harker LJ
Harker JJ AND Potoman Senior FH
Harker NB AND Potomac Senior WS
Aspen SG AND Thomas Jefferson High YF
Flight B
Glenbrook North YR AND Bronx Science LW
Potomac Senior SO AND Blake GK
Potomac Senior NL AND Perry HK
Lincoln-Douglas Debate Round 5 Pairings
Flight A
Walt Whitman SR AND Meadows JL
Aspen SS AND Bronx Science MW
Northland Christian JR AND Harvard Westlake Uppe BS
Northland Westlake Uppe JS AND HArker RB
Meadows RF AND Walt Whitman AZ
Needham LF AND Mountain Brook BB
Isidore Newman WY AND Altamont ST
Greenhill AG AND Blake EL
Isidore Newman BM AND Needham SB
Mountain Brook WM AND Scarsdale ZE
Walt Whiteman MT AND Scarsdale ET
Flight B
Harker CM AND Meadows NS
Glenbrook North PD AND Mercer Island SA
Greenhill TT AND Isidore Newman SF
Northland Christian CO AND Needham NL
Isidore Newman CY AND Los Atlos KS
Blake PO AND northland Christian JW
Harvard Wetlake Uppe MC AND Mountain View NN
Greenhill FD AND Harker CL
Bak MSOA CB AND Walt Whitman EM
Scarsdale GK AND Aspen LS
Lincoln-Douglas Round 6 Pairings
Flight A
Mountain View NN AND Walt Whitman SR
Scarsdale ET AND Greenhill FD
Meadows NS AND Greenhill AG
Isidore Newman SF AND Scarsdale GK
Harvard Westlake Uppe BS AND Walt Whitman MT
Needham SB AND Isidore Newman CY
Los Atlos KS AND Isidore Newman WY
Mountain Brook BB AND Aspen SS
Meadows JL AND Northland Christian CO
Altamont ST AND Blake Po
Flight B
Mercer Island SA AND Harker CM
Northland Christian JW AND Greenhill TT
Walt Whitman AMD Harvard Westlake Uppe JS
Aspen LS AND Mountain Brook WM
Bronx Science MW AND Isidore Newman BM
Harker CL AND Harvard Westlake Uppe MC
Scarsdale ZE AND Needham LF
Blake EL AND Northland Christian JR
Walt Whitman EM AND Glenbrook North PD
Needham NL AND Meadows RF
Policy Debate Round 5 Pairings
Affirmative                                Negative
Ashland (OR) BM                       Kamit Institute MK
Aspen ZZ                                  BYE
Baltimore City College SV          Glenbrook South KS
Beacon DF                                Woodward PP
Carrollton Sacred Hrt DG           Jesuit College Prep YM
Carrollton Sacred Hrt DS           Kamit Institute NS
Carrollton Sacred Hrt KC           Chattahoochee ID
Carrollton Sacred Hrt VU           Mountain Brook HD
Centennial MG                           Lexington VE
Chattahoochee CA                    Centennial SA
Chattahoochee WV                   Lexington CS
Damien GE                                 Mountain Brook GM
Edina AK                                    Chattahoochee CR
Edina SS                                     River Hil LS
Georgetown Day LK                   Mountain Brook JQ
Georgetown Day RS                   Montgomery Bell Acade MH
Glenbrook North MP                    Chattahoochee KR
Glenbrook South SV                    Bronx Science ME
Greenhill KP                                 Westminster TA
Greenhill SP                                 Westminster SB
Jesuit College Prep DG                Glenbrook North SS
Jesuit College Prep MJ                 Glenelg MZ
Kinkaid KB                                   Canton Central Cathol KM
Lexington PC                              Centennial KM
Loyola Blakefield FH                     Crosby SD
Loyola Blakefield PM                     Glenbrook South MZ
Marriotts Ridge GK                       St. Vincent De Paul PB
Montgomery Bell Acade WV        McDonogh RB
Mountain Brook HS                     Bishop Guertin MS
National Cathedral SS                  Howard AL
Notre Dame CG                          St. Vincent De Paul MS
Notre Dame MP                          Los Altos NM
Perry ML                                     Baccalaureate School TA
River Hil GH                                 Notre Dame TD
SPASH CJ                                    Motgomery Bell Acade SH
Saint Paul Central QJ                   Westminster DM
St. Marks MB                               Glenbrook South TD
St. Vincent De Paul GF                 Mt. Hebron AD
Stratford Academy MR                Centennial KP
Westminster MW                        Marquette University TF
Wilde Lake FE                             River Hil CS
Woodward SS                            Baltimore City College CN
Policy Debate Round 6 Pairings
Affirmative                                 Negative

Baccalaureate School TA            SPASH CJ

Baltimore City College CN           Saint Paul Central QJ

Bishop Guertin MS                      St. Vincent De Paul GF

Bronx Science ME                       Stratford Academy MR

Canton Central Cathol KM           Lexington PC

Centennial KH                             Carrollton Sacred Hrt DS

Centennial KP                              National Cathedral SS

Centennial SA                              BYE

Chattahoochee CR                      Greenhill KP

Chattahoochee ID                       Carrollton Sacred Hrt VU

Chattahoochee KR                      Baltimore City College SV

Crosby SD                                  Montgomery Bell Acade WV

Glenbrook North SS                    Kinkaid KB

Glenbrook South KS                    Wilde Lake FE

Glenbrook South MZ                    Westminster MW

Glenbrook South TD                    Georgetown Day RS

Glenelg MZ                                   Marriotts Ridge GK

Howard AL                                   Carrollton Sacred Hrt KC

Jesuit College Prep YM                  Mountain Brook HS

Kamit Institute MK                         Loyola Blakefield FH

Kamit Institute NS                         Notre Dame CG

Lexington CS                                Jesuit College Prep MJ

Lexington VE                                Damien GE

Los Alamos NM                              Woodward SS

Marquette University TF                Ashland (OR) BM

McDonogh RB                              Perry ML

Montgomery Bell Acade MH          Chattahoohee CA

Montgomery Bell Acade SH           Edina AK

Mountain Brook GM                      River Hil GH

Mountain Brook HD                      Edina SS

Mountain Brook JQ                       Centennial MG

Mt. Hebron AD                              Loyola Blakefield PM

Notre Dame TD                            Jesuit College Prep DG

River Hil CS                                  Notre Dame MP

River Hil LS                                   Aspen ZZ

St. Vincent De Paul MS                  Chattahoochee WV

St. Vincent De Paul PB                  Greenhill SP

Westminster DM                            Beacon DF

Westminster SB                             Glenbrook South SV

Westminster TA                             Carrollton Sacred Hrt DG

Woodward PP                               Glenbrook North MP

Flight A

Walt Whitman MT AND Northland Christian JR

Harvard Westlake Uppe JS AND Meadows NS

Blake PO AND Meadows JL

Harvard Westlake Uppe MC AND Northland Christian CO

Needham NL AND Harker RB

Altmont ST AND Harker CM

Walt Whitman EM AND Los Altos KS

Needham SB AND Walt Whitman SR

Meadows RF AND Isidore Newman SF

Mountain Brook WM AND Isidore Newman WY

Harvard Westlake Uppe BS AND Mountain View NN

Flight B


Harker CL AND Scarsdale ET

Scarsdale ZE AND Greenhill FD

Greenhill TT AND Glenbrook North PD

Blake EL ANd Northland Christian JW

Greenhill AG AND Bronx SCience MW

Scarsdale GK AND Mercer Island SA

Needham LF AND Isidore Newman CY

Walt Whitman AZ AND Mountain Brook BB

Isidore Newman BM AND Aspen SS

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